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  1. Its almost if Blue Origin is trying to be bad. Is there some scriped story behind this like in WWE?
  2. How are those metalls used in the producion of perfect silicon crystals? I would assume the perfect crystal has no other elements in it...
  3. Obviosly there are lots of differences, but at least the ore-collection should work "similar" on Mars as on Earth. But thats not the point, im just interessted in the topic, independed from is application in space.
  4. I was just thinking about how asteroid-mining would work or how colonists on mars could harvest local resources and realised that i dont know much about mining on earth. Do you have any interesting sources for that topic, similar to e.g. Scott Manley for Spaceflight that cover more than just the extreme basics you can watch in a half hour documentary on TV? Doesnt have to be Youtube, of course.
  5. Of course, but any alternative is in even earlier states of developement. So even if SpaceX fails at first they are far ahead and have plenty of time to get their system to work.
  6. No matter which method you propose to get the samples back, anything would take longer to develop than starship, even if you account for Elon-time. One could argue that relying only on SpaceX is a bad idea, but in that case it would still be stupid to build a single-use sample-return mission for several billion dollars instead of a proper mars transportation system as humanity needs the latter anyway.
  7. That movement seems awefull, even if you dont mind the hight that would make some people seasick. That job is certainly not for the faint of heart. Maybe thermals? They are black and could get extremly hot in the sun, maybe to much change in pressure.
  8. Since they seem to be fixed in place with tape they are maybe ontop of something SpaceX has to access again. If thats the case i would guess the red color is simply to mark those tiles, propably that noone forgets to properly attach them.
  9. They plan to launch 2022, but thats as optimistic as their aspired prices and payloads. There is lot to be sceptic about: https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=de&tl=en&u=https://www.golem.de/news/deutsche-raumfahrt-rocket-factory-augsburg-macht-unglaubwuerdige-versprechen-2103-154734.html Honestly i dont think a german rocket company has any chance. There is no political backing and no customers, who is supposed to buy their launches? Anyone commercial just goes with SpaceX if they are looking at the price while government payloads (of which there are almost none in the EU) are going with Arianespace.
  10. There is one thing ULA could do to realy make Jeff boil: Openly consider asking SpaceX for raptor engines. Thats not realy feasible, but on paper they would work.
  11. Maybe they are finaly building a watertower.
  12. Since SpaceX doesnt stop working on starship even without money from Nasa would a court mandated halt of the contract even mean anything? At some point the contract will continue, so SpaceX just shows Nasa all the progress they have done in that time and they get the milestone-money anyway, just a bit later.
  13. Im not sure about the separation using just rotation of the combined rocket which afaik has never been done before. Lots of stuff that can go wrong, we have also seen that SpaceX had issues with ullage before. And they lost a Falcon1 during this.
  14. Thats the current rate. 2 Years ago it was 0, in two years it could as well be 1/week. Its impossible to say how fast this will progress, even SpaceX will change their plans several times in the next months.
  15. Why are the same things discussed every few pages? There is a forum rule against derailing.
  16. Did Elon Musk ever mention P2P again since the virus greatly reduced international travel? If P2P was just a publicity stunt where noone realy knew if it would work out he may use the current crisis as an easy excuse to stop working on it.
  17. I feel realy unconfortable seeing those large levers on which a rocket with >200t drymass is going to land. They surely did the math and it works out, it just seems so wrong... Also i want to kindly remind some folks here that there is an ignore-function available in the forum: https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/ignore/
  18. That video gives a nice sense of the size of that thing. I allways assumed the tiles were way smaller, about the size of a hand.
  19. After seeing the plumbing for that im almost sure that proper engine ignition (a.k.a. without RUD) is as hard as the flip maneuver.
  20. Which direction of the flaps does he mean with narrower? As a non native speaker its not clear for me which dimension gets reduced.
  21. What i wonder: If the LES has to fire shortly before MECO, wont they reach an even higher altitude than normal? Whats the maximum apogee possible?
  22. Currently cant recommend specific stuff, but almost always its better to get normal wired headphones and a dedicated microphone, as "gaming"-stuff is often overpriced junk.
  23. Bringing that cost down is propably a big priority for SpaceX and i doubt they will have much difficulty getting it way below 100$. They made way more complicated parts cheaper than anyone ever thought possible...
  24. Are there any recent pictures of Phobos&Deimos?
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