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  1. I would LOVE to do something like this. I can host the website and the files (I can't image the file size is too large? I have a 160GB HDD in my server computer so that should hold quite a bit of them right? I don't however know how one would set up the file hosting and downloading stuff, if you could point me in the right direction for something like that, similar to the Space Port setup maybe? That would be cool. Keep up the great work on the plug in
  2. This! You should really look into this nobody44 Or work with redteddy23 on it
  3. Refering to something in the code for making our own missions, what is maxEccentricity = 1 related to?
  4. It's a really neat setup, and I was proud of myself for figuring it out lol. Any thoughts as to what section of the forums I would put something like this in? lol
  5. What this kind man/woman said here. If you want, you can swing by my public server. I even have it set up so that all the screenshots get saves, and put up in a gallery you can view Another Edit: Is my server something I should start a forum thread for?
  6. Hey guys, I added my server to the Server Status Page If you can't find it, the IP is JoshJ5Hawk.Mine.BZ I currently save ALL screenshots, which are then uploaded to a gallery every 15 minutes for everyone to see Here! Please stop by if you'd like
  7. Another thought, did you change the HTTP (80) port, or the Default port (2075)? If you only changed the Default, try changing the HTTP (Again, you may have already tried this, I'm just trying to fire things to ya )
  8. Well, I actually wrote myself a fancy little script for that find /home/josh5jhawk/ksp/klfScreenshots -name '*.png' -exec mv {} /var/www/zenphoto/albums/KLFImages \; rm -rf /var/www/zenphoto/albums/KLFImages/klfScreenshots But it doesn't seem to keep a copy of my screenshot when I am playing alone. If Sodium could verify this, that would be wonderful (Edit: Herp Derp, I forgot to set Save Screenshots to true xD) P.S. If you're curious on what this ends up looking like, check out http://Joshj5hawk.mine.bz/zenphoto/index.php?album=KLFImages/
  9. Hey guys, do you know how often the Sever actually saves the screenshots to disk? Does it ONLY happen when there are multiple players online?
  10. One other thing I can think of, if you haven't tried it, is Run it as Admin (Which I know you said you already did) WHILE running it in Windows XP compatibility mode. May work, may not, but it's worth a try for something this sweet
  11. Haven't quite figured it out yet either mate. If I ever figure it out, I will for sure let you know!
  12. Posting so I can find this post tomorrow Looks great man, can't wait to give it a shot!
  13. Hey guys, I tried to throw this on my Ubuntu server, I installed mono, tried to host, and get this error: Any help would be wonderful. Things I did (Orange = In Progress, Red = Didn't work, Yellow = Worked - new error. Green = Solved): Copied KSP directory to server Installed WINE Installing "mono-complete" (sudo apt-get install mono-complete) New Error: Run as Sudo ("sudo mono KSFServer.exe") AND Change ports (See Config Image) WORKING CONFIG: SERVER COMPUTER INFO: OS: Ubuntu Server 13.04 64-bit RAM: 2.5 GB CPU: AMD Athlon 64 Video: Nvidia GeForce 8500GT Input: Single USB Keyboard GUI: No
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