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  1. is there anywhere i can get craft/subassembly files for this, 2 of the files are broken
  2. just a glitch, all the new bodies (wal,tal) are all missing and sarnus, hale, ovok, urlum, and nedion are all white and have no texture including the rings, is it broke or did i install it wrong?
  3. just a quick suggestion, im not being bossy but in my opinion nedion needs some moons, like maybe a Triton analogue with a retrograde orbit and a Nereid analogue with a highly inclined elliptical orbit
  4. first docking in lko, my space station was completely dead no power (solar panels had blown of during ascent) no fuel no rcs no nuthin so i had to dock or my kerbs would die from lack of O2 so after 15 mins of tryin i finaly got the magnetisim to catch hold and BOOM docked. Amazing
  5. i say, what is all this bally nonsense about fighting, gentlemen we must rid this thread like we rid France of the germans
  6. false the user below me loves jeb
  7. i just thought it would be a good idea to have a recording software in game so like it puts it into a separate folder and you can upload it to youtube and stuff like that
  8. Brilliant ideas mate these should defo be in the game... but maybe less munlets and dump querfel
  9. honestly... i wanna see another small moon around duna to make it EVEN more like mars!
  10. Go man go i want this moddddddddddddd
  11. it can extend to 10 meters long!
  12. you forget the command i wish to be a kerbal space program dev
  13. banned for letting a defunct core drive!
  14. i personally like minmus its high orbit makes it perfect for refuelling stations and surface bases are SO EASY to build in the low gravity
  15. gregory kerman, my first kerb to perform a successfull docking with another craft (containing jeb XD). The two swapped crafts and re-entered successfully.