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  1. significantly weaker. using 1.25 meter parts: sabre intakes and cooler, omega fusion reactor, 2 small radial radiators, electric generator, and thermal turbojet in creative mode. before I installed the mod tweaks. after the mod tweaks. can anyone else confirm?
  2. Did this change affect thermal turbojet thrust in atmospheric mode? My thermal turbojets are really weak now
  3. example: in SPH TWR 3.26 in flight TWR 2ish (MJ and KER disagree) TWR doesn't change after launch clamps are released and craft is moving. ninja edit: it looks like the the TWR is somehow affected by altitude, which makes me think that ISP directly affects TWR in some way- the displayed TWR looks pretty close to what the projected one would be. Is this all intentional? If so, how can I figure out my atmospheric TWR from a standstill before I launch my craft? I need to be able to have accurate numbers to make my physics correct sci-fi atmospheric to warp vtol spaceplanes
  4. Even right after takeoff, my MJ/KER TWR is shown lower than the projected one in the VAB.
  5. I'm not sure if this is a bug, or if it's just me not doing stuff right... Using the Omega Fusion Reactor with a thermal turbojet in atmospheric mode shows a higher TWR in the VAB than when in actual use both in Mechjeb and KER. Why is the maximum TWR lower in flight?
  6. I noticed that there are parts above Deadly Reentry maxtemp of 1250, so their heat tolerances get halved. Some of those parts have heat shielding. The ones that don't, notably the intakes, get fried at around 850 degrees. Is this intentional for the intakes?
  7. I love that this is still being worked on! Any chance you can do a prerelease of the vtol engines? I'm itching to build a physics correct sci line of atmospheric and space craft. I did almost a yearlong hiatus from KSP and you had just posted the teasers then and got really excited.
  8. +1 for asking if this is still being worked on or at least recompiled for .90. I just got back from a 9month long hiatus from playing KSP and have been itching to make some cool things now that the welding tool and tweakscale have been integrated well. I would like to be able to continue my dawn carrier story! Speaking of tweakscale, it might be easier for the mod if it used tweakscale instead of having a bunch of parts sized differently. come back Alskari pleaaaaaaseee if you don't have time to really work on the mod (real life can do that heh), could you at least re release the mod so we ca
  9. I've got a question about balance. The b9 intakes have a max temp of 1700 (also slightly related, there are parts with 1500). The "ridiculousMaxTemp" default is 1250. Would it be unrealistic to set ridiculousMaxTemp to 1800 or would it be better to talk to b9 about setting the b9 parts below the default 1250? Or even another option: set the ridiculousMaxTemp.maxTempScale to another value to handle these things better?
  10. Placing vertical stabilizers on the end of wing seems to mess up the CoL indicator. It seems to be just a cosmetic problem- I don't seem to have a crazy yaw/roll
  11. is it intended that the squad mk2 parts have way less volume than b9 mk2 parts?
  12. Is there a way to enable KER just in Blizzy Toolbar? I'm using the latest version (
  13. is there way to make parts invisible to FAR? I'd like for my ladders to not create drag on my aircraft- I don't think it's balanced that the game's lack of aerodynamic ladder choices (or ladders directly built into hulls) should compromise designs.
  14. Hey now. Part welding works well for optimizing HSH. There's a bit of finesse in design and tricking to make it work well. First thing: build in the SPH, save the craft, make a copy of the craft file and move the copy to the VAB folder. Let the VAB re align your craft and then weld. Second: make sure your root part is free so you can plop it down the weld onto anything. That's more difficult than this other method- build your hull, weld it, then use it as your first part.
  15. Ah I remembered another thing I wanted to tell you as you gained more momentum in working on your mod! I really enjoy the fact that you've designed your mod with an open ended play style in mind. Think like playing with lego- sometimes you would use flat pieces as wings, plating, bulkeads. The short cubic or rectangular ones would sometimes be structural building blocks and support beams. Sometimes you would use them as makeshift laser cannons. Sometimes you would even switch the flat piece's function with the blockier pieces and vice versa. The magic in this paradigm is the parts are intercha
  16. I'm out travelling right now so I haven't been getting my HSH fix so I figured I'd just hang out on the thread. While building my carrier, I noticed a few things. You already know I love your work with this mod, so I'll jump right into the bug reports/suggestions. The Advanced Animator plugin lags the VAB. Downgrading to the older animated parts and vanguard plugin in the previous pack fixed the lag. The nav ball on the station window command pod is upside down. Lag with the cockpit and workstation. Removing the hsi internal module (I think that was it. Whatever you used to replace the sfr) in
  17. without further adieu... your journey to the carrier Dawn Runner. mouse over for the story! view on imgur
  18. LEAKED: photos from Darkstar Shipyards Carrier program! After playing this mod a week straight, I've finally designed a FULLY functional IVA carrier (carrying an HSH Eve capable spaceplane) using custom resized 8 meter parts. Stay tuned for the full story/album!
  19. makes landing my spaceplanes so much easier on uneven terrain! pretty much anywhere that's not KSC would you consider making the amount of deploys a parachute has available as a flowable resources with it's own canisters so we can restock our fully reusable missions? thanks for the mod!
  20. is it possible to have a negative lift coefficient or is something bugging out? it's the 1 meter airlock from the hollow structures and hulls. also, my ballistic coefficient is higher than I'm used to seeing. Did this change in the latest update? edit: I'm noticing my KSPI fusion thermal turbojet SSTO aircraft performing better than normal... what changed?
  21. For pretty selfish personal gameplay style reasons, I like the concept of magboots infinitely more than putting squid functionality to the floors. My 500+ part (pre-weld) ships would be rendered useless, as far as I know based on the experiences I've had welding, if every structural part had a module attached to it. Thanks for the new parts- now I can make different looking bridges! After spending so much time with this mod, I feel like I can finally show you something that doesn't suck with my latest iterations of my crafts. Keep an eye out for screenshots soon!
  22. I went and removed the SFR module from the cockpit. Works perfectly! No more error spam and lag. The only downside is that you can't see your kerbals sitting in the seat and their portraits are pitch black, but that's a small price to pay in my opinion. I googled the error log- seems like it's a unity thing and NOT Kerbal Joint Reinforcement. I also noticed that you had a pod-station-1k (titled Observer Module in game) and I was stumped as to why it wasn't showing up. The .mu file was incorrectly named "Pod-WindowStation.mu" and renaming it "pod-station-1k.mu" fixed the issue. I went and tried
  23. Ah I never considered the wobbling of room parts as I'm using the welding mod to lower my part count- my huge rooms just end up as one part I think the error I posted is caused by some interaction between Kerbal Joint Reinforcement and the cockpits in your mod- I think the "inertia tensor" is from the KJR. I also have another bug to post for your 45 degree parts: the 1 meter part node transform is fine but the 2m and 4m are not. To fix this, I just switched the TF2 and the TF1.
  24. I second this motion! I love your mod and strip lights would make your pack complete!
  25. Quick question: is there any benefit to using more than one warp drive?
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