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  1. Hey Alpha, Thanks for responding to my post... I know what its like to have to work for living, that's why I try and do it as little as possible. Keep up the good work with this mod, it really adds another level of depth to launching rockets.
  2. This is a really impressive mod. I am wondering, would it be possible for you to post the subassemblies / craft files for the launchpads? It would make using this mod significantly easier.
  3. Van, are you able to run all of those mods at once? What mods do you run together? Have you found any conflicts?
  4. It's been my experience that .21 has really messed things up as far as mods are concerned. I've run all of the following mods in .21 to some degree of success, just not all at the same time. . . Chatterer - Just gives the game that authentic feel. MechJeb2 - With the new ASAS I barely use it, but it helps if you're new to the game. Aviation Lights - Again just adds a little touch of realism and authenticity. NovaPunch - I just like having all of the extra engines and rocket parts. Firespitter - Essential if you want to build rotor and prop driven crafts. Soviet Pack - Like the historic rockets
  5. Very cool video. I wish all those mods would run together on my machine. Someone at Squad should think about adding exploding planets, that would be totally amazing if it really were possible in-game. I can't see it being done in the Unity engine, but maybe some other game engine.
  6. What is wrong with mods? I think that the modding community tends to produce the best content for KSP. Every game that allows modding benefits from the dedication that modders have for making a game better by developing new assets, utilities, and tools. It also a great way for developers to connect with the users who play their games. So from a purely philosophical standpoint, I believe modding makes gaming in general a more pleasurable experience. With respect to KSP, I think the mod community has added a whole bunch of life to a game that would otherwise feel a little undeveloped. I know the
  7. First let me say, I love this mod pack. Does anyone out there know if there are any conflicts between B9 and other mods? I have a few mods installed and whenever I drop B9 into my game and then try to fly one of my creations, the game crashes. When I remove B9 and Firespitter, everything else works again. Not sure what the problem is, so I am putting it out there.
  8. Look I'm sure this has been mentioned before, but whenever NASA or any other space agency for that matter sends a rocket up, thousands of people have had to do their jobs correctly in order for that mission to be a success. In my mind mechjeb is that large support staff that allow astronauts to fly. Using isn't a cheat, it's a way of making a 1000 man job possible using just 1.
  9. Yeah ISA Mapsat is the way to go. The new build works well in 20.2 on my system.
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