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  1. Hi Ray, welcome to the forum! Do you have any pictures that could help us identify the problem for you?
  2. Has been for years. This thread remains locked
  3. Some of the best advice @sal_vager gave me as a new moderator: Don't go looking for trouble that needs fixing. Just keep interacting with the other forum users as you always did. Otherwise, that will be a quick path to burnout.
  4. @Maria Sirona Dihydrogen monoxide. @adsii1970 What should I ask for in the shops if I want the authorities to watch my every move for the rest of my life?
  5. Since moderators are chosen on the merit of their long-standing behaviour on the forum, it would be much more likely to be a misunderstanding rather than an actual abuse of power. Regular users often see a situation only from a single perspective and don't have the complete picture of what has happened, so such misunderstandings can easily arise. Having said that, moderators are subject to the same rules as everyone else, so if you ever feel that a moderator is abusing his or her power or otherwise acting unfairly or inappropriately, please report them using the forum reporting tool as you would any other person.
  6. The power to speak and act in reverse whilst simultaneously making time run backwards for everyone else.
  7. Leitbur go on a photography tour of the world, taking thousands of photos that they spend years editing and cropping to perfection. They are much too busy to produce or play any music, but they do produce a lot of photo albums. I with the English language had fewer ambiguous words.
  8. @Maria Sirona, I think I would have to go with myself. What should you do if you swim over a waterfall?
  9. It has always been locked
  10. You lot only wish you could click. But you can't, because the thread remains locked.
  11. I seem to recall something about KSP2 having improved multi-core support. That would help considerably if I remember correctly.
  12. Perhaps we are straying a little off topic here, guys
  13. The power to necro an old thread that has been dormant for years.
  14. @Fraston and @Spaceman.Spiff, I think they will have infestations there, whenever that happens, so traps will be needed. Why don't you plan a mission to Dres?
  15. @Lewie No you can't. I would pay a whole lot of money for two people to post simultaneously in response to this. Any takers?
  16. I would also say that how well it works is much more dependent on how well it is made rather than how powerful the device is. Just look at the first release of KSP on console by Flying Tiger and compare it with the re-release by Blitworks. Night and day when comparing the performance they got out of it.
  17. As I said, an old 2GHz processor will be more than likely woefully underpowered compared with a modern 2GHz processor. Nobody is saying that these devices have ever been powerhouses, I was just saying that GHz is a meaningless comparison, which it is. For example, I used to have an Amiga using a Motorola 68030 @ 50MHz and another running a Motorola 68040 @ 25 MHz. Guess which one was faster? The 25MHz one was so much faster it was like being in a different world - even though it had half the clock speed. So... 2013 consoles are not super powerful, no. But the GHz number is completely misleading. Ignore the number. Are they powerful enough to run KSP2? Well, KSP2 is supposed to use resources more efficiently, so who knows? I would imagine the devs know. If they can get it running on lower-powered devices, that's great because it will make the game available to so many more people - both console users and people stuck on older hardware or who only have a laptop to run it on.
  18. It's true that these machines are not great in single-core performance, which is what KSP 1 is reliant on, but have you checked the benchmarks? What kind of CPU are these machines using? How do they perform? GHz is a meaningless comparison unless you are comparing exactly the same CPU architecture and generation. E.g. even the slowest GHz latest generation Intel CPUs far outperform a Pentium 4 at 4 GHz. Pentium 4 at 4 GHz is more powerful than a Pentium 4 at 3 GHz, and a 4 GHz 11th generation i3 is more powerful than a 1.7 GHz 11th generation i3. But a 1.7 GHz 11th generation i3 will wipe the floor with that Pentium 4, even if you overclock the Pentium to 6 GHz. I know that none of the consoles use these CPUs, I'm just illustrating the point - basically, ignore the GHz number.
  19. @Fraston About 20 kg. I don't think I'd dare to put more on it for fear of crushing it. How well balanced was your latest creation in KSP?
  20. @Souptime Pineapple, kiwi, grapes and raisins. Is it true that you survived being shipwrecked and marooned on a desert island by cannibalising the other passengers?
  21. That's such a twisted wish already that nothing can be done to corrupt it further. I wish I could spend a week on one of the space stations.
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