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  1. God knows what's going on with my install then because every mod is updated and I'm having some real issues. Might just go back to stock.
  2. Kind of related to RPM, does anyone know if the developer of Vessel Viewer is still around? VV is completely broken on my install, the RPM module just presents either an orange or green screen, as does the standalone version.
  3. I'm almost 100% sure that stock KSP doesn't give messages about empty batteries, TAC Life Support does however.
  4. For those having issues with resizing the chutes in career mode (not being able to get to the Action Groups menu), if you install Action Groups Extended it allows you to access the config window as AGExt doesn't currently respect the VAB/SPH tech level.
  5. VV doesn't seem to be working correctly on 0.90. The RPM version only shows an orange screen, as does the standalone version. The menu still shows on the RPM version but doesn't let you do anything.
  6. I was under the impression that the barn was supposed to be Jeb's Junkyard Emporium
  7. Nevermind, looks as though I'd inadvertently changed the wrong parameter. Deleted my custom config and tried again and it's working now.
  8. You need to turn on antialiasing first before the option becomes available.
  9. You need to turn on antialiasing before it will work, it's mainly for use in the VAB/SPH to help you locate your stages when you hover over the stage icons. This did the same thing prior to 0.90 http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/50143-0-23-5-Editor-Part-Highlighter
  10. Working as intended. It's designed to make stage organisation easier.
  11. Exactly as you wrote them. I edited the custom.cfg rather than using the in game menu so I know it was definitely saved. The highest temp my heat shield hit was 861°c and it suffered no ablation.
  12. Starwaster, DRE doesn't seem to be working right on Hard. I changed the settings as per your earlier post and set up a flight path with an Ap of 400km and a Pe of 25km but after blasting through reentry I still had a full heatshield left.
  13. No. As a mod RemoteTech is fine but as a fundamental part of the stock game, it's full of nope. I don't want to spend weeks IRL unlocking antennas so I can then unlock dishes that will let me build a satellite to be able to unlock more dishes just so I can travel to the far side of Kerbin. Now Antenna Range, maybe since it isn't as restrictive but having to build a fully blown communication network just to do the most basic of things wouldn't be fun *for me*.
  14. *snip* Think of it this way, they could've gone the "ArmA 2/3 Hard" (or even Silent Hunter hard) route where enemies aren't immortal bullet sponges but the slightest miscalculation and it's game over. No hard mode isn't perfect and yes it needs some balancing with the rewards but I'd much rather it be "grindy but doable" hard than "I didn't have the perfect ascent profile and now my entire space program is bankrupt." hard.
  15. Since nobody seems to have said it yet, with the exception of the known issue with the new FX module, this works fine in 0.90.
  16. MeCripp, it would seem that the cause of my issues was a conflict between RPM and BurnTogether as removing BT has fixed the IVA.
  17. Rover not sure if this has already been mentioned but the stock altitude record contracts aren't completable using a sounding rocket, it seems as though the contract required a manned pod. I can't even find where those contracts are stored in the install so I don't know if it's changeable.
  18. My copy started working when I removed BurnTogether but then broke when I added Ven's Part Overhaul pack, which is weird because I had both of those mods running in 0.25 with no problems.
  19. I imagine this has already been answered somewhere but is there a trick to using the inflatable shield without it flipping the craft it's attached to? Eve with maxed lead ballast and a tweaked SAS I'm unable to keep the pod pointing retrograde.
  20. When your ascent stage becomes your transfer, insertion, landing, return and powered landing stage.
  21. Is there an update coming for this? I hate having excess kerbals but blowing them up costs money
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