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  1. What I don't understand is the SAGE TWR on Eve: I built an eve ascender that looks like yours: Around 80T, 4 SAGE engines, 2 ARI. KER gives me a 1.35 TWR on SAGE engines alone at Kerbin base at take off. Given the fact that the gravity on Eve is 1.67 times the gravity on Kerbin, the TWR on Eve at sea level take off should be 1.35/1.67 = 0.77. but KER gives a poor 0.22 TWR and I checked it on Eve at sea level! So there's something i miss, I don't what! If we consider the Thrust on the ARI alone, then the TWR given by KER is right on Kerbin and on Eve, Eve TWR being Kerbin TWR/1.67
  2. Hello Thank y ou for this useful mod. But it looks very small on my game screen so that I hardly see the contents with my glasses! I did not see any means in the property to change the size of the window... how is it possible to do it? I would like a double size As you cans on this pic it's too small!!
  3. Thank you for the information about the air intake. I did not know that.
  4. I downloaded and installed it . With the new J81 the only interesting VAC propulsion for big SSTO seems to be the Dark drive. So if you want to stay apart from dark science and dar Goo, there no interesting choice. For my Interstellar SSTO, climbing to orbit with the SAGE engines let me more than 13000 DV with the old J81. With the new one or ARI or whatever, it's divided by 2. So please leave us the old 81 or something similar..
  5. I gave it a try by adding 4 mk2 nose ram air intakes and I don't really need to overpower so much: The 3m SAGE engines are too powerful, because I reached an apoapsis of 142 kms before they cut out...the 2.5m engines cut out at 2300m/s and apoapsis reached is 72 kms. I think a 2.6m SAGE engines should be fine. Are Ram air intakes really a bonus for SAGE? I am going to rework my SSTO. the thing is, as you say, to find the right acceleration altitude or the fine rate of climb to keep constant acceleration I noticed that when the Air intake becomes very low in high atmosphere, The 4 SAGE engines do not delivers the same thrust, sometimes one of them is decreasing while 3 others remains stable and this causes yaw deviation du to asymmetric thrust...
  6. Here is the final version of my Interstellar SSTO : 4 Warpjet SAGE engines and 4 J 81 Hybrid Engines. 12 Tidal force 1.25 and 12 at 1.5m produce 4800 EC/s I tried to overpower the SAGE engines, but it's not the best way to get the maximum Dv to orbit. The J81 associated with SAGE are incredibly powerful in low atmosphere and allow a 200m/s vertical speed up to 10000m reached at Mach 2.0. Then we can accelerate to 1200m/s before switching to close cycle and we get 12500-13000DV left in a 100 kms orbit. So this machine can go everywhere and back without refueling. The 4 Helicarrier vertical engines are here to land on non atmospheric planet and maybe on Duna. They just have to be scaled according to local gravity. so they don't cost too much weight. I just have to add some science stuff in the hold.
  7. I tried to place the FVT vertical engines on my SSTO. That's impossible mission!!
  8. I just build a 500t "green" SSTO using the Warpjet SAGE for initial climb with the Hybrid J81 for climb and orbit. My problem is that KER and Mech don't seem very accurate about TWR with this kind of engine. KER give me a 2.03 TWR on Kerbin take off and 1.33 TWR on Eve take off. The SSTO flies very well around Kerbin and has got 11500 DV left once in a 100 kms orbit and it should able to go everywhere. 24 Power Core "Tidal force" supply the big amount of electricity needed by the 8 engines. My problem now is to calculate the precise amount of Liquid fuel and oxydizer I really need when switching between modes to optimize the DV. There is a lab on the SSTO and enough place in the holds to set a ScanSat Satellite or a Drill system with converter. For Eve the problem is the atmospheric entry because you can't get thermal heat shield on such a big vessel and I am not sure that the J81 are powerful enough to deal with slowing enough to avoid overheating, so maybe I'll have to add some powerful engines just for that... I tried the valkyrie and the Marge "vertical horizontal" engines but they are not suitable for big aircraft. For vertical landing on low gravity planet maybe I should fit the SSTO with some "Hellcarrier" or Warpjet FVT, but there's a calculation to do for that because I am not sure that KER will give the good TWR and more engines means less DV left in orbit. Then control of vertical engines is very hard without a mod like "Throttlecontrolledavionics", so it's always a challenge because it's very hard on a plane to have the center of gravity not moving with fuel consumption.... And the last question is : does it worth overpowering the 4 SAGE warpjets to climb to orbit as they will save fuel?
  9. Hello About fuel tank provider, between B9Partswitch, Modular fuel tank, WBI and configurable container, do you recommend to use only one of those? Are there issues if we use more than one?
  10. Hello I have an issue on 1.9.1. here are 3 set of pics from the same aircraft static stability analysis in KSP 1.8.1 and KSP 1.9.1 It is strictly the same aircraft I saved in both games We have the same entries in speed and altitudes but the curves are completely different Here speed 150 Altitude 150: Up is KSP 1.8.1 Pic and down KSP 1.9.1 Pic Same pic at speed 1000 and Alt 15000 and now speed 2000 and alt 45000 It is the same different pictures in the whole flight enveloppe....I don't understand this, but it looks like CorrectCol for 1.9.1 is wrong I have been using it a long time in 1.8.1 and it was very helpfull
  11. Hello Man You know I have using this mod for a long time, I am a great fan and I can't imagine building a Spaceplane without OPT mod! This is a "must have" ...Even the electric engines are great and my last plane was an electric plane that land on Eve after atmospheric entry and the plane was able to send the cockpit in orbit to dock to the OPT mothership! And this mod is also perfectly adapted to create SSTO when you play the mod Real Solar System which is quite challenging and interesting! So thank you to keep it alive! I am very exited about the new parts and the new engines and as English is not my native language I have a few question about the use of some engines. Do the warpjet engines work in all atmosphere,whatever is the atmosphere provided you supply them with electrical charge? The thinner is the atmosphere, the more electric charge is needed and the max electric charge in VAC? For all engines does the ressource « intake air » means intake air whatever is the atmosphere or does it means you need atmosphere with oxygene? I do not understand how to use the sky light tilt engine… when there's ISP trade, I guess you trade better ISP for less thrust? I may have other questions about engines.....Thank you kindly for answer
  12. Hello guys Here is my report of my mission I started in April: An Electric plane for Eve part 2. It's about my OPT electric plane that enters Eve's atmosphere and landed. The pilots are now climbing to orbit to join their OPT SSTO Mothership
  13. Hello guys Here is the second part of my adventure: « An electric plane for Eve », I started in April An OPT technology SSTO flew to Eve with an electric plane on its back. This electric plane is an OPT engines plane, that enter Eve atmosphere, and land, carrying KIS containers to build 2 weather stations to sea level and to highest Eve Peak. Now, those Weather stations have been built, an anomaly has been visited and it’s time for the 3 pilots to climb to orbit to join the Mothership and fly back to Kerbin. Here is the HD vid of the climb and docking to the mothership
  14. I have a question about the nodes that are generated I am trying to burn for Mars and Astrogator generates 2 nodes, the first one at the departure time, but there is no encounter with Mars et the second one is 348 days later (236DV)? What's the meaning of these 2 nodes? It does not seem to be the lowest DV window How am I suppose to use this?