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  1. amazing set of items for base building my only issue with it is around the base crawler. seems to struggle to turn when loaded. also very easy to tip it over. wondering if removing the centre set of wheels would help with the turning issue? having great fun with it though land docking on mun is great fun!
  2. loving your modular base building stuff wishing my pc would handle many crafts.. but it all works so easy and well baring a few little issues but nothing major i just like to drive the crawler to fast
  3. where did you get that model of the fire tail in your first picture?
  4. but fuel is in metal tanks far safer!
  5. wooo something new i can fail at flying! with the added bonus of a tank i can crash into stuff! your stuff is amazing devo really dont know how you do it. and so fast. i have started messing with blender and.. its opened up a whole new world of just how good you are at this stuff. the dropship + apc + sulaco why will there been a need for anything else! been pondering having ago at the Betty could fit in nicely if i ever get good enough at blender lol
  6. maybe you could beef up the motor more.. and use it to safely launch large fuel tanks into orbit! what could possibly go wrong?
  7. i don't have much modeling experience with computers basically unfolding 3d models to make paper templates for my *Real* models thinking the newer galatica might be easier/better. its trying to become spring here *uk* so longer days. currently unemployed so i have plenty of time. what programs do you use for the modeling and things?
  8. am all for a galactica after the Sulaco ofc! need more huge ships in orbit how about one of the warhammer 40k ships i know lionhead had one but it dosn't work anyone they are big blocky and have lots of guns on also loads of places you can go abit crazy with details
  9. i was about to mention the starship tropper transports make it able to get something into or down from orbit and it will be just about perfect! able to drop hab units on a moon then go back up for more proper base building reusable dropship is whats needed and i have failed alot at trying to create my own
  10. to many g forces result in stuff going bang.
  11. stuck on the probe to mun mission i get into the correct orbit and it says just stay powered up for 60 seconds.after 10 mins still nothing. tried a few times now same problem rest of it is great though. least i have been able to test so far