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  1. Long time ago, when dinosaurs were still roaming Earth and KSP was in Early Access, there were interesting examples of explanations for problems and solutions for core stuff. "Here's how we sphere the cube", "here's how we approximate trajectories", "here's how we're dealing with precision errors" and so on. War stories about beating various Krakens would be way more interesting than what they're showing now. Even if some Kraken hasn't been defeated yet, formulating the issue in written form may actually help developers themselves.
  2. It's kinda weird that developers are posting pretty pictures if what they're busy with is "creating a foundation". This message (and the delay itself) tells me that the core isn't in place, and yet somebody wastes their time on kerbal mood ring. Also, I would advise against using "never been done before" argument, for obvious reason. Oh well, at least it's not crowdfunded, so let's hope for the best.
  3. Not in this case. Big fish sets the price, and you either like it or get nothing and kiss your business goodbye. When the hell did you change your name? It's weird. Change it back. /jk
  4. Meh. Developers got poached, so not an issue for them. Players will still get their game (whatever becomes of it). Boycotts don't work and will never work because for every person refusing to buy there will be tens of those who don't care. What's waaaay more interesting in this situation for me is this: after what has happened, who in their right mind would ever agree to partner in any way with Private Division, knowing that at any point they can go all Darth Vader on you?
  5. I could probably find and link all or most of the threads regarding similar stuff where users voiced their concerns and these concerns were universally met with "you're paranoid": the whole takeover by T2, EULA, redshell spyware, probably starting with whatsitsname, the Netherland company which somehow was an actual IP owner... But I'm lazy. So just imagine I did all that and added a "surprised Pikachu" meme at the end.
  6. I'd rather not have a skybox at all. Mostly because it will look pixelated unless you use a ridiculously huge texture for it, and even then banding will probably ruin it anyway. Pitch black background with procedural star field (shimmering, fading when there are other sources or lit surfaces visible, etc) should be possible.
  7. Except, ironically, for Unity games. For some freaking reason, mouse issues (not registering clicks or registering one click as multiples, randomly resetting pointer position to 0,0 or completely freaking out when mouse controls the camera) are rather common when running Unity games with Wine/Proton.
  8. You mean "it shouldn't", and I agree. In a logical world, that would be the case. In game (or software in general) publishing world, however, Microsoft monopolizied this term long time ago, so multiplatform titles usually have to specify release as "PC, Mac and Linux".
  9. Whether there will be Linux release or not might actually be a decently accurate "miner's canary" for planned bait and switch on EGS exclusivity. If Linux support is dropped, the canary is dead.
  10. Yeah, heard this story before. Words don't matter. Existing Steam store page doesn't matter. What matters is their actions. This isn't a question, a request, or a threat. The closest you could call this thread is a "statement of intent", I guess. They're free to do whatever they want.
  11. ...and having heard about decisions your bosses make lately, I'll just say it once and leave it here (I don't care if there will be discussion because for me there's nothing to discuss): If it's Epic-exclusive, you will enjoy 88% of 0$ of my money. What happens next is entirely on you.
  12. Is this update going to be Epic exclusive for a year?
  13. *remembering all the EULA threads, especially the "private data collection" part of those Naaaah, you're all just awful paranoid pitchforking people, there is no telemetry or private data collection, and there never was any.
  14. You forgot that two month long celebratory dev break during which customers were left hanging with a wonderful memory leak. :D
  15. Fun fact. Whenever somebody points out a possibility of some bad stuff happening, there's always a lot of those who (a) equate criticism to hate and (b) answer concerns with "nothing has happened yet, you're hysterical" and whatnot. Then, when inevitably, sooner or later, bad stuff happens, the same people who pointed at the problem in the first place get to say "I told you so" and receive another answer: "Well, it's too late _now_, bad stuff happened, you should get over it and move on". I love this community. Stay weird, you weirdos.
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