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  1. Yes I have GPP Secondary. Perhaps that also explains why Research Bodies was also being so finicky(where a couple of GEP bodies remained always unidentified) I uninstalled it. My guess is very few have tried GEP_Primary, so these edge cases haven't been discovered yet. To bad, your work is so nice.
  2. I wanted to give GEP_Primary a shot and use Remote Tech, but it seems Nodens is using Gael's config and there are no ground stations near the launch site. Am I missing something here?
  3. Yes. If I ever make a game, I think I will add a 3D screenshot feature that uses whatever passes for VRML nowadays.
  4. Works like a charm. Thanks for the shiny new charm.
  5. Rovemax Model S2. I should have taken a screenshot of the rover on the runway with the debug menu up. I saw purple lines going to the science parts and wasn't sure if that was salient. Notable mods, KAS,KIS,MKS/OKS. Detailed mods from my install log. The top section is my install order and notes on compatibility stuff, the bottom has most of the installed mods listed; https://pastebin.com/FrXScanx
  6. I wasn't sure of 4.0.4 also fixed the "AutoStuts Locked" problem so I installed KerbalJointReinforcement_dbg_v4.0.4.zip and tested it and I see that the problem still exists. My basic first tier squad wheeled rover no longer flips of load, but the lander can is distorted on load. I suppose its one thing at a time and you had to work out the DLC compatibility first and foremost. Thanks for you hard work on this and doing what you can at this time to make improvements. Back to 4.0.0.for me for the time being.
  7. Others also bear in mind that autostruts can be one for other parts as well. It is up to the mod maker who decides this. You see "Autostrut Locked: Heaviest part" in the menu for autostruts. I looked around and it seems that there isn't a way to patch the config to "autoStrut = false" the part module. People have suggested patches/MM snippits, but people reported they don't work. I reverted to 4.0.0 of JRnext and for now this solves the problem. Wishing the best of luck to Rudolf on groking this silly API.
  8. A couple of questions. I think I am having a problem with 4.0.3 and would like to know what kind of debug info you need. 1. I see on github there is a debug flag in the config, but what should I be looking for in the logs after setting it? 2. Also, you say there is a debug version and that I should see a AppLauncher Icon in flight, what version is this enabled on? 3. What forum should we all be using? The one with wip in the url or the one without? To give a preview of the problem I faced, I had been using 4.0.0(KSP 1.6.1) and then upgraded to 4.0.3 and some craft that have "Autostrut Locked: Heaviest part" were flipping out on launch. I haven't set and autostruts manually yet. In this case the rover flips over on launch and the command pod is cantered off axis on the attachment point. Reverting back to 4.0.0 removes the issue. https://imgur.com/FOTaCSN
  9. FreeThinker previously mentioned you can change the Thermal key by changing ThermalUiKey in WarpPluginSettings.cfg to another key than P. But what are the key formats? Alt-P, ALT_P, None? Specifically I am interested in None. I think I left it blank, but it seems to default back to P.
  10. For time formats I was a bit dismayed that I could not do DatedQuickSaves files with Kerbin formats such as YYY-DD-HHMMSS and only could do unpadded Y-D-HMS. I.e. Year 1, Day 2, Hour 3, Minute 5, Second 9 as 1-2-359, instead of 001-02-030509. This helps seeing the sorted order of saves when you have to compare Year 10 to a Year 1 save and the same for other time values. However, it pays to dig into source code and not bother the amazing @linuxgurugamer with a change request and find something not documented on the main mod description post. https://github.com/linuxgurugamer/MagiCore/blob/master/MagiCore/StringTranslation.cs str = ReplaceToken(str, "year", times[0].ToString()); str = ReplaceToken(str, "year0", times[0].ToString("D3")); str = ReplaceToken(str, "day", times[1].ToString()); str = ReplaceToken(str, "day0", times[1].ToString("D3")); str = ReplaceToken(str, "hour", times[2].ToString()); str = ReplaceToken(str, "hour0", times[2].ToString("D2")); str = ReplaceToken(str, "min", times[3].ToString()); str = ReplaceToken(str, "min0", times[3].ToString("D2")); str = ReplaceToken(str, "sec", times[4].ToString()); str = ReplaceToken(str, "sec0", times[4].ToString("D2")); Here I can see that the format string "FileNameTemplate = [year0]-[day0]-[hour0][min0]" does exactly what I want. So for anyone looking to do this, well this is how you do it.
