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  1. Just wanted to add that I had the exact same problem, and can confirm that removing custom barn kit resolved the problem for me as well. I removed Hyperedit as well btw. Moreover, I was not able to add maneuever nodes in KSP. The log stated "Maneuver Mode disabled". This problem was also resolved after I removed custom barn kit and hyperedit!
  2. Most of my debris is in some highly-eccentric orbit around Kerbin. These are disposed booster stages, transfer stages, etc. As I play with MKS, I generally "disassemble" any debris that ends up close to my bases. For example, my base on the Mun was surrounded by leftover dropships that brought parts of the base. At the same time, the base needed MaterialKits for various reasons. By disassembling all parts of each dropship individually (its an option in the right-click menu of each part), I ended up with a lot of MaterialKits, no debris, and a significant reduction in parts within physics range. The MaterialKits gained from disassembling all this debris was used to inflate all the Ranger parts for my base. Win-win-win situation.
  3. Okay, thanks for the help! I will give it a try with a more step-based approach, as opposed to optimizing everything at once. I'll post here the results, once I have them. It's true that there is a TLI burn shortly after the aerobraking manoever. This was my approach to doing a course correction, in order to achieve an intersection with Laythes' SoI.
  4. Here you go! https://1drv.ms/u/s!Ah1BfpUrSEKtgqVngMbmCaicUz7oYg I must also point out that there's no dV manoever while in Jools SoI. Still though, the orbit after the aerobrake is a capture orbit, so it seems that an aerocapture has been performed. Perhaps the logmessage is outdated?
  5. Hello all, I'm using KSPTOT for a while now and am really amazed by the possibilities which the planner offers. Great work Arrowstar, it's really a perfect addition to KSP for the mission planners, like me. In my current mission plan I've however encountered an issue with aerobraking that I can't seem to solve myself, and thus I would like to turn to you for help. I am designing a mission plan for a mission to Laythe (as you do), however, this time with heavy use of aerobraking to slow down the spacecraft in both Jools' and Laythes' atmosphere. I'm aware that there are beter ways of decelerating at Jool than through aerobraking, but I'd like to give it a try nonetheless. It's KSP, after all :-) I've followed the manual, the github wiki page on aerobraking and read the github issue that describes a similar problem (#14). The problem is that, irregardless of mission event setup, it seems that the mission planner and/or optimizer is unable to create a flightpath that leads through Jools atmoshere, as is evident by the error message stating "Cannot execute aerobraking maneuver: Periapse is above the atmosphere". I've tried to force the flight path through the atmosphere by setting a constraint on the periapse altitude, as well as the radius of periapse, but to no avail. Please see the image below for my current plan. Can anyone explain to me how to setup the mission planner such, that an aerobraking event is executed? Perhaps there's a series of constraints/events which I'm missing?
  6. Isn't that "DangIt!"? Had similar experiences with that one. Engines failing just as you're trying to dock. I flew around with simple chemical propulsion vessels, but the impact was still sufficient to blow up the space station I was trying to dock to. Another big mistake I made was when going to Moho with a woefully underpowered ship. It didn't have enough dV, nor powerful enough engines to inject into a Moho orbit. To make matters worse, I was playing with TAC-LS, and the hastily assembled fuel tanker arrived barely in time at Moho to refuel the stranded ship and send the Kerbals home before they would starve. Then DangIt! came in and broke some of the engines that were powering my ship. I ended up sending a Kerbal on EVA and disassembling the broken engines with KIS just to drop some deadweight... but the remaining engines were not even powerfull enough to get out of Moho's gravity well. I think I did more than 10 half-hour burns before the ship was finally in an orbit out of Moho's SoI.
  7. I have far over a 1000 hours logged in KSP, but have never made it to Eeloo so far, nor Tylo. I've not returned Kerbals from any of the Joolian moons or Eve. So there is so much left to do! I often face the problem, that by the time my career is ready to send a Jool-5 ship out, the game requires an update, mods brake, and I generally give up. Once everything is updated, I have to start all over again. Like @stibbons mentions, Life support systems make for a cautious gameplay, so career playthroughs can take quite a bit of time.
  8. Tl;dr: yes, easily. The dV you need depends on how "high" your station is. So if you place your station in a higher orbit, you need more dV to reach it. However, 700 m/s dV should still be sufficient to reach your station if it is at an altitude of 250 km, and to deorbit again. Generally, you need about 100-150 m/s dV for deorbiting. Edit: in fact, you need 248 m/s dV to reach a 250 km orbit from a 75 km parking orbit. Source: https://instacalc.com/50998. So to me it seems, you have sufficient dV to reach a station in an orbit with an altitude of 250 km. Also, the disadvantage of having a station in a lower orbit is that you have to wait longer for a hohmann transfer to occur, as the difference in orbital periods between the orbits is smaller. So it can happen that you have to wait 10 orbits before you can transfer to the station, which would not be the case if your station is in a higher orbit.
  9. You can manually add science points to your current game using the Alt+f12 debug menu. In here, there are buttons for adding or substracting e.g. 100 science points. I use this method to add the exact amount of science that I need to unlock technologies that I already researched in a previous career. No sfs file editing necessary This is usefull if you want to start a new career at the same level where you left your previous career. You can skip the early part of the game, which is a bit grindy in my opinion.
