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  1. "Why" as in "What is the mechanical difference in how the game implements them?" or "Why" as in "What was the reason for choosing the implementation that has this limitation"? I can answer the first, but the second is harder as that requires dev insider knowledge. The mechanical difference is that Gilly, being a moon, is modeled as a kind of CelestialBody, while asteroids are a type of Vessel, much like flags are a type of Vessel and Kerbals floating in their EVA suits are a type of Vessel. The game does not calculate the effects of a vessel pulling on another vessel due to grav
  2. Update: I found a way to identify which of the thrusterTransforms are actually present in the current part variant and which are not, so I made a PR about it.
  3. @garwel I had some time today to look at the problem and I think I know what's wrong. I don't know how to fix it yet, but I know the cause of the problem. The problem also occurs in stock, not just restock, BUT it is slightly exacerbated by restock. But what *is* relevant is that the problem is caused by changes in KSP 1.11.x versus KSP 1.10.x. It was correct before KSP 1.11.0. Specifically it did this: KSP RCS part modules have an array of all the rcs thruster transforms (position plus orientation) for the part. i.e. the one-nozzle RCS thruster has just one thrust transform
  4. This seems to be only happening during scene setup, and only with people who have lots of mods. Once scene setup is done the messages stop. I don't know the cause but it is harmless at the moment. It seems kOS is being told to start running FixedUpdate() before the scene is done being set up, so kOS hasn't initialized everything yet. It may be a race condition that only occurs when there's a lot of mods so scene setup takes longer than normal.
  5. Okay I had a look at this today. First I started by recreating your vessel in pure stock without Restock, to see if Restock was doing anything funny to it. I got the same thing in pure stock that you were getting. Also, you didn't tell me the reason it was taking 40 seconds was because it overshot the setpoint and kept oscillating back and forth across it. That's relevant. The picture I had in my head was that it was taking 40 seconds to turn agonizingly slowly toward the target, not a mere 3 seconds plus another 37 seconds wavering around before settling down. That's a very differe
  6. I had a brief window of time to test this today but this information wasn't true. The save file is for KSP 1.11.2, not 1.11.1 so I have to re-download a fresh copy to perform the test on KSP 1.11.2, and that means I'll try tomorrow. (I barely had an open window of time today and having to prep a different install of the game with the right mods etc pushes me over the time limit.)
  7. That should only happen when the total rotation time it takes to get aligned is less than 4 seconds. The description says it's longer than that even in stock SAS.
  8. I don't see this when I try it in stock so I'm going to have to try your exact mods and your exact save to see if I can reproduce it. I'll try that tomorrow.
  9. It was never something I worked on. Not using a controller myself it's not a thing that's really on my radar much.
  10. That makes me wonder if it would be worth it to have kOS spend a few clock cycles copying the vectors it receives into a normalized form when doing LOOKDIRUP() and VANG(). With VCRS() and VDOT() the magnitude is relevant so it can't do it there, but for LOOKDIRUP and VANG the magnitudes don't matter. (VXCL() could do it to the first argument (the normal vector of the plane being projected onto) but not the second.)
  11. That is really strange. Can you try this experiment: normalize the m and k vectors into unit vectors first, before you pass them into LOOKDIRUP(). Is the mun one still zero if you do that? LOOKDIRUP() is letting Unity do the heavy lifting under the hood, and a lot of Unity's stuff only uses 32-bit floats. It might be that the mun angular velocity is just too small to survive the floating point error in the underlying Unity call. As a rule of thumb, if you are doing an operation where you don't really care about the magnitude of your vectors, only their aim, then getting your vect
  12. The new contracts introduced in KSP 1.11 were quite bugged. They keep consistently having contract parameters with weird wrong values for the ID number of the parts and vessels you are supposed to repair, so that when you repair them it doesn't recognize that as being the correct vessel that went with the contract. Here's 3 issues in the bug tracker about them: https://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/issues/27308 https://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/issues/27203 https://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/issues/27020 It would be entirely justified to pull open the Alt-F12 menu an
  13. Thanks for the information. I'm taking further conversation to the github issue about it.
  14. Well, it sort of does... but ... the reference frame SHIP:RAW that all the velocities are returned in is the reference frame the main game uses, which is centered around the active vessel's current Sphere of Influence body. In other words, if you are currently orbiting Kerbin, then you are getting Kerbin's velocity relative to itself, which is why it's zero. If you want its velocity relative to the Sun, you can just not care what's the reference frame it's using and just explicitly subtract one velocity vector from the other, like so: print "Kerbin is orbiting The Sun at " + (ker
  15. LaserDist v1.4.0 for KSP 1.10x. and KSP 1.11.x The only real change here is compiling against KSP 1.10.x DLLs and support for putting LaserDist parts inside the new KSP inventory system. The parts are defined to have a very small volume, in keeping with other very small parts in Stock that are about the same size. The KSP 1.11.x updates added an EVA inventory system for parts and they require parts have a new "ModuleCargoPart" section added to its Part.cfg files to use it. This release also works on the previous KSP version, KSP 1.10.x too, but it may cause a startup comp
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