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  1. With the creation of the Seal Aerospace company thread, creations from that will start to be used in my Seal Aerospace series!
  2. "One small step for man- oh **** my lander!" The lander had just broken down and began to melt.
  3. Blobby McBloberson is born (ANOTHER TWS (Three Words Story) CROSSOVER)
  4. Title says all. This is a megathread for people to post their own solar system/s. So, yeah. Here's one of mine. This is the Issac solar system. These are the planets: Issac 1: Closest planet to the sun. Issac 2: Earth-sized planet with a ring of debris from a large impact. Issac 3: Gas giant in the Goldilocks Zone, has an Earth-sized moon (Issac 3-A) with life on it. So, what are your solar systems?
  5. If I think about it, the only trouble I had with my ASAS was when it made one of my ships spin around.
  6. I haven't experienced this problem at all.
  7. It isn't a UFO mod. It's an actual easter egg in the game. There are multiple of them, I believe.
  8. Here is today's video, revealing the polar orbit capabilities of the Venus MkII!
  9. such as Kerby clones (THREE WORDS STORY CROSSOVER)
  10. Anyone remember Superstorm Sandy? *shudders* I had no power or internet for a week.
  11. Instead of attempting to dock with the Orion, I launched a new space station, the Nebula, to dock with.
  12. We strap ourselves to a large bird. How do we sit on a chair?
  13. I watched a video on a guy's Pokemon fannon story made with him and a friend of his as children. This made me remember THIS: http://pokemonfanon.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Shacho I made many more Pokemon like this from the same region on SPORE, which was where the Watsore Pokemon originated from. http://www.spore.com/sporepedia#qry=advssrch-Gentova%20Region%3Afi-title (click on the one saying Gentova Region Poke'dex) This makes me remember the days before the SPORE community died out. NOSTALGIA!
  14. four kitten limited edition
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