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  1. Consider this thread back on topic. The side conversation that you do not see above never happened, and if it did, it was somewhere else where it was on topic (which is where it should be continued please, not here) So MM eh? Awesome! More nyancats pls.
  2. Deddly

    Ask the Mods questions about the Forums!

    I love the atmosphere of mutual respect and the clean environment that is enforced by the forum rules. Without rules like we have it seems that every online discussion devolves into constant bickering, flame wars and insulting matches. Not everyone likes the "hugbox" of the KSP forums, but there is the rest of the internet for people who want to have total freedom to use bad language, insulting comments etc.. Here in this little corner of the internet, we have a generally peaceful place, which attracts a whole different crowd. I myself avoid most public discussion forums and it took me a long time to get involved here. It was only when I noticed how different things are here that I wanted to be a part of the community, and I know I'm not the only one.
  3. That's really quite something. KSP --> art. How long did it take you to make it? I particularly like the novel use of mining drills as decorative piping.
  4. UPDATED 4 DECEMBER 2015 Just like every other community, when people disagree on something, there is a very real possibility that the whole tone turns extremely negative, even insulting. Now I will say that the general populatation of these forums appears to be somewhat more mature in the way they deal with each other than the average online community I have come accross, but it cannot be denied that there is also a certain amount of negativity whenever a big change comes along or if a decision is made that some do not agree with. Many Devnotes, for example, have replies that are extremely negative towards Squad and other users. Or when a feature is implemented in a way we don't like (such as the change to new forum software), we have a tendency to speak very unkindly about it. But then there are also some good examples of people disagreeing with each other but being very polite about it. The Positive Forum Movement has been around for a while now, and it's good to see how some people are actively looking for ways to change, not the opinions, but the attitudes of others. I'm sure most of us would like the forum to be even more positive, so what can we do about it? Telling negative people not to be negative is unlikely to help, but there is a way that just might. Here are a few simple things we can keep in mind, which - little by little - can make a difference. If someone attacks you (or someone else) for your opinion, spelling, design or anything else, don't tell them off. Instead, make it your goal to cheer them up. Try asking for suggestions on how to improve If someone picks at you for something small and insignificant they don't like you doing, something that's not even against the rules; tell them you're thankful for the suggestion and you will try to think of it next time you post. Be careful not to sound patronizing or sarcastic; it must be sincere. If you feel strongly about something, don't give others the feeling that you think your opinion is more important than theirs. Instead, calmly explain how you feel and why you feel that way - others will be more likely to take your opinion seriously that way If you see someone "put out a fire" by replying well to a provocative comment, click the "Like this" button for that post and tell them in a private message why - it will encourage them to do it again Most importantly, no matter how you are treated by someone else, treat them the way you believe they would like to be treated. None of this means we should just be quiet and accept things we don't like. It just means that there is a better way of getting our point across than being negative or writing harsh words about it. Constructive criticism can actually come accross as very positive if we put some thought into it. To sum it up, be the person you would like others to be. Will it work? No doubt about it. Even if a single person does this just one time, it will make a difference.
  5. There are quite a few structural/decorative parts in Making History. The new Vernor looks nice! It's still going to be a pain to stick them everywhere needed for full RCS control on large vessels, but the visuals are definitely a lot better than the old one, and of course that's the whole point of this upgrade.
  6. I'm not a fan of OP torque either, and I never use it to stabilise craft. However, there is a place for it. For example, reaction wheels exist in real life, but their torque is much too low to be useful in a game. I don't want to have to add RCS to a satellite/telescope to change its orientation when a real one could do that with reaction wheels. As for this engine, I like it and I'd also love to see an in-line attachable one too, as others have said.
  7. Good thinking. But what temperature is needed to make it glow? "hydrazine decomposes on contact with the catalyst. The decompositionis highly exothermic and produces a 1000 °C (1800 °F) gas" (according to Wikipedia).
  8. Deddly

    Open World...

