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  1. You can control all RCS axis with docking mode. But since you wrote staging vs. docking mode I assume you need to dock once first Staging is all you need for missions without docking... Here is a tutorial how to dock:Basic Docking KSPWiki
  2. Thank you for this mod review. I rather watch videos than read the cryptic mod descriptions. I consider this for my missions now...
  3. We need more information about your craft to help you... You need at least 2500 m/s DeltaV so get from Kerbin orbit into an Eve orbit. Landing is pretty easy but taking of and go back into orbit is really really hard. The thick athmosphere and strong gravity wants 12'000 m/s DeltaV from you to go from the surface back to orbit. So I propose you to land first and directly so you will need about 1300 m/s DeltaV from Kerbin orbit and parachutes... I may help you with your ship design.
  4. Your voice is not loud enough but still nice video. Waiting for more...
  5. I present you my ridiculus attempt to make a video on my laptop. What happens when you stick low performance, low graphics and Movie Maker together? Nothing good as this video demonstrates... (turn your volume down ) I'd like to create a personal library with videos from all my planned flights. The first of three parts with the goal to land manned vessels on the Mün, Minmus and Duna is called: _---Scout Deep---_ Kerbin System Münar Observatory Orbiter Maps Mün and provides COM link Manned Lander Preparator (MLP) Lands at LS1B and deploys science probes Roving Exploration Unit (REU) Explores LS1A (Mün) Minmus Surveillance Orbiter Maps LS 1A+1B and provides COM link to Mission Control Minmus Low Gravity Lander Lands at LS1A Duna System Mapping Relay Orbiter (MRO) Creates maps of LS1A+LS1B Exploration Lander (EL) Lands at LS1B LS Prep Rover Marks and prepares LS1A "Bail" Return stage Stays in Duna Orbit to act as a transfer stage back to Kerbin The shown CubeSat 3 was created by a friend and launched by me. Forgive me for the bad quality of the video, as previously mentioned I wanted to test some things until I get home to record 1080p with hightest settings. And of course without MovieMaker
  6. I've never seen a strange plane like this. But nice Vid anyways...
  7. I captured an E class sticked some fancy solar panel roses on it. Then I had the crazy idea to connect 2 asteroids together. After that was done I landed the smaller one and left the other one, which acts as a refueling station now. Since I'm playing sandbox they are completely useless, I'd rather put them in the asteroid belt where they belong.
  8. I really love it. Is there any more coming?
  9. Wow, it's crazy that I've just found this pack after such a long time on the forums. This look promising.
  10. I guess the 3 points that i don't like in KSP are nicely done in SE: 1. The planet/moon surfaces in KSP are too uninteressting and flat with nothing to explore.. 2. Real exploration: In KSP everybody know what is where, in the map view you can see every planet before the first spaceship has flown, in SE you have a limiteless world where all the people go in different places, maybe you find you favorite planet and nobody knows about it. 3. Engine: Unity was holding KSP back too long. As somebody mentioned the devs had to build everything from scratch. Why not use an engine that already supports 64 bit and n body physics?
  11. It would be sort uf senseless because the terrain on other planets does no provide any small obstacles you could drive on.
  12. You understood something wrong, Squad would just release a list of things they could do, and not the community decides what to vote about.
  13. So I've never heard a suggestion like this before, so excuse me if somebody already did this. Since there are new features suggested a lot, and some just get ignored or denied I think Squad should release a poll what features the community wants for the next version. Of course Squad would only list feautures that are doable. It could look somethink like this: Also Squad would not have to implement the features that have been voted the most. It just be a tool to see what the community wants. Tell me what you think about this.
  14. How will EVA's work .Can I play Kerbal1 and someone Kerbal2 witch are both from the same vessel. Cause I would like to set up everything in EVA (Also with KAS if possible) with my brother who is on an other computer.