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  1. oh ok i just didn't know vsync worked thanks but as far as i know many high end monitors let you set thier refreshrate in thier menue so would it not be better to set my monitor to a refreshrate slightly lower than my avrage fps??
  2. i was wondering is gsync worth it? i was looking for a 1440p monitor and the monitors with g-sinc are to expensive so what if i buy a 144hz monitor to what framerate will v-sync limit my fps? any sugestions ? edit: gpu: gigabyte g1 gtx 970 windforce will it even run any games at that resulotion with max setings?
  3. hey @BahamutoD could you make the radar ''widget'' accaunt for camara rotation?
  4. it could be done throug calculating the drag / lift forces from the desierd angle or someting along those lines? right ? when yes than there should be a way to test your sealth abilitys and angles in the VAB/SPH and it culd be maneged throug procenages like E.G: fom the front there is a 12% per x time at X distance Edit: it wold be hard to do but it would be a long term goal wich would make guns and heat seekers a ting in air combat
  5. @ SQAD HI i just wanted to now is it possible to get it cheaper without the steam code i own the game already but i want the merch IT would make me veary happy thanks for the quick answer in before ps:thanks for this nice game
  6. @BD will you add dificulty to ai? and could you ad rols to ai like Bomber/Interceptor/AAA/(Suiciderammer )/Tank/etc.
  7. @BD will you maybe add a difficulty setting at some point (if possible)?
  8. if you change the bombs to use the old areo dynamics will it not slow planes down with bombs attatched?
  9. i mean making our own ai guided bombs/missiles/cruise missiles by using jetengines/roets srbs etc.