  10. As an alternative, the TCA mod has a very accurate landing mode. It allows you to select a target, or set a waypoint, and TCA will perform a pinpoint landing on that location. If there's something in the way, TCA will even perform an evasive maneuver, to avoid hitting the object! It then lands right next to the object, instead of on top of it. Using TCA, I usually perform landings with sub-meter accuracy. I've built some dropships that take pieces of my base to the Mun, and using TCA I can drop these pieces exactly where I want them. Link to forum topic of TCA: https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/97154-13-throttle-controlled-avionics/
  11. Hey, just for a tip: you can use the program Flyby Finder to find the most optimal flyby route. It calculates the deltaV and time required, and tells you where to put your manouevre nodes, and how big they should be. It's very helpful to get very precise flyby routes throughout the kerbol system! Here is the KSP forum topic: [WIN] Flyby Finder V0.86 [KSP1.3]
  12. Just noticed that cargo bays for 7.5m parts are on the roadmap. This is absolutely fantastic, I'm really looking forward to those parts! I think they will complete the line up of parts, so that we can build our own BFS'es :-) Do you have a teaser to share, Nertea?
  13. I believe that's correct. Your vessels will still have a reference to the same planet or moon, and same orbital parameters, so everything should be fine. I don't think this is true. Vessels are stored with a reference to the celestial body they're orbiting, plus orbital parameters. If they're orbiting Kerbol, they'll still orbit it if Kerbol gets reparented itself. However, I hereby I assume that reparenting of Kerbol works such that the identifier to Kerbol doesn't change. Nevertheless, most of your vessels orbit some planet or moon in the Kerbol system, and as these aren't necessarily reparented, nothing will change for them.
  14. Well, I'm still stuck on 1.0.5, waiting for some of the mods to update! At least in 1.0.5, You can enable the transparency by right-clicking on the command pod. There you have the option "make windows transparent". But I believe the transparent windows are part of JTransparent mod (?) or whatever it is called. I didn't install anything like that mod, it seems to come by default with KPBS.
  15. I would just like to share some pictures with you of my base building activities, to show off how fantastic this mod is.... Made possible thanks to @Nils277!
  16. Hey all, I'd like to give this challenge a try too, but I noticed that MKS/OKS are forbidden. Why is that, if I may ask? I am using these mods in order to kolonize the kerbol system. What can and can't I do when doing the Jool-5 challenge in the same savegame? Is it okay if the mod is installed, but no parts of it are allowed on the Jool-5 mission? Or are some parts, like the rotating hab, maybe allowed?
  17. Congratulations! Now I'm really curious how you did the Eve leg in an SSTO. Got any pics to share?
  18. I'm playing with ESLD Jump Beacons, which is a nice and very well thought through mod, but unfortunately not really maintained anymore It's compatible with 1.0.5. though. Question to you: which atmosphere mod are you using? It looks absolutely fantastic.
  19. Oh.. Dang it! I have a spacecraft on its way to Duna. While about to perform a course correction midway to Duna, all the engines failed immediately upon turning on the throttle. So, I repaired one engine, and performed some maintenance. Then I test-fired it to see if it helped. The engine failed again right away. What is the best approach to get the engines fixed? Just repairing doesn't seem to help. If I can't get at least some of these engines working, the spacecraft will miss Duna and the Kerbals (eight of them) will be lost in space forever.. The engines were only used for the Trans-Duna injection burn at Kerbin, which took about 30 minutes game time. Houston, we have a problem. This isn't my first failure, but arguably the hardest, as I can't get the engines fixed. Can anyone advice me on this one? EDIT: Looking at the savefile, I see the following info at the ModuleEngineReliability mod for the broken engines: The MTBF is practically zero, and the age of the component is several times the life time, assuming their units are both in seconds. That's odd, as the total time I used the engines (burn time) was about half an hour of game time. This would imply that the reliability should still be relatively high. Is something fishy, or did I miss something?
  20. This is my second Kerbin Space Station, KSS2, as the first one was decommissioned and de-orbited. Attached are two vessels: one spaceplane and one nuclear crew and cargo carrier. The purpose of the space station is to provide refuelling, transfer between spaceplanes and intercelestial vessels, and to win the big space casino contract. It's not yet finished, the following modules will still be added: - ring parts to finish the ring - extra docking ports and fuel storage 'below' the ring - 4 asteroids The station will ultimately provide the tools to directly mine the asteroids that are attached to it. I mainly used the planetary base and stockalike station parts mods for the construction of this station.
  21. So, what do you all think is the impact of 1.0.5 on spaceplanes? Especially now since a silent patch fixed the body lift issue, did it become easier or rather harder to fly spaceplanes to orbit? I'd like to give 1.0.5 a go myself, but I'm holding off to upgrading until more mods officially support it. So I'm eager to hear your opinions.
  22. Finish my current career game, in which I've yet to send Kerbals to Duna or Jool... or beyond. Alas, there's enough to do. I was hoping to do an interstellar mission using the Galactic Neighbourhood mod, but I'm not even sure if I'll make it before 1.1. For me, at least, there's always so many things to do. New planets to explore, new ship designs to try out. That's why I keep coming back to KSP
  23. I had the same problem in my career, and I developed the aircraft depicted below. With the Whiplash and some basic rockets you can get very far, as others already pointed out. The trick is to make the rest of your aircraft as efficient as possible, as well as the flight trajectory. This one is now my main workhorse. It's ideal for rescue missions, space station missions, or missions involving some small probe. The craft is very stable, and easy to fly. In a 90x90 orbit I have mostly around 400 m/s left, which is enough for most LKO maneuvers. With a refuel from a space station, this plane gets you anywhere in the Kerbin system. Note: you can easily turn this into a cargo plane by swapping out the passenger cabin and docking port for a cargo bay.
  24. Hey Nils, just wanted to say that you're doing great work! I'm enjoying the mod, it really feels stockalike and adds a whole bunch of new gameplay. I found that the life support parts are excellent parts for life support of spaceships with long transition times.. I'm using them on all my interplanetary vessels. Works a treat. Also, I'm using the base construction contract pack, which gives me a contractual reason to colonize the kerbal solar system using your mod pack. I think these two mods really fit nice together.
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