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  1. We can only surmise that the OP has poor knowledge in Latin
  2. Technically, it should be "fora" if you insist on using the plural.
  3. About these ceramic tiles... we know that the shuttle used ceramic tiles and that they sometimes had problems with them coming loose. I'm not implying Starship's tiles are exactly the same thing, but there is obviously a possibility that some might come loose or get damaged during the flight. I was wondering about this... Apparently, if you use a blow torch on a block of steel, it will form a molten pool where you are heating it. But if you do the same with a block of copper, it conducts the heat away so well that a molten pool does not form until the entire block is near melting point. S
  4. Looks like we need to do some tidying up/overhauling!
  5. You mean like this? Or did you have something else in mind?
  6. What are you talking about? This thread has always been locked.
  7. Some of them are also active in other parts of the community, such as the official Steam forum or the IRC chat
  8. Re-entry burns are always three engines, aren't they?
  9. You mean like a kind of stock CKAN implementation accessible in-game? That would be undeniably very cool. They were working on that years ago but it seems they gave up on it. Maybe something for KSP2?
  10. I'm intrigued. How did the mission go?
  11. The IRC channel is official too, if you feel like giving it a try sometime https://webchat.esper.net/?nick=Guest.....&channels=kspofficial&prompt=1
  12. The picture is taken in a low-light setting, which makes it difficult for the camera to properly reproduce colours and other details. You can compensate by adjusting white balance, but the best way is to take the image when you have plenty of natural light pointing at you, perhaps outside or in front of a window.
  13. OK guys, being critical of a space agency is one thing, but openly mocking them is going a bit too far because it is a matter of national pride for a lot of our international community, so let's please not take it any further than that (apart from the fact that CNSA is off topic for this thread). (Not saying anyone in particular was openly mocking, but it looked like it was heading that way)
  14. No, but maybe I can summon the real @Hobbes from 8 years of inactivity?
  15. I imagine the catching mechanism will work on the same principle as Mark Rober's "bullseye every time" dart board.
  16. Nope! Third base has unfortunately crawled to the outfield. @WinkAllKerb''
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