    I used to like driving up the stairs in the rover you can see in my avatar
  9. I think it's really great to see a continued commitment to the console releases, thanks for keeping us up to date!
  10. Uh oh! A couple of posts had to get squished from this thread. People do sometimes say things that come across as unkind, but the rest of us to well to assume the best and just let it go. Rule-breaking posts can be reported, but let's not all pile on someone for an unfortunate choice of words. Is that OK?
  11. <Moderator mode activated> Instead of generally crapping on Squad or defending them from said general crap, it is now time to please get back to the topic: The new engine. Like it? Hate it? Constructive feedback and suggestions for this part? That's all cool, go for it. EDIT: A few posts were removed for the above reason
  12. Have you seen the internal structure?
  13. Deddly

    Ask the Mods questions about the Forums!

    @The Dunatian He's a forum admin.
  14. Think about the recently redone lander can. Not only did they listen to feedback and act on it, they even made a video about how they listened to the feedback and acted on it. I think your criticism as to their attitude is unfair.
  15. Isn't it actually slightly less efficient?
  16. Deddly

    State of the game - How is KSP doing?

    Good question, and @wumpus, old versions are available anyway.
  17. Moved to Mission Reports, but I can't blame the OP because I'm not sure we even had a Mission Reports section back in 2013
  18. Deddly

    State of the game - How is KSP doing?

    There was an experimental version kicking around for a while and, as you say, it caused all manner of problems for mod creators and users. It eventually became so good that the 32 bit version was dropped completely.
  19. Deddly

    State of the game - How is KSP doing?

    Oh yes, that reminds me of some other significant changes: compressed textures and 64 bit.
  20. Deddly

    A Story Theory

    Welcome to the forum I do love that story and the bits and pieces we have put together over the years. Such a shame it was never completed. But your interpretation fits very nicely. The only problem is that Kerbals have what would be Earth, so where did "planet X" move from? Maybe from another solar system.
  21. Deddly

    State of the game - How is KSP doing?

    Depends what you consider important. Development never stopped, but it focused for a time on some things that might not be relevant to you but were desperately needed by others E. g. localisation was and still is a massive undertaking. If you speak English fluently, sure, maybe development relevent to you slowed for an update cycle or so, but nothing can be inferred as to Squad's "situation", whatever that means. Some devs left, other devs were hired. As far as we know, that was unrelated to how TakeTwo wanted KSP for years, finally making an offer that was attractive to the owners of Squad - that's all we know.
  22. Deddly

    IP banned from the web store? Wut?!

    Yeah, don't worry, everyone, you haven't done anything wrong, it's just a problem with the site. Sorry that some of you haven't been able to get the game. Hopefully someone will fix it soon, but remember it's a weekend.
  23. Deddly

    State of the game - How is KSP doing?

    I'd say that a great deal has changed since 2014. It has gradually improved with regards to performance and visuals, and there has been a leaning towards more realism, whilst still staying a game rather than a pure simulation. Some of the biggest changes that come to mind: Aerodynamics is much more realistic. It's a far cry from FAR, (snigger, I bet nobody ever heard that one before) but it's way better than the old soup-o-sphere. Re-entry effects and an entire heating system was introduced, including skin heating and core heating. The heaviest parts sink in water instead of bouncing comically after a water landing/crash. Boats and seaplanes are more realistic possibilities and submarines are now possible (including SSTO submarines, naturally, because why not?) Water landings are no longer deadlier than lithobraking Wheels and landing legs got utterly clobbered with a Unity upgrade and haven't been the same since, but many hours of development has made enormous improvements. On the other hand, wheels don't cause craft to suddenly flip like they used to, and doughnuts and skids are now possible, so rovers are more fun if you can escape the bugs. Tweakables is probably one of the most significant additions. The position and rotation of parts can be fine tuned, root part can be switched, joints can be stiffened and invisible struts can be set to stop the craft from flopping about like it were made of rubber. Fuel flow priority can be set so that some tanks drain before others or all at the same time for a given stage. Subassemblies can be saved and loaded as if they are parts to add to a new craft. EVA parachutes. On the fly Delta V calculations. Asteroids. Comms system. Kerbals can remove helmets and the neck ring. Lots of new parts, and a lot of them rebalanced and retextured. Localisation into several new languages. Scanning for biomes and ore, mining, processing ore into fuel, setting waypoints. New launch/landing locations on Kerbin. Career mode, which came out differently to what everyone was expecting because everyone has their own idea about how it should be done. Nevertheless, it's a nice way to play if you would like to have a budget and reputation to deal with and a gradual introduction to the new parts instead of playing sandbox. There's a lot more, but there's something to chew over at least