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  1. needs some texturing....and an idea how to make the light a strobelight...within that animation also have to setup the solar....... still not happy with firespitter....try to get rid of it and try to make the buoyancy a different way
  2. @Helix935 yes those flip...and a service bubble is a idea ....but a even smaller bubble with a jr-port an no kerbal but storage or science container would be another. But for larger supplies, a storage-can and the lander-base (in some older video...have to redesign it) would be the better solution. @wreckreation I could make some surface attachable parts for the bubble with the same design. solar..lights....not much work . And you inspired me for something different.... :-)
  3. yep...all used specials work in .25 ...even with the older firespitter release...and with the hotfix the only thing i noticed is a different floating offset when you have splashed....but that mechanism is something i will likely change anyway That sounds like a service bubble...and not an emergency bubble....ok ...why not...but than it should be a real service bubble...so more suggestions for that ( space Odyssey whuwuwuw) just making a different texture is not my style...actual I have the reloaded-cans in the pipeline...and they have universal utility bays (solar, sience...more more more) I could also add a servicebubble, with them
  4. I just tried it with fresh installed non modded standard-setting KSP-Folders one in 32bit and one in 64bit. It runs only with the 64bit-version. So obviously with the 32 bit client you have to use active texture management or texture reduction in the settings just for this mod. So all these 2K by 2K texture and normal maps will be reduced anyway....
  5. For me it´s still not working and my support message did not get any replay. But they are still selling it.. so i guess it should work...otherwise......
  6. 1 ->it just confused me that (+) shifts y up, but x to the left....but it´s my fault, cause I think more gfx-like ââ€Å’ instead of good old graphs like ââ€â€ ..so no problem if this does not change 2> I use the actiongroup-way , but my intention are a solutions without any actiongroups. And yes I can start the animation itself with a dummy entry and perPodPersistenceName , but that does not affect firespitter itself-> so I have no sound . If i use an regular animation I could realize the sound via rpm...but I need the sound in the exterior..... 3> that gives me some path to more . i will take a look in the mfd configuration, maybe I could adapt some one-button-way from it. 4>thank you! thats a really good hint for a couple of problems....cause, i don´t like actiongroups:-= 5>oh disappointing, my intention is to to start an action if the BIOMEID is xyz... so there is no way to do this?
  7. get the dds-tools from nvidia and depack with it the dds-cube-file-> and you get all the single dds-files that you could open in GIMP
  8. I have a couple of questions. 1. the textureshift-function. I changed the x-axis in 0.25 steps to get the right picture no problem here than i tried to increase the y-axis by 0.25 to get the row below....but it the texture shifted in the opposite direction, so i have to use -.25 for this. So...to be sure for the future, we have for x a kind of "mesh-shift" and for y a "uv-shift" and this way will be kept? 2. maybe a common question, is there anyway to trigger and or activate firespitter animations ,or do you suggest to get rid of it and try something completely different (but no larch ) 3. Is there a way to use the undock-function? 4. is it possible to activate a parachute or all parachutes on the vessel (like mechjeb does) 5. I have some problems to trigger the BIOMEID with JSIVariableAnimator, could some drop a couple of lines to do this (Water) and last.....RPM is a kerbaltastic plugin I simply LOVE IT!
  9. bound the animation to the RCS function instead of actiongroup....so if you hit r or activate it from iva, it should be fine. purpose of main-engine-> de-orbiting in less than 5 minutes no difference in gameplay, same nodeIt´s a KSP issue, one entry for the vessel, one for the docking-port on the same part...doubt that i could remove one entry. yes , but it is nothing you should worry about it...not pretty...but for now we have to live with it.
  10. perfect timing! something i have been looking for recently....I already made some icons, but did not find a suitable ( non replacing) method to use them :-)
  11. your part.cfg leads to model = RealSatellites/Parts/wiseTelescope without ending slash....I guess the game looks for a part-file named wiseTelescope.mu in the Parts folder. try this one model = RealSatellites/Parts/wiseTelescope /model 2nd suggestion, always take a look in the log-files if you miss something..
  12. An update after a long long time. First I focus on the very old round tubes. And try a different technical approach on them, that might reduce kerbalpain. And i have in the first post something different for you...
  13. Hello everybody. I´m sorry I let you alone in the dark with a unfinished mod. I had absolutely no time for KSP , but ok I will transfer all backup-dev stuff from a virtual-machine-container to an new workstation. Have to Install Unity again...and oh yes i have to install KSP itself. I hope there is at least one update....maybe the collision-system is better now. First I will try some very simple tubes in different sizes....I hope there is a way for inside-walking + relative small structures.
  14. Please give me the part-name of the one you call "ramp" updates will take time, my mousehand is not in the best condition, cause i tried to play volleyball after 15 years of absence ... ;-)