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  1. Lookout for a Seal Aerospace video today! I might make one today!
  2. Here is my new Seal Star Navy flag. And another version of it.
  3. donuts made from Derpinium,
  4. Dear Squad, I want you to add more rocket boosters so that we can smash cars which a kerbal is flying directly into Jool. Also I like
  5. I haven't had any problems with stability at all with it.
  6. Isn't it annoying when your rover design flips over? Well, this here rover doesn't flip over at all! It has room for one Kerbal, and can be used to travel all across Kerbin. Download Link: http://kerbalbase.net23.net/submission/15
  7. I reached about 1,000 m/s, but it went over 3000 meters.
  8. of farting Squidicorns (FYI, I'm not a Brony, and never will be one)
  9. .......What's the use of the outer two ships, I might ask? And what's the use of this?
  10. I mostly have lots of things in Kerbin Orbit. Mostly unmanned. Two space stations, and one isn't being used. I also have two probes in solar orbit.
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