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  1. So I have a question that might be a little bit odd, is it possible to use realism overhaul but not use RSS? I ask because I am getting ready to start a new career with Galileo's Planet Pack at 10x scale and I was just thinking it would be pretty neat to be able to use Realism Overhaul with it. Oh and on a side note, if Kyle Laskowski from YouTube sees this, you make awesome videos man. They inspire me to play ksp in a more realistic and challenging fashion, and I learn a lot from watching.
  2. So I am trying to set up a 3.2 scale game, but I am not sure what I should set my atmosphere scale to be. I am kinda thinking i should set it to 1.16, but I am not sure. Any advice would be much appreciated.
  3. Is there an easy way of relocating the KSC back to the location it is at in vanilla. I'm liking the mod, just not thrilled with the new KSC location. lol
  4. I was motivated to track down my log in information just so I could log in and tell you what a fantastic story you have here CatastrophicFailure! Seriously, I read the entire thing from start to present yesterday and I was hooked from the very get go. You have a real talent for developing characters in a vivid and real way, and that has helped keep me engrossed in the story. keep up the good work sir! Oh, and I'm not sure if I just missed it, but have you ever posted a list of the mods you are using in game? I know it's not exactly a story related question, but the screenshots you have posted caught my attention.
  5. Just wanted to say that this mod is great! Who would have thought that new engine sounds could improve immersion so much. haha Keep up the good work!
  6. Awesome! I've tried to make a space shuttle a couple times, but failed horribly. lol
  7. A lot of times I will go and youtube and search for epic music and listen to videos like this. Otherwise I will usually listen to either podcasts or Iheartradio.
  8. I was able to stage the rocket just fine, never once had the LEM's engine break off. Did you try and fly the second rocket you uploaded, that you destrutted? I'm wondering if maybe when you destrutted it you inadvertently fixed the problem.
  9. Alright, so after playing with it for a while I never encountered the problem you were having in your OP where the LEM's engine would get torn off. I'm thinking that maybe what was causing your problem though, is the fact you are using both fairing bases and decoupler's at the same time to stage your rocket. If you dumped the fairing bases you would be better off in my opinion. In regards to how your rocket flies, I've just been telling mechjeb to put me into either a 70km or 80km orbit, and your rocket couldn't achieve either of those orbits before the second stage burnt out. Also the main engine on your first stage burns out before the SRB's do, and that causes a fairly large drop in velocity before your second stage lights. On a side note, is there noway to add an attachment to a post?
  10. hmm odd, I have all three of those mods and I'm still getting an error when trying to load your ship. Apparently I am now just missing the part StrutsPiece1xMini.
  11. turns out I am going to need to know which mods you are using. I am missing the mods for these parts; EngineerChipFlight, rbr.chatterer.baalzebob.radio, and strutsPiece1xMini.
  12. If you post the craft file, I will take a look at it too see if I can find your problem.
  13. Hi, long time forum lurker, but just now getting around to making an account.