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  1. I found this from the airfix 1:144 space shuttle kit http://www.super-hobby.gr/products/item_name-107802.html#
  2. ESA control in Darmsatdt confirms Philae is on 67P.
  3. When attempting to modify a texture in paint.net, all of them just come up as transparent, is this a known issue and does anyone know of a fix?
  4. Hello Constructors! This is the hub for the FKA (Fédération Kerbinaise De L'Automobile) championship F1, FE And KASCAR series. KEC will be the endurance race (LMP1) category. Formula K-Terra will be another formula series, similar to Formula K except utilizing parts from TT Modular wheels for our Power-train, KERS Units and wheels. Procedural dynamics will also provide monocoque and aerodynamic parts. Formula E will be a new category for Electric Formula Cars, utilising the same motors as the KERS system for the Formula K-Terra series. All championships will use Kerbpaint for livery if
  5. Hey, if you have the time, can you make some racing jumpsuit stuff like these please?
  6. Thanks, there are more and they will be shared soon. P.S. if anyone wants craft files, tell me.
  7. So, I've decided to start a constructor's team for Kerbin Formula-1 and Kerbin Formula-E. It uses Procedural wings,TT modular wheels, stock parts and Kerbpaint. JKF1: JKF2:
  8. I'm glad that I'm not the only one who has had the idea of a waffle burger.
  9. How do I decouple the CSM from the SLA? There doesn't seem to be a decoupler on the SLA. EDIT: Nevermind, I built it wrong, ignore me.
  10. Put a clampotron on the PMA. The docking port built into it no longer works.
  11. ~Personally, I think the double hinge looks far more AWESOME!
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