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  1. Is this update going to be Epic exclusive for a year?
  2. J.Random

    Unity Analytics and the GDPR

    *remembering all the EULA threads, especially the "private data collection" part of those Naaaah, you're all just awful paranoid pitchforking people, there is no telemetry or private data collection, and there never was any.
  3. J.Random

    1.4.1 & Making History Really Buggy

    You forgot that two month long celebratory dev break during which customers were left hanging with a wonderful memory leak. :D
  4. J.Random

    Updated Terms Notice & Privacy Policy

    Fun fact. Whenever somebody points out a possibility of some bad stuff happening, there's always a lot of those who (a) equate criticism to hate and (b) answer concerns with "nothing has happened yet, you're hysterical" and whatnot. Then, when inevitably, sooner or later, bad stuff happens, the same people who pointed at the problem in the first place get to say "I told you so" and receive another answer: "Well, it's too late _now_, bad stuff happened, you should get over it and move on". I love this community. Stay weird, you weirdos.
  5. J.Random

    Updated Terms Notice & Privacy Policy

    Yeah, well, there's this thing called "fair use" which also applies to critique. And this "clearly" of yours isn't that clear, really, as it requires a decision about how much transformative a specific gameplay/commentary/critique video is. It's a grey area and my understanding is that people aren't getting sued because nobody wants to change status quo because it may go both ways in court, creating an unpredictable precedent. As things are now, companies tend to look the other way but sometimes can't resist the temptation to strike someone. If this someone is an unimportant nobody, nobody cares; but if said someone manages to raise enough pitchforks, Big Bad Company may back off and even apologize sometimes, promising never to do it again and trying the "we listen and we care" routine. But nobody wants to go to court over DMCA vs Fair Use issue.
  6. J.Random

    Updated Terms Notice & Privacy Policy

    Does it say that you have to use KSP to create mods? "Software may allow you to create content" may just mean that KSP supports mods. "Allow" as in "you can create custom content and the game will (try to) load it". The proper interpretation of this legalese should also be in the FAQ in a human-readable form. Also, are PartTools covered by the same license? Also also, random thought: while FAQ says you can monetize your videos of KSP gameplay, this EULA paragraph leaves T2 rights to DMCA you into oblivion if you say something they don't like in said videos (kinda like Wargaming incident, only worse because this time publisher actually has a leg to stand on).
  7. J.Random

    Updated Terms Notice & Privacy Policy

    Wow, moderator [snip]. That's the new low since I visited forum last time. Jokes aside, don't worry, mate, moderators don't represent the company and therefore can't give an official statement on any issue, so I wasn't taking your answer seriously anyway. However, quick disappearance of the quoted statement from the FAQ is an answer in and of itself, methinks.
  8. J.Random

    Updated Terms Notice & Privacy Policy

    Check again.
  9. J.Random

    Updated Terms Notice & Privacy Policy

    No problem, there's another one which was lost when I removed all the "exploit" stuff from the quote: Better? =)
  10. J.Random

    Updated Terms Notice & Privacy Policy

    Does the topic of this discussion include the new EULA shown by Steam when you try to start the game after update? If it does, then: It's unenforceable. It contains following: while the game is already downloaded and installed. Pretty sure it voids the whole thing. Also, So having several copies with different sets of mods is "illegal" now. Also also, T2 now owns the rights to all the mods, regardless of initial license the mod was published under. Also also also, T2 isn't liable for anything, you're liable for everything (and I think it's stated somewhere in the ToS that they don't have to prove anything, so you're also liable for imaginary damages as well). Also also also also, I have just clicked Cancel and started the game directly. Yay?
  11. J.Random

    Enter the Shadows.....

    I have no idea about either of them, which is why I'm asking stupid questions. =) Oh, well. Thanks anyway.
  12. J.Random

    Enter the Shadows.....

    I don't get it. I mean, I understand that the Sun is a directional light. It's well known because of how planets look with telescope mods. By "omni" I meant, of course, point light. Why use directional light instead of a point light? I mentioned 64-bit because I thought the reason was that you couldn't put light source far enough away in the scene. @pizzaoverhead Tha's what I was thinking too, and now I'm wondering what the hell lits up the Mun. The same directional light, I guess. As for the dynamic lights - can you make it optional? KSP isn't very taxing GPU-wise, and I'd expect a modern videocard to easily manage a couple (of dozens ) additional light sources in the scene.
  13. J.Random

    Enter the Shadows.....

    Why can't you use omni light for Sun? With 64-bit version, you should be able to put it at the proper distance, right? Dynamic lights (suit lamps, part lights) - why don't they cast shadows?
  14. Beautiful pack! One question, though: since the "shroud" support trusses are enabled/disabled through tweakable, what's the point of having two stack nodes so close together on Torekka dish (especially when allowStack is set to 0, so only one of these nodes is ever used)? Oh, another thing. I suppose you're using ModuleJettison just to _show_ the trusses, not to really jettison them, so it may be a good idea to add "hideJettisonMenu = True" there to hide "jettison shroud" button in part menu in flight.
  15. J.Random

    ExoMars 2016: on its way to Mars!

    Name one military which has a "glider sized drone with self deploying wings" able to fly at 45km altitude on Earth (about the same pressure as on Martian surface) or at least 30km (same for density, if I'm not mistaken). NASA Helios is the closest one, and it's a fixed wing with a HUGE wingspan.