  11. How is it possible to do a recon scan over mountains? The Little Brother instrument only does the 2 pseudo biomes of north and south hemispheres? I grabbed the details from my save just to make sure it was using the right instrument and "dmReconScan" looks like a "X Brother" experiment to me. I am running 1.6.1 with GPP/GEP.MKS/OKS.KSIe and other things like that. Notably this looks like its generated from Field Science, but the forums there only talked a little about SIGINT experiments needing biomes. So I am at a loss what to do aside from figuring out how to disable these recon experiments in Contract Configurator. PARAM { name = CollectScienceCustom id = CollectScience state = Incomplete disableOnStateChange = False values = 0,0,0,0,0 ContractIdentifier = KerbalAcademy.KerbalAcademyFieldScience title = notes = completedMessage = allowStateReset = False targetBody = Kerbin biome = Mountains situation = InSpaceLow experiment = dmReconScan recoveryMethod = None PARAM { name = ParameterDelegate`1 id = Biome: Gael's Mountains state = Incomplete disableOnStateChange = False values = 0,0,0,0,0 ContractIdentifier = KerbalAcademy.KerbalAcademyFieldScience title = Biome: Gael's Mountains notes = completedMessage = } PARAM { name = ParameterDelegate`1 id = Situation: Low in space state = Complete disableOnStateChange = False values = 0,0,0,0,0 ContractIdentifier = KerbalAcademy.KerbalAcademyFieldScience title = Situation: Low in space notes = completedMessage = } PARAM { name = ParameterDelegate`1 id = Experiment: Recon Scan state = Incomplete disableOnStateChange = False values = 0,0,0,0,0 ContractIdentifier = KerbalAcademy.KerbalAcademyFieldScience title = Experiment: Recon Scan notes = completedMessage = PARAM { name = ParameterDelegate`1 id = dmReconScanSubject state = Incomplete disableOnStateChange = False values = 0,0,0,0,0 ContractIdentifier = KerbalAcademy.KerbalAcademyFieldScience title = notes = completedMessage = } } }
  12. I wanted to not use the stock toolbar and use blizzy's toolbar instead. So I edited the config thusly; useToolbar = True useAppLauncher = False I does show up on Blizzys, but its still displaying on the stock toolbar after a restart. I though my edit may have reverted on restart, but it hasn't. Any ideas?
  13. I have this issue as well. I have a ton of mods installed. GPP,/GEP KSIe, MKS/OKS and all the bells and whistles. I looked page by page after linuxgurugamer's initial post and didn't see much further discussion on it. Nor was I able to find anything on the forum page for Field Research or github.
  14. You mean like KSP.log and error.log? And from which state conditions? Crashes with xinput kludged into System32 or without? I think this error.log is when I had the 32bit version in System32 and steamapi.dll.disabled as per my initial field report; https://pastebin.com/CsNxyL9q I think you were particularly interested in mem locations, so here is a grep of error.log in various configurations; https://pastebin.com/AirLvD4E
  15. Ok so it simply did not like me using another SDL2.dll than linuxgamer provided in his AFBW ckan distro. So I restored that. The 'trick' of putting the 32 bit x_input in the KSP main directory did not make it use it and it still was crashing with the System32 64bit version. Supposedly the KSP_x64.exe ninary should search the current diectory first before going down the PATH, but I suppose xinput1_3.dll is a special "Known DLL" that is actually the first matching rule according to the below documentation. I guess messing with System32 is the only easy way for now. Search Path Used by Windows to Locate a DLL
  16. Field report: Well here I am running 1.6.1 64bit with the typical hundred plus mods. Of note are GPP&GEP, MKS/OKS, KSP InterstellarE, and AFBW. AFBW is all about the x_input as it is a joystick mod. I also had the periodic crash of System32/xinput1_3.dll, plus the steamapi.dll along side it. Now the operating theory if I get this right is the 64bit dll is not to be used and counterintuitively we need to make it use the 32bit version. Correct? I tried the original solution of copying System32/xinput1_3.dll to KSP_x64_Data/Plugins. But that doesn't make sense as it's the 64bit version and the "good" 32 bit version is already in Plugins. Despite that, I did that and still got the periodic crash showing System32/xinput1_3.dll. So I moved the windows version aside and put the KSP 32bit one in place of it. The crash related to that stopped. However AFBW also has SDL2.dll in the main KSP directory and it's 64bit. After a longer period of stable play I eventually crashed and the crash log only showed it for the access violation. So some progress. I have downloaded the latest SDL2.dlls and have the 32bit one in the main KSP directory. I will move the 32bit x_input there as well and restore System32 to its original state. I will report what happens...
