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  1. I'm also getting weirdness when using TIM and ENB although my issue is that the ghosted needle appears outside of the navball. This happens even if I reset the navball size to default.
  2. If it's the object top left, it looks like a mk2 Lander Can with a heatshield both on the top and bottom.
  3. Hey toadicus. Not sure if this is a known issue or one inherent to my install but when I switch off the Additive Range option, all of the antennas (stock and mod) have a range of Zero.
  4. It isn't in Program Files no, it's on an external drive which is just for Steam. Think you're right Sarbian as the error was showing up first when Realplume was being read and now it's crashing when the config for the NavyFish Docking tool is read by MM. The weird but is that neither of those two files have been altered in any way since they were installed and KSP worked fine up until two days ago.
  5. KSP is sat on a game dedicated 500GB drive with at least 250GB of space left. There's no write protection on it and with the exception of task manager, nothing was open other than KSP.
  6. Anyone able to shed any light as to why this NRE keeps popping up during load and causing KSP to hang? [Exception]: NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object System.String.memcpy4 (System.Byte* dest, System.Byte* src, Int32 size) System.String.CharCopy (System.Char* dest, System.Char* src, Int32 count) System.String.Concat (System.String str0, System.String str1, System.String str2, System.String str3) ConfigNode.WriteNodeString (System.IO.StreamWriter sw, System.String indent) ConfigNode.WriteNodeString (System.IO.StreamWriter sw, System.String indent) ConfigNode.WriteRootNode (System.IO.StreamWriter sw) ConfigNode.WriteNode (System.IO.StreamWriter sw) ConfigNode.Save (System.String fileFullName, System.String header) ConfigNode.Save (System.String fileFullName) ModuleManager.MMPatchLoader.CreateCache () ModuleManager.MMPatchLoader+<ProcessPatch>c__Iterator0.MoveNext () I'm guessing judging by the last lines that it's related to Module Manager.
  7. How do I get the 'Pod Cams' function to work? When I click it on the RPM all I get is a black screen, yet the Hullcams work as external cameras.
  8. Pizza, what are the chances of getting this to (eventually) work with Real Plume?
  9. Poking about in the config for the TPtank3mL11250-Silver I've found that you've added the Reflective Shader plugin but it looks as though it's disabled (name = DISABLED_ReflectiveShaderModule) Would it be possible to change this to the reflective module from Texture Replacer?
  10. Not sure if its a typo or not but the thread title says 'version 1.9.0' whereas the actual download says '1.8.1'.
  11. It looks like it was conflicting with Stage Recovery as it worked after I removed SR.
  12. Any chance someone can post an ATM config that stops the displays getting eaten by compression? I've tried using the config I had for 0.90 but I'm still getting grey screens and a broken IVA navball.
  13. I'm also getting this and FMRS has vanished from my toolbar (stock & Blizzy)
  14. I've just noticed this happening using a rocket built using the new tier 0 fins.
  15. Kerbal Alarm Clock, Load On Demand/ATM, Antenna Range, Chatterer, Scatterer. Edit: Distant Object Enhancement & Planetshine
  16. Enhanced Navball for 0.90 works in 1.0.x
  17. Yeah it was added with 1.0. Not really sure of the benefits yet however.
  18. I was using KerbQuake from the second it was released and I run a lot of missions from IVA so I have it turned off only for the external view.
  19. Basically what I've gotten from this is people are trying to build SSTOs that are suited to the old souposphere.
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