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  1. I discover Geysers on a Laythe Island I visited with my Spaceplane. Bill had a bath in the Geysers and was thrown in the air!! https://youtu.be/b-E9iarkXWg
  2. Hello thank you for this mod I use on Mac OSX. Question about the Spectra_Scatterer folder: It must be in Game Data>Scatterer>Spectra_Scatterer or Game Data> Spectra_Scatterer or Game Data>Spectra>Spectra_Scatterer (same level than Spectra_eve) and then merge the different contents of Scatterer in, the Spectra_Scatterer folder and the Spectra_Eve folder ? Thank you for reply
  3. Well guys, thank you for all your answers. in fact you're right! too many Rapiers I just work on a new plane which is a TSTM: Two Stages To Run, The first stage is an atmospheric stage that feed the 3 Rapiers, Then when I switch to closed cycle, the atmospheric stage is decouple and one in orbit I got 2700-2800 DV left with the Space Plane, much more lighter an much more endurance! But I am working on a version with 2 Terriers giving same DV once in orbit and only 21T at take off. The atmospheric stage is 2 Rapiers with 200 kg of LF
  4. Thank you for answers. This TSTO give me 2500 DV left, once 80 km orbit is reached……i don.t knowhow to get so many DV left with only 1 Rapier
  5. Given a mass to set to orbit with SSTO around Kerbin I am wondering what is the best use of the Rapier Engine -The weight of the Rapier is the weight of 400 LF -The Rapier gives his best TWR and thrust when accelerating in low atmosphere to reach around 1600 m/s between 22 and 25000 before switching to Closed Cycle -I am trying a MK1 SSTO with cabin crew and 2 Rapiers only, to reach orbit and Get 2000DV once establish The choices are: - Add a lot of LF and and a very long acceleration in low atmosphere to take advantage of the Rapiers and reach 1600m/s around 22000m before switching -Build TSTO with 2 Rapiers more or maybe 4 with 2 or 4 MK1 LF, this stage breeding the 2 Rapiers of the SSTO part and its own Rapiers and being decouple when switching to closed cycle on the SSTO. Here the acceleration would be crazy, you don't need to stay in low atmosphere and climb very quickly to 25000m reaching 1600m/s with higher Apo before decoupling and switching. I tested TWR up to 4.5 but it's very not to explode du to heat In this this TSTO only 4 MK1 tank with only 280 LF in each are enough to reach 25000m
  6. Landing of the electric plane Titanium near Titan manned Base First flight from Titan Base to North ocean Flight from North Ocean to East Canyons: altitude 100 kms. Saturn rise during flight
  7. Here are my last Spaceplanes: The Mars Stratolauncher is 3000T stratolauncher equipped with 9 Tweakscaled J61 to launch my OPT VTOL TSTO Mars Shuttle à mach 9 between 48 and 50 kms. Once in 400 kms orbit the TSTO has got 17000DV available, then the stratolauncher can't fly back to its base, but is able to fly back at the nearest place to land. The Stratolauncher is as long as the Antonov A 225 (The one that has been destroyed during Ukraine war and with was carrying the Bourane Shuttle), 85M, but is less wide, only 55m.
  8. Ok I just solved the bug: There's 2 buttons Toggle engine that appear when selecting action group: I was selecting both because I was working with pair of engines, you just have to select the first one on the top in order to have it working. If you select both in SPH, nothing happens when using action group on the runway!!
  9. Hello I am a great Fan of OPT mods and I have been using it for a long time. I use my OPT planes on RSS, because it's quite challenging and engines are fitted for this challenge! I have just a request for RSS, KSP 1.11 and KSP 1.12: There's a bug when you set Action group numbers to Toggle OPT engines -In the SPH you have choice between Activate Engine, Shutdown Engine and Toggle Engine: this last one uses only one action group... -If you set for example Action group 1 for Toggle Engines and launch your plane, it doesn't work because once launched, your only choice is Activate Engines which turns on Shutdown Engines once engines are started You can see on my pic that there is no Toggle engines choice which seems to be due to RSS mods, I do not know which one. There's no problem when not playing RSS So I join a link to download my log, maybe you can see from where it comes...Thank you I am just trying to make a VTOL Shuttle to Mars that will be stratolaunched! https://www.dropbox.com/s/nzyf4cb5xcxq6v6/KSP log OPT RSS.rtf?dl=0
  10. Hello How do you fit those damned VTOL engines OPT E-FVT on the fuel tank? Whatever I try, they don't fit perfectly, they are too left, to right, too high, too low, impossible to fit a couple of engines perfectly with the place tool oe the move tool!
  11. Hello I am trying to make strato launch using FMRS so as I am able to land the stratolauncher and to climb to orbit with my rocket plane. FMRS works great on staging decoupler provided there's a pilot in each cockpit - it doesn't seems to work if one cockpit is automated with remote control.... Then I tried to use FMRS with docking port, having switch on the undocking event in the FMRS preference, but whatever is my action in decoupling any node (action key or manually) FMRS does not work, the undocked plane is lost.....oI am playing on 1.11.2 Is there something I am missing? Thank's
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