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  1. I had thought about that, but I just updated Kopernicus a few days ago.
  2. None of my solar panels are producing any electric charge, after looking in the debug console i am met with a wall of error messages. this glitch affects all of the solar panels in my game regardless of if they are stock or not. as far as i know all my mods are up to date. any ideas?
  3. Awesome! how would i go about doing that? im not very cfg savvy and i dont wanna break my game *sweatdrop*
  4. Hey man, great mod! i don't mean to sound demanding but i have a suggestion, would it be possible to add some sort of Camera in the kerboarm end effector? that would definitely help with attaching it to the grapple fixtures!
  5. Sorry for potentially necroposting, i just wanted to know if this Is this still being developed as i was going to use it in my roleplay save file thanks!
  6. you've probably heard this a hundred times but when will this be updated to 1.7.3?
  7. Damn those TE's are beautiful! will we be getting a crew access arm for Rodan and Gojira?
  8. Jeez Gameslinx... you’ve done it again, having played through both Before Kerbin and After Kerbin I am super psyched to play this! Release day can’t come soon enough!!! I can’t wait to see what’s left of the Kerbol system after all this time
  9. Ya know, for a game made in Mexico its kinda odd that we don't allow people to speak Spanish on the forums... KSP is an international game now, thanks to Away With Words. Why don't we allow people to speak their native language on here...
  10. I definitely have 1.4 but i could have sworn i downloaded the updated versions. can you give me a list of the outdated mods and ill check if there is updates out for them?
  11. ive recently upgraded to the newest version of KSP and after going through all my mods installing the updated versions i have encountered an error that causes the game to crash whenever i launch it. all help appreciated. Thanks Crash Log:
  12. hey, just a quick question. the actual draco probe core wont load for some reason, ive checked the files and the file for draco is there but it wont load. the dependencies are all up to date, any questions?
  13. im using the most up to date version of kopernicus, im actually really OCD about my mods being updated
  14. here's a link to the dropbox
  15. Thanks! again i really appreciate what your doing with this mod! also that bottom gif is exactly the problem ive been having
  16. Hey, i just thought id share some of my screenshots ive taken using this mod. Landing rockets has become a surprise addiction of mine! Thanks for maintaining such a cool mod! i can't wait to see how you implement the Falcon Heavy!
  17. The wobbling affects my craft regardless of what im doing, whether my craft has fins or not. limiting the reaction wheels/gimbals helps on some occasions yet on others it simply makes it worse.
  18. Might just be the fact that im using a dev version but is anyone else getting insane (90 degree) oscillations in spacecraft attitude, it seems that MJ overcompensates for even the slightest error in spacecraft orientation by maxing the reaction wheels in the opposite direction to the error. Any suggestions?
  20. Hello, is there any way that i can make the huygens probe float? its just its really hard to aim for land on an object such as Laythe or OPM's tekto... it's just after landing on tekto's ocean the probe rapidly sank when in real life it was built to float. any suggestions?
  21. Good god this mod is cool... also so, its so strange to be plotting your first interplanetary mission... to kerbin
  22. how do i do that? i run the game on steam, is there any way to get steam to run the 64bit version by default?
  23. so, i have a heavily modded install of KSP, and recently i attempted to install Bluedog design bureau. however the game crashed on load, i uninstalled Bluedog. but the same thing happened. included are my crash logs, all help appreciated