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  1. I have literally never used ToT before so I hope I can figure this out when I dive in with that in mind. Thank you! I will very certainly have questions but I'll bang my head at it a bit to have more pointed questions than "Where the heck do I start" lol
  2. Been trying to figure this out for a bit, hopefully someone can help I play on RSS/RO/RP1 and have a few craft with the dV to get to Mars, sitting in low lunar orbit at the moment. I have a Mars window coming up in about a week. How could I use ToT to plan a burn from Lunar orbit to get to Mars during this window? I'm having a really tough time and the tutorials don't seem at all specific to this kind of situation. Thanks ahead of time
  3. Coming back to this after a long while -- are there RO/RP1 configs for the newest iteration of the Starship analog in this mod? Last I checked it was a "Soon(tm)" kinda thing but that was a while back.
  4. Does anyone have a good step by step for using the Kerbstein Drive? I'm streaming a Rocinante build series and won't be making it to the engine/reactor section for some time but I was having a heck of a time figuring out what parts/reactors/etc to use to fully make use of the Kerbstein engine. What reactors, converters, generators, resource tanks, etc will I need?
  5. Trying to help a buddy diagnose what he's seeing here. His kerbal is standing on the crawlerway. However, the cheat menu says crawlerway while Kerbalism's experiment there for EVA report suggests its in the Shores biome. What's the reason for the discrepancy here? Does Kerbalism change where biomes are on Kerbin to any degree, remove the KSC cheesing of all the biomes you can hit for early science, or anything like that? I'm only familiar with ROKerbalism myself so not sure whats different for regular Kerbalism used on Kerbin.
  6. We can only hope As an exercise in curiosity I'll probably still throw it at my 1.6.1 RO/RP1 build and see what happens, but I know for sure I'll be using it in my stock-ish up to date save!
  7. Holy CRAP!!!!!!! That is looking amazing!! Is there a chance it would be 1.6.1 compatible, which is where all the RSS/RO/RP1 folks are at this time? As an addon to that, will it have RO configs or do you already have someone on deck to make them for you?
  8. @Gameslinx Still loving this pack :) Stream playthrough you stopped in for once or twice is going really well. With the 1.8 update that just dropped, there's a note about modded planet textures. Will Beyond Home be affected by this?
  9. Will this new update ship with RO configs? I have the "standard" RO/RP1 install on 1.6.1 and am more than happy to help test and give feedback. I've been dying to have this new Starship along with the chomper cargo variant I read a few posts above that you're working on already.
  10. Anyone have any ideas why the crew compartment, fuselage, engine mounts, wings, etc like to disappear? All the PAW stuff is there for each part so the game thinks they're all there, but they just go invisible during flight. Some cursory searching through this thread indicates others have had the issue, just wondering if there's a known fix for it or not.
  11. No biggie, was just curious is all. If/when that happens I'm happy to help test or look over anything you need
  12. Nice work on the RO configs!!! Is there, by chance, a "Chomper" cargo variant for the whatever-you-called-the-BFR/Starship (I can't remember, I'm at work lol)? Last I checked into this mod there wasn't, but its been a number of months since.
  13. I threw this at my 1.6.1 install and got no errors. Do you suppose it should be working? I don't want to fall victim to placebo but it seems to have a positive effect
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