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  1. Wow, what a difference that makes to the normally featureless landscapes I'm familiar with!
  2. There was a little bit of off-topic conversation going on here that I removed. There seems to be some confusion about necroposting, so please open the spoiler for a reminder about that. I expect @MaverickSawyer has come on a long way in the eight years since this mission report.
  3. Locked at OP request. I hope everything's ok, Sunnypunny, and all the best with whatever you decide to work on in the future.
  4. Sorry to see it go, sunnypunny, but thank you for your hard work volunteering and providing the mod up until now. I've locked it for you as you asked.
  5. @adsii1970 clearly really knows where his towel is. Chrome on Android does it for me without needing to request the desktop site, but I have a really elongated screen - lots of pixels to fill with content.
  6. Depends on the screen width, actually. If I turn my phone on its side and view the forum in landscape orientation, I can see the signatures.
  7. You'll be surprised what people will happily wear these days
  8. That's not against the thread rules and that makes your entry to the thread legal.
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