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  1. I control thousands of Kraken via a hive mind.
  2. Should the (maybe) much anticipated 800 series be ready by summer 2015? That's when I plan to scrap my rig and build a new one. Are any estimate prices around?
  3. http://lmgtfy.com/?q=funny+pictures
  4. Alright, 99.9999% relative speed. Close enough.
  5. I personally favor the "industrial" style myself, such as the Antec DF-85 case. I have named the futuristic-looking style of blue glowing buttons and lots of curves the "washing machine" style, which I doalike.
  6. I know, doesn't this work so well? Almost as good as the microwave trick /sarcasm
  7. FTL negative energy warp drive*. They can go faster than light because they effectively break the laws of physics by bending space-time.
  8. I harness the Kraken for the new experimental Kraken Drive and shoot it at the next poster.
  9. What was Constellation again? (runs for life)
  10. I say there should be something like an "Expected Release Time: End of February" so that we get a general sense, but not a day-specific release date.
  11. I'm currently using my dad's MacBook for Reasonsâ„¢ but my main computer is a home-built Win7 PC with: 3.4gH quad-core4670K i5 processor 16gB of 1600mH RAM GeForce GTX 650 Ti 1tB HDD Preformance: 1-500 parts: just fine 500-800 parts: okay 800-1500: laggy 1500-beyond: slideshow
  12. I would think that this thread would succumb to its own problem and not be noticed by the devs. Rowsdower, please notify them.
  13. I just think that a KerbTown-like plugin should be stock, but buildings would be created and added through game files, like KerbTown. Basically, something for modders to use.