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  1. That was amazing. The coolest thing I have ever seen.
  2. I am going to watch it launch from my back yard.
  3. Stephen Baxter wrote a novel about a manned landing on mars in the 80s, Voyage. Back on topic: Crewed mars landings, crewed Venus flybys, and maybe, if the public approved, some sort of Earth-Moon System infrastructure. But that is a very optimistic assumption.
  4. I am aware of its military applications though I don't believe that it was a complete military vehicle from the start. I think that the air force wanted their own orbiter for military use from Vandenburg. EDIT: Double Ninja'd!
  5. As the title implies, this thread is about the space shuttle and what you think space travel would be like if it had accomplished its goals of being a cheaper, more reliable launch vehicle with fast turn-around times. Discuss!
  6. I know. I was following the philosophy of moar boosters and was also inspired by Stephen Baxter's short story War Birds (Which is a very awesome story).
  7. I think I have a new favorite modification. Also: Space Shuttles with four SRBs are very awesome.
  8. Question! Does the Soyuz TMA docking port mate with the buran's? I want to build a makeshift station with the buran as the core module.