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  1. Scott Manley speculates about a problem with the vectoring. Is it possible to buy Rocketlab Stock yet? If yes it propably tanked, so there may be a good oportunity to invest now.
  2. Maybe its better to have any leak (intentional or not) burn off instead of having the chance to accumulate, at least for now. They will have to think of something clever to detank Starship safely in the future.
  3. 10 years ago Skylon seemed extremly awesome, but then came SpaceX and bley them out of the water. Starship seems to be better in almost every metric, the only niche i see for Skylon would be crew transport since it has some passive security in case of engine failures.
  4. Looks like the tile failed, not its attachment method. But i think there were other, small patches of tiles on SN15, one of which lost more tiles. No idea where i saw it, though. Edit: Here, the lower patch:
  5. I would suggest waiting. The EV market is just starting, i would compare it to the early smartphone market of about 2010. Every year you wait will yield you better vehicles for cheaper prices, propably improving in a faster rate than what you would be saving on fuel.
  6. Why is everyone here so eager to reply to trolls? If he would realy want to know why Starship is build from steel he could search for that, e.g. "why starship steel" yields tons of articles on that topic.
  7. Did that ever happen? As far as i remember they allways had to swap one after the static fire...
  8. Guys, you are just feeding a troll... Noone here knows better than SpaceX engineers.
  9. A cylinder is very good for designing propellant tanks. Which starship (and any ordinary rocket) is mostly, so it dictates the shape. As long as it survives reentry, its better this way at its main task.
  10. An almost full Starship likely wont survive reentry and landing, also boiloff would be hard to manage without the header tanks.
  11. What i wonder when seeing the pictures of Dragon ontop of the Falcon 9: How exactly is it fixed to the service module? Any hardpoint would be a gap in the heatshield while the umbilical arm that reaches around the heatshield surely isnt enough to hold it in place...
  12. Someone had some fun with a CAD software and added some repurposed bovine waste-bingo words to look fancy. Just look at that last image you posted, do those flat tanks look like they can hold 8000psi = 550bar of pressure? Ive seen state-of-the art COPVs that can hold that much and its impressive how thick the carbon fibre has to be for that, on a round tank...
  13. Producing hydrocarbons (= fuel) from other hydrocarbons (plastic waste) never was much of an issue, the cost is. And as long as fossil carbon sources are cheaper than renewables/recycling noone will do the latter ones. It has always been a political problem, not a technical one.
  14. It compares the 5800X against an i5 10600k, which is almost identical to an i7 8086k. On average over 51 tests by 7 websites the i5 has 82,2% (of an 5900X), the 5800X 96,5%. 96,5/82,2 = 1,174 -> 17% faster in games. Those are all proper CPU benchmarks (in modern games) which try to ensure there is no GPU limit, otherwise 3DCenter wouldnt list them. Even with overclocked RAM there wont be more to gain than 25% over his current setup, which is not much for such a high price. In more theoretical benchmarks as the one from your link there might be a bigger improvement, but that will show i
  15. You say that and then post a theoretical benchmark. I got my 17% from here: http://www.3dcenter.org/artikel/launch-analyse-amd-ryzen-5000/launch-analyse-amd-ryzen-5000-seite-2 Its in german, but the tabels are easy to read with that. Its averaged over lots of tests by hardware-magazines/websites.
  16. I dont realy understand your Problem with the PC. You complain about VR-Latency, but why should faster Ethernet help with that? 1gbit Ethernet is allready fast enough for everything with gaming, similary as far as i know the video signal to VR setups comes from the GPU, so faster USB on your mainboard isnt solving any bandwidth-problem since there is none. The i7 8086k is quite fast, while the 5800X is even better i doubt you will notice much of an improvement in almost all games, as they are usualy limited by GPU-Speed. But even if you are CPU-limited the 5800X is just about 17% faster in tho
  17. Ive heard it didnt have enough fuel for a safe reignition to deorbit, trying with to little fuel could result in an explosion. So they decided to let it decay on its own.
  18. Isnt Dearmoon about creative inspirations of a moon flyby? It makes sense to vet participants according to their creative video ideas, giving them as little limitations as necessary...
  19. Maybe a rig to help with the construction of the launchpad. They still need some sort of ring on top of the six legs, dont they? It could be to cast concrete on there.
  20. On the SpaceX reddit someone posted this link for an explanation of "ullage collapse": https://hydrogen.wsu.edu/2015/03/19/explaining-ullage-volume-collapse/ Its realy counterintuitive and propably a quite unique problem of Starship, as no other rocket does such a violent shake during an ordinary flight.
  21. Did anyone figure out how big those bulges on the renders are, e.g. with pixel counting? Its hard to imagine both pistons and the feet themself fitting in there, under a cover of heatshield tiles. But with the huge scale of starship it might be enough... Actualy, why couldnt they mount such a thin mechanism on the inside of the skirt, thus needing no extra shielding? Seems more simple and i cant imagine that the space is that constrained they have to go on the outside.
  22. Same problem for me. I dont think its Youtubes fault, since the video posted on Reddit has the same issue.
  23. Maybe those are large flaps that fold outwards (hinge on the skirt). Those large, flat areas should be easier to shield from reentry than more prominent/protruding thinner legs like on the old renders.
  24. Anyone still remember bac9 and his B9 Aerospace? From what i remember he even worked for squad and did the "new" Kerbal Space Center, didnt he?
  25. Im realy interested in their stock, they want to go public. Would be nice to be able to invest into real spaceflight, not that porkgrabbing of ULA. Sadly SpaceX isnt free to buy for ordinary folks (im quite sure they will be worth billions in 1-2 decades), so Rocketlab it is...
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