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  1. Could we have the re-entry effects made so we aren't getting supersonic effects below 5,000 and reentry above? Could it be based on speed? As of now, regardless how fast you go if you are "in the lower atmosphere" it will be supersonic effects. This isn't accurate is it? I know its a trivial feature, but if its not too much trouble it would be appreciated. Also, if re-entry is being added can you add proper temperature in all places? The 2HOT Thermometer does not give accurate readings in extreme places (i.e. right next to the sun).
  2. He is talking about the picture. Look at the sentence structure.
  3. As always, love the devnotes. Tuesdays are the best.
  4. Hey Porkjet, I don't know if you would want to but do you think SQUAD would like to incorporate your habitat pack as well? Love it to death and KSP is in serious need of some bases building parts/systems.
  5. Ah, thank you for clarifying. Oh well, me being hopeful. Weather or craters sounds pretty awesome though.
  6. Has anyone thought that the secret feature is improved aerodynamics to go along with the revamped space plane parts? I mean it fits the description of "hilarious results" because we would slap these planes together only to find out they flip out and crash. I don't know, just a thought.
  7. This is crucial for Kerbal skills to work properly, realistically, and be fun/non-grindy.
  8. I want to see how the contracts are going to work... I know we are going to have X manufacturer request us to test Y part in Z conditions. The game tracks your progress (First orbit, first mun landing) and will use that to generate appropriate destinations for testing (i.e not Eeloo when you haven't landed on the mun yet) Will we have contracts that want us to put a craft in precise orbits? Will there be a contract for "Construct a space station with 2 Hitchhikers, 4 Gigantor XL solar panels, and 5000 units of batter change"? To add to that... Compound contracts- X contract says to make a space station, Y contract says to crew them, X contract (at a latter date) de-crew 2 kerbals? Basically, will we have sophisticated contracts? Also, craft based contracts? (Meaning craft type matters) One last thing... Reputation requirements? Companies will not offer you more/any contracts till you have proven yourself to be a reliable partnership will "lesser" manufactures. (Launch a weather satellite, before being offered to send a crew into space)
  9. So do we have gears that will allow faster top speeds, but less initial torque?
  10. Are we getting an asteroid belt? That's all I want to know.
  11. How's it coming along? Can't wait for the different gears! Also, I just saw my friends Land Rover with on the fly adjustable suspension, so I'm all for tweakable suspension in-flight.
  12. I want to use FAR with out being cheaty due to the reduced delta-v required for Kerbin orbit. Using just FAR and KIDS, what setting should I use to achieve stocklike delta-v requirments with FAR installed? (No RSS) Also, thanks for being such a cool modder. You always respond to peoples' questions.
  13. Here is a mod that adds more functionality to wheels. (No new parts) Tweakable Wheels