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  1. Here's the thing: How do we know that the civilization itself is building a Dyson Sphere (assuming that KIC 8462852 is having a Dyson Sphere being built around it, of course)? What if it's just some robot probes that are building the sphere in preparation for their masters to arrive later? In fact, in this science fiction story I'm writing, the KIC 8462852 sphere civilization died out, but their probes continued to build the sphere without them.
  2. After reading about Directx12's massive performance improvements, I was wondering it applied to KSP. Has anyone had a performance boost when running KSP after DirectX12 was installed?
  3. Let me finish this story in the proper way. ==LOG7== Bob Kerman said "its time to end this ones and for all!" and punched Jedediah Kerman in the face and Jeb fell. Bill Kerman said "thanks i could help, bro" and Bob Kerman said "you should come here earlier next time" and they laughed. The laughed overed quickly though because Bill Kerman yelled "LOOK OUT BRO!" and pointed to the top of the sky. Bob Kerman looked up and said "NOO! Bill Kerman run out of here as fast as you can!" and Bill Kerman walked fast real out. Bill Kerman liked back and saw Bob Kerman get steppd on by the next boss and he was mad and angry. "I'll get you back evil boss!" Bill Kerman yelled at the top of his lungs. to be continued..?
  4. A long time ago, I saw a picture. It was a parody of the "It's goofy time" picture, but instead it featured Whackjob and his computer instead of goofy and his son. However, I cannot find the picture. Can anyone help me find it?
  5. Hmm. This project seems to be an excellent endeavor. I'd like to pay attention to it. At the moment of posting, I am a soon-to-be 14 year old who has experience with programming in Python and Java. I have a suggestion, though. If you are going to Kickstart it, why not buy a cheap 3D printer to manufacture the chassis and other purely structural non-metallic components? That will get rid of having to custom-order or manually weld those parts and acts as a long-term investment. I'm sure some KSP players already own 3D-printers that they could utilize for free. Just my 2 cents. I'm interested in joining this project, actually. I have a Raspberry Pi already.
  6. Hello, KSP Forums. I am a semi-lurker here, but something has forced me out of my shell. I just read that KSP is going to be called "complete" after just one beta update. One. And there are still so much stuff that needs to be made before most of the community can call KSP complete. I discovered that many other members share my opinion. To address this problem, I have created a petition on change.org here. I hope you fellow KSPers will sign this petition and make Squad extend the KSP beta period. Save the Kerbal Space Program!
  7. I think that KSP is definitely NOT ready for 1.0. To address this, I have started a petition on change.org. Link here.
  8. Well, I want to bring back Sentar as GP2, the way Nova planned it. I mean, I will call GP2 Sentar.
  9. Looks nice! I'm thinking about trying to create NovaSilsko's planets with this. I have a question, however. How do I create a normalmap? I know that creating a heightmap and colormap is just creating a .png, but normalmaps stump me.
  10. gutza1

    Star Wars 7

    Why is everybody jumping to the conclusion that this movie will be bad so quickly just from a teaser? You haven't seen the movie yet! Personally, I don't care if a movie is Star Wars or Star Trek, as long as it is enjoyable.
  11. Actually, the capsule that just flew is going to be launched again for a launch abort test.
  12. I was thinking about how 0.24 and 0.25 had a "hype train" thread that would be a place for people to war over whether the HypeTrain or HypePlane is better. I am thinking that one for 0.26 should be created as well.
  13. Also, I'm looking at the GeForce GTX 770 as my GPU. Is that a good choice? Also, people have been suggesting getting two hard drives, however I do not know what the capacity for the hard drives should be.
  14. Okay, a Intel CPU I am interested in is the i5-4960. Should I get that processor or another one (no AMD allowed)?
  15. Okay, I'm now looking for recommendations on specific components. So, to fulfill my criteria in the OP, and stay in a total price range of 600-700$ (not counting keyboards, monitors) what are your recommendations on: CPU (no overclocking), GPU, RAM (only 8 GB, I'm not going for overkill), Motherboard, and Hard Drive. I am buying an optical drive, am using wired ether-net, and the power supply and case are determined by the components.
  16. I was wondering what kind of trajectory should a Mars mission use to reach the Red Planet in one month, and how much delta-v would it require? Is there a way to achieve that trajectory with the VASIMR engine?
  17. The most I'll be doing is both recording and playing video games. I just want enough computer power to be able to build my warp-drive equipped KSP Interstellar mothership or build the modded minecraft factory of my dreams without the ridiculous amounts of lag that I get when I try to do those tasks on my current computer.
  18. I am planning to build my own PC to replace the laptop that I was using. I want it to be good at performing many tasks, and I require it to be capable of running KSP with tons of mods installed and a heavily modded Minecraft server. I also may be recording video and audio for a let's play. What components should I get to achieve my goals without going overboard (I want either a high-medium end or low-high end build)?
  19. I've run into a problem whenever I build planes. When I take off, the plane goes straight until approximately 100 m/s, then it tilts to one side and one of its wings clips the terrain. I have no idea what is causing this and I hope I am not being a newb. How can I prevent the plane from tilting? Pics: Top: Front: Back: Side: Edit1: Added pictures of the Valkyrie. BTW, it's SSTO.
  20. I play Minecraft with lots of tech mods, so now I can build a working factory or go to space. However, vanilla Minecraft is too boring for me.
  21. I agree that FAR is too complicated (this is Kerbal Space Program, not Human Space Program), but the aerodynamics system in KSP should behave like an approximation of real life aerodynamics.
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