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  1. Laythe StarEagle: SSTO Seaplane to Laythe

    Today we will test the Explorer range We'll leave Bird island to Long island south 1122 kms to south west hoping we'll have not to ditch and maybe be able to join Bone island where eagleStar, full of liquid fuel can refuel us Dark blue line on the ScanSat map. We 'll leave at night while it's day at Long island and sun should rise if we arrive at Bone island. So it's a night take off but at more than mach 4 we will sea the sun rising in the west part ! Night take off, fly by wire mod, the aircraft being "touchy" with its short wings Heading to waypoint, we climb quickly to 15000m to accelerate At 23000m in Jool circle, it's heating begins Cruise at 35000m, Thrust 1/3, Mach >5 but it's going to decrease to 4.5. The J61 Ramjet engines stop between 38 and 39000m du to lack of air. Day rising 619 kms from Long island at Mach 4.14 250 from our waypoint kms over Alone, i think, Half tank left, it's much better than i thought and we should be able to make it to Bone island Long island South on the horizon. Cruise between 35 and 38000 is saving a lot of fuel! Vertical of Long island, Distance to Long island and altimeter are quite similar: we are just 36Kms above!! Bone island est is 505 kms in the 247, we are going to turn left which is costly in energy and time... We must increase thrust to keep minimum speed (at 60° bank the weight is twice the airplane weight). Look as mach is decreasing! Vertical Mount desert 35 kms altitude 100 kms from destination, we begin descent with around 20% fuel Pass over EagleStar outbound just before turning final Final facing EagleStar Flare Landed, chutes out, very effective breaking Back to EagleStar Re arming chutes Pluging the fuel line Transfering fuel Well it's fantastic, we flew 1637 kms and got 20% fuel left on landing!! Great job and we are exciting for the next flight!
  2. The last flight from my Huge OPT SSTO seaplane: 1200 kms from Laythe north pole to Bone island - With the engine noise for JadeOfMaar
  3. Laythe StarEagle: SSTO Seaplane to Laythe

    Bone Island - end and video Planting flag Refueling takes 65 dayss!! And the vid with the engine noise
  4. Laythe StarEagle: SSTO Seaplane to Laythe

    Visiting Laythe After the first flight to the Pole we made a chart and name the islands 6 groups of islands - 2 East: Solomon and Polynesia and 1 Westt: CAribean -1north: North Hebrides, 1 South: South Hébrides and 1 in center: Center Islands there's also north and south pole not visible on pic Red star is the ditching site and red arrow is the flight through north pole to Bone island The crew will test the range and the climb and cruise procedure which are important as the higher we climb, the shrinker is the flight enveloppe. We are limited by low speed and low mach to avoid stall and high speed to avoid overheating and leaving lathe atmosphere Take off 140m/s Taking off heading North to cross the pole and and the heading will turn South after crossing Pitch 45° as the OPT engines give much more thrust with great acceleration. 45° is a good compromise to reach quickly high atmosphere while still accelerating. Through 11000m, pitch is set to 30° to accelerate quickly through sound barrier Through 16000 pitch is 20° At 20000M pitch is 5° to avoid leaving atmosphere and lower vertical speed to capture gently causing altitude at 30 kms Passing North pole heading 84°, thrust 2/3 heading 133° Less than 1 mn to be at heading 171, Thrust 1/3, 1100 kms from destination. 75% de carburant left . Mach 5.3 and1475m/s Slow climb to 33 kms altitude, 560 kms from landing At 156 kms, seeing bone island turning final final 110m/s, low thrust, ground is ascending and so do the vertical speed to avoid hard landing Short final 101m/s, thrust 1/15 On ground Video is following soon
  5. Thank's for reply. I got a satellite in orbit with M700 and narrow band scanner. I had the same problem with the map, but i am going to look gain carefully to the wiki to see exactly how to proceed
  6. Hello KSP 1.3, last Scansat version. I am on Laythe, looking for Ore. I can detect it on the big map, here high concentration 13%, but as soon as i launch the zoom map on the point i detect high concentration, even with" ressource overlay " selected on zoom map, i never see any Ore detection while pointing my mouse on it....What is wrong? Here is the pointer on the big map where we can see 13% where is the waypoint Area G6NFL7 Here is the zoom map with no indication of Ore concentration when pointing the waypoint or anywhere around
  7. Continuation of my SSTO Seaplane adventure on Laythe
  8. What did you do in KSP today?

