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  1. Enter the Shadows.....

    I have no idea about either of them, which is why I'm asking stupid questions. =) Oh, well. Thanks anyway.
  2. Enter the Shadows.....

    I don't get it. I mean, I understand that the Sun is a directional light. It's well known because of how planets look with telescope mods. By "omni" I meant, of course, point light. Why use directional light instead of a point light? I mentioned 64-bit because I thought the reason was that you couldn't put light source far enough away in the scene. @pizzaoverhead Tha's what I was thinking too, and now I'm wondering what the hell lits up the Mun. The same directional light, I guess. As for the dynamic lights - can you make it optional? KSP isn't very taxing GPU-wise, and I'd expect a modern videocard to easily manage a couple (of dozens ) additional light sources in the scene.
  3. Enter the Shadows.....

    Why can't you use omni light for Sun? With 64-bit version, you should be able to put it at the proper distance, right? Dynamic lights (suit lamps, part lights) - why don't they cast shadows?
  4. Beautiful pack! One question, though: since the "shroud" support trusses are enabled/disabled through tweakable, what's the point of having two stack nodes so close together on Torekka dish (especially when allowStack is set to 0, so only one of these nodes is ever used)? Oh, another thing. I suppose you're using ModuleJettison just to _show_ the trusses, not to really jettison them, so it may be a good idea to add "hideJettisonMenu = True" there to hide "jettison shroud" button in part menu in flight.
  5. ExoMars 2016: on its way to Mars!

    Name one military which has a "glider sized drone with self deploying wings" able to fly at 45km altitude on Earth (about the same pressure as on Martian surface) or at least 30km (same for density, if I'm not mistaken). NASA Helios is the closest one, and it's a fixed wing with a HUGE wingspan.
  6. ExoMars 2016: on its way to Mars!

    No one said otherwise. But there's also a matter of static buildup and discharges.
  7. ExoMars 2016: on its way to Mars!

    Yup. Although I'm not sure it was a matter of choice, really. Mars-3 and ExoMars had similar profiles: lander piggybacks the orbiter and separates before the insertion burn, lander goes down straight from interplanetary transfer, orbiter does insertion burn and achieves orbit. I don't think their dV budget allowed for anything else.
  8. ExoMars 2016: on its way to Mars!

    ...because they decided to land into a middle of a dust storm. Just like this time.
  9. [1.3] RemoteTech v1.8.8 [2017-09-03]

    Huh, I thought MJ SmartASS can do that too (btw, heading/pitch/roll is, by definition, vessel's spatial attitude).
  10. [1.3] RemoteTech v1.8.8 [2017-09-03]

    Are you kidding? RT uses MJ core implementation - and, if I'm not mistaken, very old one, which is why there are issues with attitude control at almost every update - it's a PID Hell copypasta which very few people can understand and debug properly. Anyway, RT and stock comms use very different approach to what's allowed in LOS condition, and using both at the same time would be weird.
  11. [1.3] RemoteTech v1.8.8 [2017-09-03]

    Been there done that bought a t-shirt. https://github.com/RemoteTechnologiesGroup/RemoteTech/issues/643 - the fix was simplistic and most probably incomplete (not a coder), but it helped and could be considered a temporary workaround. Neither proposed patch, nor a proper solution from one of the KOS contributors was implemented, the issue is still there. Anyway, what, RemoteTechnologiesGroup was dissolved or something? What happened? Edit: on the other hand, the "active vessel-only dishes for ground stations" actually was implemented, and in a much better form than proposed, it seems. So, go figure.
  12. [1.3] RemoteTech v1.8.8 [2017-09-03]

    Sorry, but 1.8 is just awful and needs a major rework. FC can't hold any direction at all. Even setting p=90, d=0, r=0 (that's how rocket stands on the pad by default) and pressing space will send the rocket tumbling almost immediately, regardless of twr.
  13. Removed some great features

    The ore scanner interface was replaced with kerbnet UI locked in a purple monochrome color scheme. I don't like purple monochrome.
  14. Well in this case KSPUtil disappeared (or merged into another assembly, I guess) and vessel.findWorldCenterOfMass() cannot be found. I've simply replaced everything inside GetRadarAltitude() with just 'return vessel.GetHeightFromTerrain()', no idea if I broke anything by it, but it builds and seems to run properly.