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  1. Recently, I have came to thought of that too One of are(my) long term KSP community friends: kurtjmac and his friends of the Mindcrack group (a private server of youtubers). Have got lot of hate for the last couple of months. Like to many people mad at this or that and it is a much more brutal comments especially Reddit. Also I have seen that popular Minecraft youtubers like SkydoesMinecraft get people a crazy about Butter this and Butter that and it is so stupid that people get so mad at something some Dumb youtuber (mainly Sky) said. But to all the haters out there that hate me or other peoples opinions go POUND SALT and I don't care! It's really sad that it is so easy for people to type so much hate about eventually you will later in life do other things that you will forget about Minecraft or Butter. So live your gaming days to it's fullest, nicest,and to all Gamer's that have been hurt I am sorry. So let's spread the word: #Gamersthatcare. Cheers, McXenongamer
  2. I have a quick question because apple is so fast with there iOS can it be possible to play it on an older ipad with an older iOS because it won't let you update to iOS 5 or 6. (1 gen ipad) hope this gets on the app store. great work!
  4. I think it was indeed a database loss. But I could be wrong.
  5. Nice work better than I could ever do.
  6. Like the ending thanks for you're awesome work!
  7. Hi I am Mcxenongamer and this is my first thread on the forums on this account (lost old account). But I have played KSP since January. Hope I can help out the forums!