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  1. Wait, if it's truly an FSM with only one active node at a time, doesn't that mean that activating a "Catch All Node" should break the program and prevent it from continuing, because it can't fork the path into two simultaneously active nodes?  But the main pathway does seem to resume afterward.  How?  Let's say you have a catch-all-node, that starts a chain of 2 other nodes, and then the path just stops without any mission end node or any explicit path linking back to the main program.

    It appears to return back to the main pathway after finishing that chain of 2 nodes, continuing from right where it got interrupted, as if it was returning from a subroutine.  How does it remember where to go back to?  Wouldn't a true FSM forget that?  If the Catch-all-node behaves like a subroutine that returns to where it got called from, that wasn't made clear by the UI text explaining things.


  2. Explaining how the docked nodes work makes it possible to form an "else", I think, which is something I've been wanting.  (As in "invert whatever this other test is" without having to explicitly re-write a new test that happens to be the opposing condition.)

    Would this work:  I make an "always true" node that's the header, with two nodes docked underneath it - the first one is the "if" test node (altitude test, location test, whatever), and the second one is another "always true" node.  Thus it only falls through to the second node, the"always true" node, if the first node fails.  That "always true" node becomes the "else".


  3. So what is the means of getting on the list of people in the steam beta?  I missed the window of time to get in on the Experimentals group.  I'd really like to get as much of a headstart as possible on making the kOS mod become KSP 1.1 compatible.

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