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  1. Bin Chicken Inc. WIP Thread I present to you my FIRST EVER ATTEMPT AT 3D MODELING AND PART MODDING! Service Modules: Somewhat inspired by SHDI Service Module System and a very old (5+ years ago) mod, that from memory was called "SM Service Module" and somewhat inspired by real life, i have decided to give this a go. The scope i have set for myself is for a family of stock-a-like service modules similar to that found on Apollo, Orion and also some of my own concepts. being an Australian i have decided to name these after Aussie birds I plan on making a few different 2m variants for different missions. but to start with ill be just doing some intended for Kerbin orbit and for operations within Kerbin's SOI. These modules will contain a verity of consumables and may or may not include other functions such as built in decouplers and other functions as i learn how to implement them. I use 3ds Max as my 3d modeling software as it is available to me for free through my university. I have tried blender, however i cant stand it! I would be interested to hear any criticism weather it would be about game balance or about the models themselves. I also would like to say that i have absolutely NO SKILL IN MAKING TEXTURES AND SKINS! If anyone would be interested in texturing these models please let me know. You would have a free hand in creating stock-a-like textures and i would be happy to credit you for your work . So without further ado, lets get started.... SM-16 "Kookaburra" Service Module: The SM-16 is intended to be like the Apollo service module. It is designed for Munar and Minimus Operations SM-2 "Bell Bird" Service Module The SM-2 is currently being modeled, but is based of the Orions service module. it is designed for Kerbin Orbital Operations Also Planned are other service modules designed for long duration missions such as interplanetary transfers and also remote controlled modules for cargo and utility purposes
  2. Thank you so much! that explains things nicely! i'll keep at it and hopefully start a dev thread for my parts soon! :-)
  3. Hey guys, so im making some new parts and i have a quick question regarding stack nodes... do i have to place stack nodes in the actual model before exporting it to unity? secondly do i have to assign a meterial to the mesh collider?
  4. disregard, my problem was down to user error noting else apologys
  5. That's Awesome mate!!! The last thing you need is to start getting bored of building. I am really looking forward to seeing your new craft files!
  6. I would appreciate it! very much. in smaller aircraft it has a tendency to push the nose way down. It feels like im fighting the controls to stay on landing profile. Thanks, freak
  7. thanks for the mod. :-) quick question. the hook is acting like a big airbrake in the air... should it be doing that or could it be another mod interfering?
  8. No problem. :-) That is precisely what i am doing at the present. thanks for the response and your efforts on this mod. :-)
  9. That could be quite useful around stations! especially if u need some "ommh" to kick one into a higher orbit, like what i would like to do with your skylab. +1 on the EV-2L
  10. @Raptor9 looks great mate. im going to try these out now :-)
  11. The Radome comes from Blue Hawk Industries she a bit slugish till you get rid of that drop tank, but makes for a nice fleet defense fighter. i also replace the tank with a targeting pod, download all weapons and use her for recon. :-) im weaponising some of your other designs too. ill post more here as i complete them. EDIT: afterthought- yes i actually use her on a carrier with working catapults and arrestor cables. ill post a vid when i get round to it.
  12. @Raptor9 I kind of Navalised and weaponized your T-4 design.... hope u like it!
  13. i am having some issues with the arrester system not working after leaving and reloading ksp.... ill share a you tube link when its finished up loading EDIT; here is the link to my video.
  14. That would be awesome! im just after the b707 and the b757. btw thanks for all your efforts!
  15. love your work! thanks for sharing your designs!
  16. Is that a CFM-56? yep i served too... Australian Army... anyways here is me....... im the hairy bloke not the plane
  17. Yes it worked without atm installed and it also worked with agrresive atm installed. But i cant handle agressive and i think that if we can get this issue resolved. It would be benifical to others who might experience this. I hope im not jumping too far ahead. I just want to cover all bases. I also looked at the atm relases side by side and saw that the dils have diffrernt code in them and that the configs have slight different code. Im not any good with the dills so i can not comment on them but i took screens if what i saw in the code. It was olny 2 things but i think that could be a non issue. Im starting to think that maybe the problem im having is a 1 in 1000 chance issue with atm. Ive re downloaded everything and reinstalled to get the fresh logs. So i know it wassnt somthing like a broken/corrupt download. But again im not confident enough to say hand on heart that atm is the issue. It could even be somthing else entirely. But i doubt that. Im thinking i might try the aggressive relase but with the atm global config file settings set the same as the basic config. EDIT: crashed after loading without atm due to ksos being a memory hog
  18. Ok so i renstalled ksp again and loaded OLNY ksos and atm x86 basic. Ive replacated the issue and have fresh log and ksp files for you. Im using the 4.13 ksos pack and ksp 32 bit hope this helps Output_log.txt: ksp.txt: thanks for helping you are an upstanding community member
  19. Im using the exe installer and i also tried the rar file. Ill drop the ksp.text file when i get home in a few hours.