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  1. hey there zzz sorry to bother you but the download links on this page

    seem not to be working, I just want to check out the ring station parts. Is it possible for you to get new download links?

    1. Deimos Rast

      Deimos Rast


      I just checked every link on that page and they all still work, just fill in the missing letters that got removed (see here for a hint). ZZZ hasn't been around in awhile, but feel free to PM me if you have trouble with it still, and I'll give you a dropbox link.


      And thanks again ZZZ for these marvelous parts.:)

    2. techstepman


      im sorry but I read that thread and maybe I missed something but I don't understand what missing text I must add. I want to download the ring station parts from that page. its the 8th pic in zzz's opening post.

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