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  1. BEFORE ANYONE ACCUSES ME OF BEING UNGRATEFUL I AM 100% GRATEFUL WITH WHAT THE DEVS DO FOR US, THIS IS JUST MY OPINION. Now, onto the topic at hand. Yes, im disappointed with the 1.1 update, mostly because it's changed a lot of things and broken others (Mostly the UI) this may just be me (having Asperger's syndrome and all) But first things first: the UI, i dont like the new UI, it seems that all the icons both in flight and in the editors have a thick layer of foam on them (i don't know if the devs did this on purpose or if it's from the change in game engine, feel free to tell me in the comments) but i honestly preferred the old crisp textures instead of the new dulled ones (if there is anyway to get the old UI back PLEASE TELL ME) Continuing with UI problems (most of my gripes are with the UI) the camera seems unresponsive, sometimes right clicking and moving the mouse does nothing. other times it works fine, and other times the cursor disappears and the camera moves around with the mouse untill i right click again. Moving on to other problems. such as the performance boost, nonexistent on my laptop. I still have to run with the lowest graphical settings in order to get a decent framerate. Moving on to something good, i do like the new orbit lines showing how far an object is along its orbit VERY USEFUL when going somewhere like Gilly where it moves slow at Ap and fast at Pe. it gives you a feel of how fast the object/ship is moving. so, that is my review of 1.1, please feel free to discuss your thoughts and feelings in the comments Thanks for reading- tmccreight651
  2. Please squad bring back the old crisp textures, the new ones in 1.1 look WAY to cartoonish
  3. Wow, a good update but still LOTS of bugs to be squashed, including the broken UI, where markers for Ap, Pe and the moons and planets themselves are all over the place. also, not a fan of the new part textures, they look like they're covered in a thick layer of matt paint, is there anyway to get the old crisp textures back?
  4. Umm, bug report, the side panels dont jettison when you stage them
  5. Enjoying 1.1 Prerelease, buggy as heck tho :D

  6. can we get a new download, since kerbal stuff went down?
  7. sigh, how did he make the Space station robot arm in the trailer video work like that
  8. MASSIVE BUG REPORT, everytime i click jump to ship the screen turns black and i have to restart the game and when i restart the game the vessel is gone
  9. NathanKell I hope you understand how horribly underpowered the LM RCS is, 0.5 thruster power simply isnt enough, the LM cant turn round quick enough, i would bump it to 2 at least
  10. good to see FASA is back
  11. i agree with what ll of you have said, you are trying to put it politely but basically, it sounds like fengist gave up too easily
  12. thanks sal, that means a lot coming from you!
  13. Umm, major bug report, when I stage the Saturn V the whole thing wonks out and has a bad fit of rapid unplanned dissasembly, any thoughts?
  14. we should start brainstorming names, im thinking Jebsat-1
  15. can we get a link to the community fixes for these mods please?
  16. welcome back starstrider!, this was one of my favourite mods and im glad its coming back
  17. this video took me over a month to research and i finally decided to put it out there, it is a theory on the origins of the Kerbol System, with in in depth look at how the planets are forming (i believe that the solar system in KSP is less than 2 billion Earth years old) and my theory on multiple topics, including (but not limited to) Moho in .17, Eve's oceans and the Jool Subsystem. thanks for checking out my video and there is more video's on KSP to come
  18. quick Q, is this compatible with 1.0.5? just i used this mod in 1.0 and it made the game much better
  19. im wondering which rover wheel i should use on minmus