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  1. Agree. And since most of the gameplay will happen in space and on other celestial bodies, I guess I can go with it know I know it is not a bug. Thanks guys.
  2. Hi Guys, I've played KSP on and of for years. This is the first time I have realy big problems with landing planes... and the root cause seems to be the wheels. They have become VERY sensitive to landing speed and have extreme amount of spring effect - resulting in my plane bouncing of the runway if I touch down, or immidatly crash if I go at it hard. Not sure if this is caused by the FARc mod... but anyone else experience this?
  3. Oh that one. Yes I might have looked for lines with the X and C's and missed that one.
  4. Might be me that are missing something, but I am using the keys "X" and "C" for number of symmetri (1,2,3,4R etc) and -angels (5*, 15*, 45* etc), respectively. Neither of those options are in the EEX settings inside the VAB. I did find the letter "C" missing in the vanilla settings for angle snap.
  5. Just experienced the same issue. Had to exit to the game menu and reset the angle snap key. Was not able to do this in the EEX settings option inside the VAB.
  6. Hi, I've installed the 2k version of AVP with CKAN. It look like it works, but I have questions about the the result. See the images below, I think the cities are way to close to KSC and have a to high intensity of the lights. Also I am unsure about the quality of the colors and clouds. Would you please, based on your experience, give me a feedback on if this looks ok or not? Just want to rule out the issues. Too intense lights close to ksc: https://imgur.com/7ReNyVR a little higher: https://imgur.com/B301qPe A little higher. Still too intense? What about the clouds? https://imgur.com/TD2mQ2d
  7. Fun mod *sarcastic* Three times in a row on the first rocket I made, was failure to ignite. With construction time, I've passed day 40 without launching a single rocket and all the money is gone. Great Playthrough!
  8. Not sure if your post has been finished? It seems you are about to write something about science and the two modes. Anyhow, I agree. I use Construction time and research bodies to increase the gameplay of my career. I think there is a lot they can do with the career mode, but unsure what can be done to actualy get this game hyped again. I think they might look at starting all over, with KSP2 and focus on: implementing a solar system that is a little different each time you start a new career - for an example. Mulitiplayer like in space engineers perspective change. First person where your view is restricted to interior, or the KSC probe control room. or only third person GOD mode where the kerbals are selfgoverned/moving about, and you may point and click to order them do stuff. It would lifen it all up if your Mün base was populated with 10 kerbals that actualy walked around doing jobs to keep the base running. Fixing random failures, growing food, exploring the soroundings...
  9. Thanks, so basically each time I unloch a new tech I receive an upgrade point. Nice to know
  10. Just a quick question as I have tried reading up on the topic and finding no answers. What is generating upgrade points? Some reference: I've in 270days and landed and returned a pod on the Mün. Also started my kerbed (manned) exploration by connecting two vessels in orbit. Next plan to "discover" Minmus (research bodies). Still I am unsure to what is the cause of the very sparsely receivec upgrade points. Still only building for 2,5BP on rate 1 VAB
  11. I'm running 1.7 and have installed a lot of mods. I know this is a risky play, but it makes my career just awesome, so it is worth the risk. In my experience my career and setup is working fine. Still no crashes but I do experience some lag when moving parts around in the VAB, like shift-click to move, it wont always respond to my click and I need to do it twice or more to actualy have a response. So just in case I installed ExceptionDetectorUpdaed and get a list of issues. I am hoping you guys might help me find out the biggest issues and how to resolve it. https://imgur.com/a/vAUe9Ym Please reply if/when you see a solution or if you need more info. It seems to be all about the resources.
  12. I really dislike this DLC, in a positive way... I've been in and out of KSP for a long time. Everytime I restart, I want the latest update, and with the latest essential mods. Why mods? Well I love the game, it is just a little bit shallow. So, 2 weeks ago I started to play KSP again. I think this is probably the plus 10th time I return after some months pause. This time for 1.7. The latest week I finaly see my setup is working awesome and I am back into using KOS and stuff like that. The campagin is progressing nice, I've reached the Mun. Today you announce new content. Awesome content! This will reduce one of those essential mods I have. The stupid... well I have to start all over again... and probably wait some time until my modlist is back on track. Love this game! Its deeply frustratingly lovely!
  13. So why hasn't the thread topic or CKAN been updated with news about this working in 1.7.0? Just asking to understand
  14. for KSP for USII. I'll try a fresh install. Guess there are some other mods messing things up. Thanks anyway.
  15. Yes, I've passed advanced construction and do find the US2 minituized material bay under miniturization. I also have the first US2 fairings. But they are useless without the core.