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  1. You took away the interesting features from the mainsail and replaced them with.. nothing? The yellow piping and sharp angles near the top gave it some character, which is completely gone now. And while the new model does look like it's higher quality, I don't know if it's enough to make up for what was lost. The Spark, Ant, Spider and Poodle revamps were amazing and added great quality and interesting visuals that I absolutely love to see, the Skipper was an improvement too. Take a look at those again and please rethink the Mainsail revamp. Also, it looks like you took inspiration from a Vulcain engine, which isn't the closest to the Mainsail in function. If you want inspiration for a Mainsail, you might be better off looking at an F-1, a Merlin or maybe an RS-68.
  2. I suspect we might get axial tilt! Looking at Duna(1:32 in the trailer) with a fully lit ice cap suggests it's about 90 degrees titled. Also look at the ringed planet at 1:58, the terminator doesn't cross directly over the pole but seems to be a few degrees off. Similar example at 2:13. And because rings are typically in an equatorial orbit, axial tilt is a much needed feature to light them properly and make the game look good.
  3. Awesome! Will KSP 2 allow for planets with axial tilt, like Earth's 23.5°?
  4. I'd say intersect is definitely the correct term. Even the example above clearly shows that the two trajectories intersect, yet closest approach is 6025.1km, so there is no intercept! Leave it as is.
  5. Although this is an old thread, let me just add my voice to this. I think it would be great to have Kerbin tilted a few degrees, with one moon on the equator and the other moon in the ecliptic plane.
  6. Do you have Blizzy's Toolbar installed? It's required for 1.4.0, and I assume it still is for 1.4.1 because there's no fix for this mentioned in the changelog.
  7. Settings can be changed in settings.cfg. In most KSP installs prefer not to have the toolbar, because I never use it anyway. However, since my previous post I've noticed that this mod doesn't work at all without the toolbar. No flares, no skybox dimming, no distant vessels, nothing. This was also the case in DOE 1.3 (the update that added toolbar support, or rather the requirement), which was the reason I asked in the first place.
  8. Awesome, thanks for the update! Does this version still require Blizzy's Toolbar, or is its use optional?
  9. It seems you're looking for "velocity:surfaceheading". Just add 180 and you'll be going in the opposite direction.
  10. The problem with your script is that it just ends immediately after locking the throttle. That resets the throttle, and keeps the ship spinning if it wasn't done turning to retrograde. To prevent your script ending too soon, try adding the following at the end: wait until periapsis < 0. That should keep your script running until you're de-orbited.
  11. I was just thinking about modularity too, and I think Camacha has a good point. Modularity is what makes KSP so great. Having one part capable of doing everything would spoil that in my opinion, it's just too easy if you ask me. If you want to make a craft that can do everything, but it'll cost a lot of mass (and money). In fact, I think Squad already takes this too far, by putting loads of torque on the capsules. Well, then how much should a probe core (or crew capsule) be able to do? Real world robotic spacecraft execute a sequence of commands uploaded from the ground. They usually do very little decision-making, they don't calculate their own burns or required attitudes. The kOS computer lets us do much more than that, which brings us back to modularity. Just thinking aloud here, you could go as far to make certain computer types capable of executing commands, but not able to run programs, or disable certain logic? I'm sure you'll find the right balance.
  12. I don't see the planets (their flares) any longer in 1.3, while they were fine in 1.2. I also have not been able to spot any satellite flares.
  13. But a bit of proper maths can make a beautiful script! So it's well worth the head-hurting.
  14. I'm with you on that one, I quite like the Target Active Vessel feature, and it has never given me any trouble.
  15. My idea of failsafe? Point a bigger dish at the lost craft. That should be doable with tweakables, but it would probably also require a simulation of antenna gain, instead of averaging ranges. Just pushing a button to reconnect when you messed up, feels like cheating to me.