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  1. It's a script error in your code. Your code is written to assume the variable called 'data' is an array, because it's trying to get data[0]. But data isn't an array. It's a single number. When you run this: set data to hillclimb["seek"](data, transferFit(targetBody), 1). your hillclimb() function is returning a single number, not a list of numbers.
  2. It's impossible to tell from that information. Can you post the log to see the rest of the error dump, and what the kerboscript code was doing? The full dump won't just show the error message, but will show where in the code it happened.
  3. I have read this sentence about 5 times and still can't understand what you were trying to ask. Can you phrase it differently?
  4. I just took a look at Unity's forums to see if this is even possible to implement and it doesn't look like it is. For Unity programs trying to stick to the cross-platform APIs, only Unity's underlying proprietary code is allowed to generate Unity keypress events. Apps written on top of Unity can only treat keyboard events as read-only, as far as I can tell. (The exception being if you're willing to violate the cross-platform environment by directly calling the OS-specific routines that slip underneath Unity, and basically making it an OS-specific mod, or maybe having to make several variant
  5. That doesn't exist, no. In fact it takes a lot of work to make kOS *not* send its keypresses to other mods.
  6. The kOS DLL that was compiled for 1.8.1 also works fine with 1.9.1. SQUAD didn't make any changes that affected kOS between those version. The Telnet warnings are actually while trying to read the config file for kOS, and the config options related to telnet aren't being loaded right. Even if you don't use telnet, a failure to read one part of the config file correctly can still possibly break other config options that were meant to be loaded afterward. I suggest you remove kOS entirely and re-install it. This will lose your config options and you'll have to set them again, but should
  7. I am considering removing the input lock code of kOS and replacing it with just using this mod, because the current kOS code doesn't always prevent other mods from seeing keypress events first before kOS gets them. It does for most mods but there's always one or two edge cases that bleed through. But one phrase in the description gives me pause, and it's this: This describes how it handles mouse clicks, but how does it handle a mod trying to capture an EventType.KeyDown in its OnGui()? Does it use the mouse pointer's current position at the moment the key is pressed (like X-Windows'
  8. That would be true in the imaginary version of this game where the only place such contracts exist is on low gravity moons. But in the actual game, Eve exists.
  9. Well, EVA kerbals don't have pressure sensors, or thermometers, etc. So those contracts already were good for rovers even without this problem. For me it got worse in 1.9. I am wondering about whether or not the changelog note about altering the kerbals' colliders for ladder reasons might have increased the incidence of the issue.
  10. No. Just kOS and HyperEdit (for kOS testing).
  11. In KSP 1.9 I am having trouble finishing one of those "take EVA report on surface of Kerbin at Alpha, Beta, Gamma site" contracts because I can't run a kerbal without them sinking through Kerbin's ground terrain and exploding in a puff of smoke because of it. To keep them from dying I have to stop every 2 or 3 meters and let go of the controls when I see their feet starting to sink below the surface to make the kerbal rise back up to the surface properly. If the Kerbal sinks more than halfway down into the surface, they blow up. Has anyone else been getting this?
  12. I just downloaded KSP 1.9 and ran into this issue right away. When two manuever nodes are in your future flight plan, the second one can't be edited by pulling on the GUI knobs for it. That used to work just fine. https://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/issues/24840 Am I the only one having this problem?
  13. I like it. It's hard to do chords in the SKID chip since each 'voice' is only able to do monophonic notes. To get a chord you have to make multiple voices have their notes 'align' in time. I'm impressed you pulled it off.
