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  1. Cheers @KillAshley. Thank you so much for everything. Have loved this mod ever since I found out about it.
  2. Ape escape was actually a legendary game for PSone. 90's kids will know?
  3. First the SpaceX rocket early September... Now this... Everything I love is crumbling apart =[[
  4. Well, I don't know... I remember some contracts that said something like, orbit a kerbal, orbit 2 kerbals, plant a flag on said body, etc. These were no longer appearing. Apparently it wasn't only about the manned contracts anyway, a lot of the contracts from contract packs and from stock were not appearing for some reason. I actually instaled SETI contracts and everything seemed to have returned to normality. Except 1.1.3 broke all the mods =')
  5. Hello everybody. I'm running into some trouble here. I'm not sure if it is UBM's fault but it kinda looks like it. I started a fresh career and have just noticed after some hours of it that no manned contracts where appearing. Also, no world firsts for manned tasks. I just tried messing around with the contract configurator to see if something manned would come up but no... This is now officially unmanned space program. Ever heard of something like this? Could it be UBM? Thank you
  6. Killashley you're the man. NH imakes me remember how I loved KSP when I first found about it.
  7. Definitely it is a problem with NH. Uncharted Lands is running pretty neat for me =) I know nothing, but I would say that NH seems to reduce memory usage limit and crash between 2000 and 3000 Mb of memory usage. The error seems to be similar to the errors we would get pre 1.1 with memory crashes. I will stay with uncharted lands while waiting for NH.
  8. Yup it is. I deleted every mod besides kopernicus and NH and it didn't even last for 5 minutes. Will try now a fresh install with no mods to see if the problem still persists but this wasn't hapenning before trying NH
  9. Just to clarify things here. I'm stubborn and trying to play NH on my 1.1 (with kopernicus updated). Game crashes every 5 to 10 minutes (access violation trying to read something). Is this your regular game crashing bug for those of you who have tried the same thing or am I dealing with something else here? Cheers
  10. Mine too! I was just surprised by the claims that ksp is unplayable on laptops.
  11. All my 1500+ hours were on laptop(s). Am I missing something?
  12. I had already set ksp graphics to high performance and to give it top priority even before updating KER. AFAIK you can't really disable an integrated graphics card right?
  13. I'm running into horrible lag with this new version. Pretty low specs here but version 1.0.5 was doing great. Now with 1.1 everytime I turn something on in KER I go from 60FPS to 6FPS! =| Windows 10, Steam 64bit, intel core i7, 4GB ram. Thanks!
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