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  1. hey guys, so ive asked about my problems with this mod, those being that the game crashes when i try to load it with this mod installed, so i finally figured out how to share the game logs, so here are my logs. all help appreciated
  2. Ah! thanks for the help, firstly D'oh! Secondly, i will update that now (thanks for the heads up) thirdly, its for a mod that integrates mechjeb into every Command pod/Probe core
  3. thanks for all the help. Anyway, here is my game's logs
  4. sorry, im kind of a noob at these things how do i post logs and i'll have them up ASAP
  5. um, problem... the game only loads up to RC_cone, as pictured below, all help appreciated...
  6. i use steam and in my ksp folder there is an application called KSP_x64 so im pretty sure i use the 64bit version
  7. Yes im using 1.3, i have both dependencies up to date and im going to sound like a total noob for saying this but i don't know how to post logs... Edit: It seems to crash when it loads the batteries
  8. Question: everytime i load the game with this mod installs it crashes, i have both dependencies up to date and it still crashes, any help?
  9. this is probably a silly question and has probably been answered many times, but how do i rename planets? like for example take the "the" of the mun's name so that it is just called Mun again
  10. Does anyone know of any ways/mods that allow you to rename planets?
  11. um, i downloaded this mod from spacedock. And everytime i launch the game with the mod installed it crashes? any help or am i missing a dependency?
  12. Got bored, so i decided to make the Blue Origin New Shepard rocket... And i think i did it well, this thing really is a joy to fly. both pieces regularly launch from KSC LC-1 nowadays, each carrying a crew of 3 paying kerbals on a suborbital hop that included up to 10 mins of pure weightlessness (That they don't get to experience because they are strapped to their seats ) Anyway, tell me what you think!
  13. Man, Elon Musk must play a heck of a lot of KSP... where else do you get the idea to land rockets on a barge in the middle of the ocean!

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      I can just imagine Elon Musk playing ksp XD


  14. Perfect name for the ASDS by the way "Just use more boosters"
  15. May i make some suggestions, feel free to disregard! Sedna analogue, Haumea analogue, possibly a Nix/Hydra analogue (move gilly?) can you imagine how long a mission to a sedna analogue would take Thanks for taking time to read my post!
  16. Amazing mod, hope you don't mind if i leave a few suggestions for the future! (Feel free to disregard) Lunar Reconnaissance orbiter, Mars Reconnaissance orbiter, Phoenix Mars lander, Mars exploration rovers (plus airbags if possible), Mars science laboratory, MAVEN and LCROSS
  17. i was wondering if there was a mod that removes crew requirements and allows you to launch crew modules without any kerbals onboard
  18. Guid = 9989b492-d6b7-497d-8b94-3e3d7924311a Name = Belfast, Northern Ireland, Europe Latitude = 54.596475 Longitude = 5.930004 Height = 313m
  19. hey, just saying for those that will probably be asking, no its not compatable with 1.1.3