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  1. Can we change the alert sound? I'd love mine to scream "JOHN CEENNNNNAAAAAA"
  2. If I know anything about Jeb, it's that he probably wont be making home soon
  3. Congrats man! Beautiful pictures! - - - Updated - - - That's insanely badass! That had to be one long trip hauling that asteroid. So did you put a asteroid back in it's natural habitat or did you kidnap it and take it to Kerbin for testing?
  4. Jeb has also pushed my lander out of a mun orbit and into a Kerbin Intercept. Jeb is a beast
  5. How many more do you plan to add? I'd love to see it completely finished! - - - Updated - - - Well, looks like this is something i'll have to try my hand at!
  6. I honestly think this poll is very weird in general. I think the "whiners" (which I haven't seen many people complaining) usually have valid points for complaining when they do. I also think the game is great how it is but of course could ALWAYS be improved on and added to. I think the modding community will do a great job of keeping fresh content for us to try out but updates from Squad are always amazing as well.
  7. I watched a lot of Scott Manley's videos to learn how to get to planets, he's a super smart dude.
  8. Are you doing a certain shape with the habitats? It seems like you're drawing something.
  9. Ah, using Remote Tech I see. Good luck I hope to see some progress updates! - - - Updated - - - Going to suck when you go to get into orbit and hit an asteroid haha. I've personally never seen this done and I think it would be insanely cool to see! I want some progress reports - - - Updated - - - No Duna hub can be completed with a - - - Updated - - - That's huge already! How much bigger do you plan to make it!?
  10. That sounds insanely thrilling! I once had to push my Mun lander into a Kerbin orbit from the Mun because I had run out of fuel. It wasn't as thrilling as your experience but it was extremely hard to judge which way to push and to get back in my vessel. - - - Updated - - - Haha! Glad you are getting a handle on the game so fast! I spent my first 300+ hours on Kerbin and the Mun alone haha. - - - Updated - - - Congratulations! I spent my first 300+ hours on Kerbin and the Mun alone so don't worry about getting there too fast.
  11. Pretty bad when a planet in KSP has a better KDR than I have in most first person shooters Congratulations on your victories! - - - Updated - - - I absolutely love Rune's Base-In-A-Box design! I seen it awhile back and was thinking about trying it out just to see how it went, i'll definitely have to now!
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