  17. @Jammer-TD Thank you for the screenshots. This certainly helped me understand that its something to do with Chrome that is not showing me the first box you mentioned. I tried in Firefox and have several options below the page banner that don't show up in Chrome. I will have to see what plugins/extensions are causing Chrome to not show me these features and get back to this thread if its some quirk that may affect others. @Gargamel Yeah +site: was my first workaround, but I would figure if I dug around using that, I could find a relevant topic to ask this very question in.
  18. How is searching within a topic done? All previous answers don't help.
  19. Addendum. I do notice that you can toggle which types are shown in the map view by moving the mouse to the top edge of the screen. But still, nothing says a good mod like a mod that replaces somewhat wonky KSP default controls.
  20. As long as you are working on your todos.... anyway to let you select ship types to hide like in the Tracking Station? Being able to hide my goofy inclined RemoteTech comm sat constellations would be nice as they are all set to Relays(ship icon). And of course it would work for other icon types.
  21. I didn't have any problems until I tried using a Turbojet. I thought it just may have been career, so I switched to sand box and spammed radiators everywhere to no effect. I hadn't tried any other nuclear parts, but from what I saw the default max temp values are 1/4 of the 'norm' when using DR. This seems to make radiators, that work best at high temperatures, completely ineffective as the parts they are cooling blow up.
  22. Reminder; KSP Interstellar Extended(Improved Realism D-T VISTA propulsion) is very incomparable with Deadly Reentry Deadly Reentry(The Melificent Edition). The heating models are changed by DR and are game breaking with KSPI-E. Problem: I found that the Direct Cycle Nuclear Turbojet, a.k.a Porkjet's "Atomic Age" Nuclear Turbojet Engine included in KSPI-E, will cause nearby parts to severely overheat and explode. As suggested by page one, I placed precoolers in them and also added as many different types of radiators/thermal management devices as I could to the engines and the wings/fuselages and still my parts would heat up past 570k and explode. I could climb to 9000m, fly at 200m/s(Mach 0.66) at 0.5% throttle and survive, but that was the limit. Solution: After my aforementioned search quest, I removed DR and could trivially attain Mach 4.5. Max part temps went from 570k to 2000K+. Conduction and cooling improved. Problem solved. Gonna miss you DR. My problem cropped up with the Turbojet. Eventually I found other reports related to the Nuclear Light Bulb. Hopefully I can get some keywords down, so others can find this post and fix their issues. Perhaps @FreeThinker could put a mod incompatibility section on the front page.
  23. A couple of questions. First, nice. Really nice. But now about career mode. I think the multi-science part might be a bit tricky with a career tech tree, you normally don't get all the science parts at the same time. Also, there are mods with additional science parts. Could you perhaps figure out a way to make a service bay as well? Perhaps stick 2 or 3 of the wedges together for a bigger bay? Even better would be multiple bays. 1 wedge wide, 2 wedges, 3 wedges... 1wideX2tall, 2X2, 3X2. That way one could place science parts or whatever in the bays. If you made them so you could fit radiators in them, you wouldn't need an extra part with builtin radiators. You could then use vanilla oscar fuel tanks, xenon fuel, batteries, rtgs, solar panels, reaction wheels, remotetech antennas in them. That would make your platform very flexible and the go to solution for all satellite needs. Of course one might ask, why have wedges with built-in rtgs, fuel, solar panels, batteries, reaction wheels, antennas if you could user service bays and put the parts in yourself? I guess a few basic ones with built-ins that are lighter than the equivalent service bay+strut+part would be a reasonable answer. Lastly I don't understand the need for a core with a texture on top and another part core with a texture on the bottom. Couldn't you just flip the first one over and have the same part for top and bottom textures? Just my two cents. I think you have a star mod here and look forward to using it.
  24. Is there any possibility of putting a FAQ Answer for "What mods does this have compatibility issues with?" and list Vens? It took me a few hours of messing around with renaming Stock_RealChute_MM.cfg to no avail, to finally find the answer was it's Ven's fault.
  25. Well I am not sure what I am doing wrong. I changed magboom to dmMagBoom in both places in part.cfg and got it on a ship. But I only tried to fly it today and it does implode. I tried it in a new sandbox and it explodes around gravity turn altitude. I must be missing something basic here.
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