  14. LaserDist v1.3.0 out, for KSP 1.8.1. No changes to Laserdist except API usage with KSP 1.8. KSP 1.8 deprecated some API calls, replacing them with alternate versions. In particular, the shader used with LineRenderer to draw the laser lines needed to be built with a new kind of constructor. I had some issues in the last couple months that kept me away from Kerbal modding for a while, but I'm getting back into it now. That's why this was so late in getting an update. It was still working for KSP 1.8 except the visual laser lines (if you have the "
  15. It seems to be home-made and not "based on" anything pre-existing. Originally it was meant to sort of feel like the slow primitive BASIC interpreters that 1980's era home computers tended to have. In fact the original terminal was painted using a bitmap template taken from the Commodore 64 character set to give it that look. (I've since changed it to use a real system font from your computer OS, so it can support more Unicode glyphs for people printing things out in Russian, Polish, Japanese, or whatever. The C-64 font has a lot of nostalgia for me, but it only ever had glyphs for English
  16. I don't know what to say. I can't tell what's happening. I can only suggest trying one of these two things, as they have made a difference in the past: 1 - If it's a manned ship with no unmanned capability (only a crewed capsule, no probe core), try adding a probe core to it as sometimes the comms system doesn't bother doing work when the capsule is manned, under the assumption it doesn't need to bother checking for connection for control when the ship requires a person in it anyway to control it. 2 - If the antenna is of the "direct" type, try having a "relay" type antenna on it as we
  17. Because of the changes to Unity, I seriously doubt it will work right on 1.7.x, although I haven't tested to verify this. BTW, I never had the problem the PR allegedly fixed. The original code loaded textures in 1.8 just fine. But I trusted that there was some case where the change was needed but it was a case I didn't have. Ironically, the PR actually *caused* textures to fail to load for many people. It hardcoded Windows-style backslashes instead of slashes into the pathname, so the PR caused the texture errors people on UNIX systems were getting. Anyway, it's all good now in k
  18. I uploaded the wrong ZIP file for v1.2.1.0 to the three sites (curseforge, spacedock, github) and just uploaded a corrected version. If you obtained it within the last 2 hours, please download it again to get the new correct ZIP.
  19. The DDS texture loading bug on UNIX platforms should be fixed in the hotfix I just released, called v1.2.1.0. I do not have access to a Linux or Mac machine powerful enough to run KSP (mine are very old computers) so I cannot test this myself. I am *hoping* the change I made fixes it. Please try it and let me know. Try to put a wait of a few seconds into the top of the boot script. It sometimes will load the ship and let its PartModules start operating (like kOS) before KSP has finished loading up and populating Comnet fully. Waiting 2 or 3 seconds should give commnet time to fi
  20. kOS v1.2.0.0.zip is broken on UNIX platforms. The PR contributed for DDS fixes had hardcoded backslashes in the filenames, which I thought .Net libraries would make cross-platform but they do not. It only makes it cross-platform in one direction but not the other. (The .Net file routines will convert Unix paths (with slashes) so they work on Windows, but won't map the other way. They don't convert Windows paths (backslashes) to work on UNIX.) I'm making a new ZIP which has the paths in the UNIX way so they'll work on all platforms.
  21. Update for KSP 1.8.1 released. Special thanks to @Thunderous Echo, who started contributing to the code with this release. v1.2 Unity Update This update is mostly to make kOS compatible with KSP 1.8.x, which started using a newer version of Unity, and a newer version of .Net, which have some consequent changes in the code and build process. BREAKING CHANGES None that are known about, other than the usual reminder that KSM files need a recompile after every version update of kOS. NEW FEATURES Now forces both the toolbar window and the telnet welcome menu to lis
  22. Can you elaborate on a specific scenario, hardware and OS, where it was failing before this PR, but working after it? I ask because I never saw the original texture problems other people reported so I'd like to know an exact thing to do to make it happen. I fear it may be graphics card dependent, as DDS decoding is sometimes done by the device driver.
  23. You appear to be asking a question as a user of the kOS mod, which isn't what this thread is for. This thread is for people *developing* mods, not using mods. I put the reply to your post over here instead:
  24. @Matt Stryker posted this in a different thread - I'm replying to it here: Are you running this on KSP 1.8? If so, then kOS is almost completely broken on KSP 1.8 and that's the problem you're having. All of kOS's bound variables are missing in KSP 1.8 - verticalspeed, core, ship, velocity, apoapsis, etc. I know why and fixed it in the develop branch but there's other problems with the KSP 1.8 update I need to fix first before I release a kOS that's compatible with KSP 1.8. (Without going into too much detail, the problem was apparently caused by a very subtle difference in how
  25. The screenshots show what I mean - Just started a career in KSP 1.8. When I transition up to the Mun, the moment it shifts into the Mun's sphere of influence, the Pe is drawn in the wrong spot - not even on the orbit line at all. The problem tends to fix itself once I make my capture burn and the orbit becomes elliptical instead of hyperbolic. It might only be happening after transition when the orbit patch is still hyperbolic. I can make a report in SQUAD's bugtracker, but first I wanted to ask here if anyone else is seeing the same thing. My only mod is a preview version of
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