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  1. hm that reminds me of a notion i read some years ago aobout infernal robitics: never place a docking port directly on an hinge ore something else... Might be related might be not...
  2. Canadaarm incoming for my shuttle :-) YES finally!
  3. it is more stable timwarp is usable no kerbonauts can not be in one rocket But simply see for yourself!
  4. @Atroner: Seems you have not read the last weekly, read it completly again and you will know why there is now weekly...
  5. I ve got one that flew perfectly with mechjeb up to 20 tons of payload with boosters even one with liquid boosters that can carry 40 tons. The key point is that you need to have the engine thrust perfectly alinged through your center of mass in every part of the flight. I am a little bit down atm cause mechjeb is not working in the 1.44 with lmp anymore... (mechjeb alone works perfectly, lmp also, having both installed and the game crashes when you try to start a rocket)
  6. how do i get rid of these anoying pop up window reporting rcs build aid is for 1.4.1 under 1.4.3?
  7. No problems here much aprecciated... Really great work guys, thats a step forward from dmp. I only miss two things from dmp: -working whitemodlist (somehow you got this but how is this working i can let lmp create it, but it seems to me it has no impact) -and please bring the screenshots back -maybe a masterchat for the masterserver? (in the lmp serverhost window?) No complaingings here in any way, please see this as whishes for further versions :-)
  8. The only game that nearly beats the value of buying ksp for 25 bucks is bf1942 with all its mods these two games i played over 1000 hours (ok steam says otherwise but hey who needs steam to start ksp if you know how?) oh and of course half life in the form of counterstrike but that was befor counting hours.... Maybe one of the civilization games but any other not
  9. ok ok i did not mean mod. I referred to gamemode and dmp only supports sandbox right now. The others run but with issues that make them unplayable...
  10. x32 or x64 makes no difference for me Try it out simple as that. DMP is for Stock only the other mods do not work as stated erlier in this topic by goddarklight
  11. Hm... nothing here that really spikes my interest. It's more like steady as she goes..., but nothing that catches the eye! :-( Don't get me wrong i appreciate the news but hm man it's reading like a report not as something fancy...