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  1. [WIP] North American Rockwell Mars Excursion Module

    Amazing job on the revamp, @TiktaalikDreaming! You really knocked it out of the park with this one
  2. KSP Fusion Tech v1.1

    Are you just redistributing squad models and textures? If you don't have original models and textures you should just write MM patches to accomplish the same thing without violating Squad's license.
  3. [1.3.1] Graphics Enhancements Assembly (GEA)

    @Gameslinx When this mod was originally released it was ripping off textures from other mods without permission. This was not addressed until the author was called out in this thread. Yes, this thread is for GEA and if there are licensing issues, they should be discussed here. Personally, I believe the mod author has shown themselves to be untrustworthy. As such, some scrutiny should be applied to ascertain whether or not more assets have been illicitly used and or licenses violated.
  4. [1.2] DarkSideTechnology (Beta)

    Working fine for me so far.
  5. @Galileo Just wanted to say thank you for all the work you do to make KSP look beautiful! I know it's hard work, and you're constantly having to deal with jerks; but myself and surely many others really appreciate it!
  6. [1.3.1] Modular Fuel Tanks v5.10.0

    Thank you for the update @taniwha. Very sorry to hear about your loss, wishing you all the best.
  7. List of Mods Compatible with KSP 1.3

    Maybe parts mods from .90, but there's no way you're using any plugins from that far back.
  8. [1.2.2] Space 1999 Eagle Transporter 3 Pack v1.03

    Yeah, I ended up doing this, but it lowers the craft quite a bit.
  9. [1.2.2] Space 1999 Eagle Transporter 3 Pack v1.03

    Love the mod, but I was wondering if the landing legs are working as intended? It seems like they're designed to sit inside the side pods, but they don't seem to fully retract.
  10. Konstellation HLV

    Glad you're making progress on this mod!
  11. [PLANNING] KSP Real Space Shuttle Mod

    You must not have seen Cormorant Aerospace, then. It's the best shuttle mod IMO.
  12. @magico13 I've done a quick bit of testing in a mostly stock install and it seems that everything is working as intended. No longer do Kerbals recovered by SR show up as MIA in the astronaut complex. I haven't tested contracts though, so I can't say if they are functioning or not. Thanks for the fix!
  13. @magico13 I'm having an issue with crew recovery. When a vessel is recovered by Stage Recovery, the tab for crew says they're recovered, but when I go back to the space center and open the astronaut complex, they're listed as KIA. Here are some screenshots showing what I'm seeing. The first shows the SR screen showing crew recovered and the second shows the Astronaut complex showing crew KIA. Here is my log file from testing on a clean 1.2.2 install with only SR, Mechjeb, MM, and Hyperedit installed.
  14. Alien Manager (VERY WIP) (Not public at the moment)

    This type of vague post is, in my opinion, always a telltale sign of someone who is promising more than they can deliver. Why even make such a vague post? Why not make a post when you have something to show? I wish you all the best, op, but I'll believe it when I see it.
  15. Orae System Planets Development Thread

    This kind of thread is always a telltale sign of someone who is biting off more than they can chew. Someone who is looking for the recognition of being a mod maker, without actually doing any of the work required. Focusing on the name is backwards thinking. You should be focusing on the things that actually matter: writing configs, making textures and testing. Instead of doing the actual work required for your mod, you're using a poll to determine what you should name your mod. Come back after you've done some of the leg work and have something to show, instead of a useless poll for a mod which may or may not ever be realized.