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  1. Thank you so much, that will save a lot of time searching the internet and trying out mods.
  2. http://www.twitch.tv/million_lights/b/669586659 I'm loving this guy's twitch channel: Million lights, but I can't figure out what mod changes the Kerbal's IVA window to show realistic reflections. Also, at 21:18, right before launch, the Kerbal doesn't have a helmet. Is this the texture replacement mod?
  3. I've been on several threads talking about this question. In my experience, I cannot see ANY changes that scientists supposedly help with. I've tried many different scenarios to get a change in science (transmitting, recovering, etc.) but I can't see any indication that scientists help and neither can anyone else as far as I've seen. If anyone can get some actual specific data showing changes in their science values through Kerbal scientists it would be much appreciated. Otherwise, I think it is a bug that only works in theory. I hope it is a bug, because in my gameplay scientists have been useless. I don't mean to complain, I just hope I'm either very wrong or this can get fixed soon.
  4. Thanks for the replies. That makes much more sense. However, I feel like this only applies in theory. I've seen similar questions on different threads and I haven't seen anyone notice any difference in science return or transmission value. I'm starting to think it is a bug unless someone can give a personal experience with the numbers to show that scientists do indeed give a bonus. I've done many tests with scientists and non-scientists and science is always the same for transmitting, recovering, etc. no matter what I do.
  5. Yes, for example, I sent Jeb to straight up into "space near Kerbin" with mystery goo (+10 science with +3 transmit value) and returned back with +8 value for a ship from sub-orbital flight for a total of 18 science. I reloaded the same exact mission only with Bob (a 3 star scientist) and got the exact same numbers. There should be a +15% increase in science according to the official 0.90 discussion thread. This happens for any mission I try.
  6. I've been doing lots of testing and I can't get my Kerbal scientists to add any science bonus to returned or transmitted science missions. Even with high star values on career mode, there is no difference between the science gained by a scientist or a pilot/engineer. I've been recording different science scenarios by saving/reloading with different Kerbals, but the science return value is always the same. Am I the only one experiencing this?
  7. I'm trying to optimize the science I receive from each mission with regards to Kerbal scientists, so: 1. I've noticed that when a scientist is on board a ship, the science that can be transmitted is shown in a yellow font, why? What bonus does this show? 2. Do multiple scientists on a mission stack science return? 3. Does the bonus apply only to RETURNED missions or from science that is transmitted as well? 4. When a spaceship/science is returned, does the Kerbal scientist give a science bonus from their previous level or to the one that they were just promoted to when their XP increased during the same return mission? I can't seem to see understand how this all works together.
  8. I have also noticed that the courage in the Astronaut Complex vs in the ship are switched.
  9. I agree. I really love the idea of each planet/moon having its own soundtrack when you are on or orbit it. Mods such as Kerbal Chatterer are great but more soundtracks would be amazing.
  10. I have seen some confusion about the "Stupidity" bar for the Kerbals. Normally a higher rank is better, but with stupidity it is the opposite. Why not just change it to "intelligence"? Plus, "intelligence" is much more kind than calling a Kerbal "stupid." I also hope that the stats for a Kerbal will someday have more implementation.
  11. I also think that the new ASAS has been SO much better than the previous one. My planes are much easier to fly and rockets have less wobble. I also enjoy the realism of reaction wheels. It reminds me of the way that they operate the Hubble Telescope. It doesn't magically rotate. It uses physics and spinning wheels to rotate.
  12. That actually made sense. Thanks so much. This game makes me want to take physics again. I accidentally posted the same question twice since I haven't posted before sorry.
  13. I was wondering why it is more fuel efficient to plot a maneuver so that my periapsis is as close as possible to another planet or moon when doing interplanetary transfers. Shouldn't it be more efficient to burn at a farther away periapsis such as when I burn farther away from the planet to adjust my orbit? It seems to me that by making my periapsis closer, the increase of velocity due to gravity would require more retrograde burning to cancel out the velocity. Obviously a close periapsis is good for aerobraking, but what about planets without an atmosphere?