    My adventure SSTO seaplane to Laythe continues
  9. Laythe StarEagle: SSTO Seaplane to Laythe

    Now first flight of the Eaglestar to its next refueling spot on Laythe Refuelling before take off Eaglestar is also a "tanker" for Explorer. The explorer tanks contains only 5% of the Eaglestar Liquidfuel 6 big drillers in action Departing north, the thrust is blocked at 75%, Eaglestar being lighter because the satellite has been removed and Explorer is no more on the deck After take off we climb quickly at 310000m, the engines being the same as Explorer engine, we have seen it's the best range flying altitude Flyby wire passing through 11000m We are heading to an Ore spot on the next island we can see on the horizon In fact, approaching the spot I realize that we have still half tank full and i decide to steer to the North Pole where Ore concentration is 7%. You can see on the pics that nuclear engine have been light on, which is not willingly, and i cut them off quickly A new waypoint is set and we turn on it. It's very long and difficult to turn at this speed and altitude. At 90 kms from point we begin descent, Jool facing us In very long final we hardly see the ground At 1é kms from touch down we begin to see the floe Altitude 700m, Jool is going down, blue... We are going to be too long for landing but as we are stabilized and there is flat ground long ahead of us we continue landing Nearly on's not floe, it looks like kind of toundra... Taxiing back to our waypoint. Ground is very flat, easy to land and taxi Drillers out After tanks are full, we get outside to plant a flag And here is the vid of the flight Here is the plane , but be aware that you need 20 mods...
  10. Laythe StarEagle: SSTO Seaplane to Laythe

    Adventure begins, we are flying the Explorer to test its range and discover this big island: Birds island Start and take off Climbing quickly to 20000m to test the range Using Fly by wire with atmospheric autopilot, atmosphere is thin here, wings are short and Explorer can stall quickly, but we have an overpowered engine which help a lot. 19000m and mach>2, trying with 1/3 thrust Not satisfactory, we climb again Mach>3 around 28000m, 1/3 thrust it's much better Jool rising at 29000m 31000m and Mach 4 Thrust less than 1/3, it's the best range. We see well the roundness of the planet Flying back to our landing site, we have burn a lot of fuel and it's really mandatory to climb as quick as possible to 310000m which is the best range altitude!! in descent, Jool rising higher 20000m and 54 kms from landing Final 19 kms, vertical speed 100m/s 2500m, gear down at 6 kms from landing, high angle of descent Still high rate of descent, speed is stabilized, pitch and engine gimball are very effective for quick correction of descent rate Flare Landed Back to the "Tanker", the pilot is bringing the line for refuel Pluging the line on Explorer And filling the tanks Then we unplug and the line retracts itself to the Eaglestar And a small vid of the flight ... sHi3bLTQRQ And a small vid of the flight
  11. My game quit if i do this or if i use Wizard installation, even when i suppress the plugin folder.........Maybe some incompability with another mod?
  12. Hello Boris Thank's for update. I just wanted to keep my settings for many planes from 1.2.2 through 1.3 and i thought i had only to transfer the designs folder from AA in KSP 1.2.2 in the AA folder in KSP 1.3, but it does not seem to work when i open atmospheric Autopilot. Is there something i am missing?
  13. So far, the bulb engine i use on a reckon satellite in 1.2.2 with the "AtomicAgePatches" is working fine on 1.3, no problem with gimball