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  1. Jesus, this forum is getting as bad as the Elite Dangerous one where any negative comment about the game is instantly jumped on. There ARE issues inherent to 1.1.2, the symmetry related crash being one of the most prevalent and I say this whilst reloading the game after it crashed when i tried to replace a part with symmetry. Sure ragequitting without leaving a bug report isn't exactly helpful but enough people have reported the same issue. It IS frustrating to spend a large amount of time building the perfect craft only for KSP to go "Lol NOPE" when you try to place or replace a part, so maybe try cutting the OP some slack...
  2. 727s and MD-80s regularly pushback from the ramp using reverse thrust.
  3. DX11 support is broken in KSP, it's not the fault of the mod
  4. If you're on Steam, right click the KSP entry, go to properties, Betas and then chose "last stable release" from the drop down.
  5. For some completely unknown reason, my game has started working fine again. I did however reverify through and found that I was apparently missing 3 files. The odd bit is, the experiments (and game as a whole) were working perfectly all the way up to me leaving my initial post in this thread. Not only that but at no point was anything removed from any of the default folders so I dunno what has happened. Even now, Steam seems to think one 20kb file is still missing every time I recheck it.
  6. I've been having exactly the same issue. I can see that we have in common: DMagic Orbital Science KJR EVE/SVE ScanSAT ModuleManager Smokescreen RealPlume Nereid Tweakscale TriggerTech But I've gone through and pulled those out and still have the issue.
  7. The Docking Port Alignment mod allows you to rename ports, stock never has.
  8. I've noticed this same issue when in the VAB and the only way around it that I've found is to pick a random part out of the parts list, then delete it.
  9. Athlonic, is there any chance you could add some of the functions that Belpyro's LCD Extended had, namely the staging list?
  10. SRBs for the upper stage only? Why limit yourself when you can build the entire ship out of SRBs and go to Laythe and back? Video Linky
  11. So when are we going to officially rename Elon Musk to Tony Stark?
  12. I had the same issue. Shows up in the editing box but then vanishes when it's actually posted
  13. Absolutely amazing touchdown. Spaceflight is about to get a whole lot cheaper!
  14. For some reason, drag stopped existing in my game yesterday and the Mk1 pod carrying Ludwin Kerman smacked into the ground at Mach 2.6. It was horrible.
  15. Dead. I don't even know how he died, he just... Stopped existing, which is weird because all my flights have been made with Val.
  16. That update was pushed out on the 11th of November according to Steam. Ignore this
  17. I had a look through the Announcements forum on here and all I could find was a thread by KasperVLD about silent update to 1.0.5 that was released on the 5th of November. The weird thing is, the steam update doesn't seem to have added anything at all. Also seems like I'm the only person to have had it happen.
  18. So Steam just updated KSP with this Anybody know what's going on? AFAIK the Steam Workshop is never going to be supported.
  19. Hey Raptor, Is there any reason why the Vector doesn't show up in the engines tab? If I open up the manufacturer tab it shows as being made by Realfuels. Every other engine including the two SRBs added by RF show fine, it's just the Vector that doesn't.
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