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  1. Giggleplex, if you're talking about the avionics package, that also lacks a ModuleReactionWheel, so it might not actually be applying any torque. This spaceship i built is absolutely rock solid, stops moving as soon as you let go of the keyboard and doesn't drift at all with RCS translation. edit. No idea then PwnedDuck.
  2. Seems to be working for me, although I've only tried rockets so far. The Mun lander in the 'Mun Orbit' scenario can be locked onto one heading and will keep it regardless of how much throttle you're using. Still not sure if it's additive yet. One possible oversight - there's no ModuleReactionWheel module in the part file for the 2.5m ASAS, it doesn't do much anymore (which might be pwndedDuck's problem).
  3. Above the Mun... The asteroid is from NovaSilisko's challenge, in which you have to move the asteroid from Eve to Kerbin.
  4. Have you tried just leaving your ship alone for a bit? It took at least half a minute for my ship to stab Roche. Probably longer. The magnetic docking is trying to move both your ship and the 600t asteroid into position after all.
  5. A screenshot during my Roche mission. A Munar gravity assist.
  6. Made it! It took quite a while but I finally completed it. Imgur gallery here. Mods used: Kerbal Engineer Redux. Total number of launches: 11.
  7. Ah well, they'll be perfect for Laythe I expect.
  8. After seeing zpox357's flag I went to google images to look at tea towel's and beach towels.
  9. Unfortunately this didn't have enough dV to get back into orbit. Worse, the navball was in the wrong alignment, meaning I had to eyeball the Grasshopper's attitude all the way to the ground.
  10. You need to put your custom flags into - [Wherever you installed KSP]/GameData/Squad/Flags. They need to have a resolution of 256x160, and I think they need to be in 24bit PNG file format (not sure about that last one). In game you can change your Space Centre's flag by clicking on the flag pole. You can choose mission specific flags from the VAB/SPH by clicking on the button to the left of 'new ship'.
  11. Bill and Hudsby ride a Munbuggy. The lander didn't have enough dV for orbit, so Bill and Hudsby had to bail and achieve orbit on jetpacks. Here, Hudsby approaches the command capsule 50,000m above the Mun. I really like the textures at this altitude.
  12. There's a few interface changes that I love, which some of you may not be aware of. Clicking on a ship will bring up a set as target/switch to dialogue box. What's great about this is that it seems to actually select the ship you've clicked, even if it shares an orbit with something else. Clicking on pe/ap markers will cause the tooltips to remain in place as long as you're in the map view. This allows for fine tuning of maneuver nodes and makes it easier to eyeball a correction burn. In my game I have a probe and a space station in the same orbit. When I click on their orbits, it seems to select the station, while in 0.19 and before it would always select space junk. There might be a heirarchy to vessels with higher ranked ships (eg space stations) being selected over lower ranked ships (probes, junk). Not sure about that one. I think the planet high orbit texture resolution was lowered a bit too far. It's a real shame when you see what the Mun looks like from 50,000m. I think the textures at low orbit/surface look amazing. The change from the surface to low res textures in high orbit is too extreme. There needs to be an intermediate texture level (or allow us the option the choose), as obviously we're going to be spending a lot of time near the planets. Overall though I've been having fun with this update, and have had no major bugs so far.
  13. A variation on a theme. It's pretty slow but Jeb seemed to be thrilled as usual.
  14. Managed to push this SSTO into a 150km orbit, then rendezvoused with a WIP space station at 125km. Even more amazingly for me, I managed to land it on the same continent as the space centre intact.