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  1. I have been away from KSP for quite awhile, but recently got the itch again. I am so excited that I finally get to play with this mod! Thank you for your work @alexustas you have made my dreams come through! Maybe one day I'll be playing the Konquest mod... A man can dream!
  2. I love the work you've done on this mod. Thank you for creating an excellent mod!
  3. Just got back from vacation and I'm super excited to see you've updated this mod! I will test it soon and report back. Thank you, @linuxgurugamer!!!
  4. @linuxgurugamer any hope for this mod? I love it to death and have been holding out for it. Willing to help test if that'll help.
  5. Is Modular Fuel Tanks disabled in 1.4.2? Not trying to rush an update, just curious. Thank you @taniwha for keeping this great mod alive!
  6. @blackrack I hope I'm not offending by re-asking my question, but I fear my post was buried when I uploaded the wrong log initially. I'm getting a Null Reference Exception every time I exit the Tracking Station back to the space center. I'm using scatterer v0.0329 on a fresh KSP 1.4.2 install with Making History and no other mods. I searched around on the thread before posting, but I didn't see this specific issue addressed, so I apologize if this is a known issue. Here is my output log. Thank you all your hard work and dedication to such an awesome mod. My KSP experience is ri
  7. @linuxgurugamer thank you for keeping this great mod alive, it has always been my favorite LS mod. You are a true hero of the KSP modding community, is there a way I can donate to your coffee/beer fund?
  8. I'm having a strange interaction with the MK3 Block II CERV and Scatterer 0.0329. I'm on a clean 1.4.2 and installed the latest Cormorant and the Block II add-on with the included Firespitter dll along with MM 3.0.6. When Scatterer is installed, I get NullRef spam when using the CERV pod. When I uninstall Scatter the NullRef goes away. Any help understanding this problem would be appreciated. I've attached my output log here.
  9. Thank you for the continued updates and hard work, @blackrack. I'm getting a Null Reference Exception when exiting the tracking center back to the space center. I have snipped the relevant error code from the log below, but I have also uploaded my log file here. I've tested this on a clean 1.4.2 install with only Making History and Scatter v0.0329 installed. @Galileo Thanks for the quick reply. I Uploaded wrong log file, doh! This is correct file. Output log link
  10. Amazing job on the revamp, @TiktaalikDreaming! You really knocked it out of the park with this one
  11. Are you just redistributing squad models and textures? If you don't have original models and textures you should just write MM patches to accomplish the same thing without violating Squad's license.
  12. @Gameslinx When this mod was originally released it was ripping off textures from other mods without permission. This was not addressed until the author was called out in this thread. Yes, this thread is for GEA and if there are licensing issues, they should be discussed here. Personally, I believe the mod author has shown themselves to be untrustworthy. As such, some scrutiny should be applied to ascertain whether or not more assets have been illicitly used and or licenses violated.
  13. @Galileo Just wanted to say thank you for all the work you do to make KSP look beautiful! I know it's hard work, and you're constantly having to deal with jerks; but myself and surely many others really appreciate it!
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