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  1. Hello guys I have a question about the MLI that are the isolation layers you can toggle from 20 to 100 on each tank or whatever that need isolation to avoid boil of Every time I toggle that over 20 , let's say 100 for example, and I save my ship, when I load again, those MLI are again to 20. It looks like you can't save them at more than 20. If I want to take off with MLI 100, I must do it on the launch pad. Is there a setting somewhere in the game to fix that? Thank you
  2. Hello guys How do you use this mod? Just set the Delta-V Map.ksp in the Squad>Kspedia folder ? It does not work for me
  3. Hello thank you for this mod. it looks like stock engines are not working when set on a procedural decoupler even if you enable crossed.
  4. Always stuck, thrust and TWR ok, ignition OK, everything seems ok, except that this damned rocket stays stuck. My first one the small auto rocket and launch was successful.....I really can't see what's the problem
  5. I did it but it stayed stuck over the platform TWR 1,5 https://youtu.be/1F29Zy8w1o4
  6. Hello Guys What is this stucking launch? My rocket stay on launch pad flying as if she was in the sky, TWR, Thrust are ok, fuel is burning. Does anybody have an idea of what's happening ? Same problem in simulation https://youtu.be/FRv1eTkjYEY
  7. OPT RSS stratolauching 4000T Stratolauncher + Titan Shuttle
  8. Thank you for this mod, it's really great for RSS I was using the engines of RealScale Boosters mod that got an ISP better than any other mod, about 30% better With your mod I use stock engines. They get not only an ISP like the RealScale Boosters engines mod, but also a much better thrust. The total weight of my rocket fall down from 30% for the same weight to launch, so it's pretty good and enough!
  9. Thank you, I'll take a look at Smurff, but with RealScaleboosters and OPT it seems pretty good, you don't need many engines and and a 2 stages rocket with boosters can set 400T to orbit, take off weight being around 7000T
  10. Interesting, I did think of doing that!
  11. Hello guys Are some of you playing RSS but without RO mod or Principia Mod ? I have been trying RO and Prinicipia on KSP 1.9 RSS and I feel it too complicated, I have been playing KSP for years, since 0.25, and It's a pleasure to build Rocket and Spaceplane, I have been to Eve a lot of time and I am fed up with Kerbol system I tried KSRSS which is easy when you know how to deal with Eve, then I tried RSS on KSP 1.7, love it as I built OPT Spaceplane able to climb to Orbit....Try again to look at RO, look at Principia, but I don't want to start again at the very beginning, so
  12. Hello Guys What about a challenge to climb to orbit and come back to land with an OPT plane departing from Houston on KSP RSS 1.9? I know that the challenge is quite interesting, I made it on KSP 1.6 or 1.7 and OPT engines are great to try it, ! we have to reach Mach 24 and it's a great challenge, OPT is made for it! We can also imagine stratolaunch ! here is one on a Mars mission: If you need to install KSP RSS on 1.9 I can help
  13. Hey Daniel What is this avionic mod with localizer and Glide slope ? That's great !
  14. Here is an example how to deal with atmospheric re-entry using Vernor engines on and below the cockpit: It's at the beginning of the vid
  15. Hello My golden rules to built SSTO -No angled wings, no angled fins, no angled tails -The COG with and without fuel must be very near ( maximum 1 yellow or red circle) -Always use RCS Build aids to minimize torque, it can take a long time to do this but it's very helpfull. And avoid Nose or Tail pitch -Center of lift must be at least "one circle" or more behind COG because as you accelerate it moves. That can give you less maniability or control in low altitude, but you can mitigate using Speedbrake for pitch in low atmosphere if you need . "Circle"s are the red or ye
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