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  1. That reminds me of a thing with linuxgurugamer who is also streaming on twitch: Guy comes in the stream and asks hey when is mod xyz ready for the new ksp release. Anwer: Hey you see iam just working on it The only thing i saw of this guy was the thing left channel... One thing i noticed that seems to have quit working right is auto dock. When i set a dockingport for control from here it seems to mess up the axis and the ship never tries to dock with the port forward mostly 90 degrees to the side. But i am shure this will be handeld in time.
  2. All good things must come to an end... that remembers me of something from startrek the next generation and i feel the happy and sad at the same time. But in the end it is inevitable and as for the gaming industrie overdue if you see the maintaining time of other games. Thank you for a really good flight squad it was an honour to have your game and i still will love it for times to come. I hope for KSP 2 that it would have a similar lifetime but i doubt it with the publisher at hand, but one can have some hope. I would like to see a big thing on a live stream where everyone maybe even the old guys come together to have a chat how far ksp has come. A review if you like some sort of. Maybe moderated by some of our favorite streamers (ej or other guys come to mind...)
  3. I do not wirte often these days in these forums, but let me say this after years of KSP: Yeah give them bright graphics, give them lights, give them thrusters, post them big and bright make them happy....... but whats the trains fuel? Right crinching some ugly things/bugs that got us form there to here and they go BOOOOOM... ;-P As for me, put the whole fancy shiny stuff by the side and post in BIG BRIGHT LETTERS that you did somthing against these unerving sliding and you make our? but simply my day. To put it simple thank you! From a mid range gamer since 0.19 (from spring 2013 when KSP first saw light on steam and add a K to everything there was instantly) only ppl before that might write long time in my opinnion
  4. I ask myself all the time with such big sturctures if it would change the way we build them. Are these big parts that are already there and do not need placemend in the vab, or are we are free to build them as we like from a set of tiny parts. Then we would have a partcount problem somwhere even with multicore an modern prozessors i think. For me sandbox ksp is something like building a rocket from lego bricks, if you take that away by introducing big parts like modules that have the whole functionality you remove one factor of the game in particular i would think that is some funfactor in ksp. For me that is a hughe thing in ksp. If thats away KSP2 will be a whole other game for me than the original. So whats your oppinion on that one?
  5. So ziemlich das gleiche bei mir auch, ich hab 2013 ksp mit der erstveröffentichung auf steam gekauft und seitdem nur noch wenig interesse gehabt an anderen spielen. Wobei bei mir KSP mitlerweile kein Dauerbrenner mehr is nur noch in schüben.
  6. Richtig, wobei da auch nicht mehr das allermeiste los ist.
  7. Die meisten aus der Deutschen Community sind wenn dann eh in eigenen Foren wie kerbalspaceprogram unterwegs und nicht hier im Forum.
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