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  1. That didn't work. I couldnt take the battery from the left. I've since sent a mission with the smaller batteries that can be carried by a single kerbal and that worked... also the small battery was attached to the hull of a vessel so I could just move it instead of taking it out of a container, so I still don't know what the cause was. It is possible to take components from a container and then move them out of that container and attach it to a vessel, using an engineer?
  2. what. Now my battery has disappeared entirely. What I did is click a kerbal (engineer), then click the container in which the battery is placed, then drag the battery of the container, and then click the construction icon (while still dragging). This makes the dragged part disappear / vanish completely. This is a bug, and is reproducible.
  3. But, how... I really needed a battery on a research station (on Minmus). So I sent a lander with the battery in a storage unit. The battery is not very heavy (only 0.02t) but it is very large apparently (doesn't make sense for a battery but ok..) 125L, while a single Kerbal can only carry 40L. I've got 4 kerbals around it, but I can't seem to get the battery out of the storage unit... How?
  4. Press and hold the S key. Make slight steering corrections with A and D. Turn SAS on I'll make a video of a flight to orbit
  5. I think it should be relatively straight-forward for a SSTO spaceplane. Takeoff, point nose at 10 to 15° ascent and keep it that way until you are above 1400m/s on airbreathing Rapiers at 22km altitude. Then when the Rapiers lose thrust you switch them to rocket mode using actiongroups 1 and 2. Coast on rocket mode (just keep pointing at 15°) until the Apoapsis is at 70+km with some oxidiser left. Now you can open the cargobay (actionkey 5) and fire up the Nerva engine (action key 6) to circularise orbit. You should begin this burn at least a minute or 2 before actually reaching Apoapsis because the Nerva is low on thrust. Some particular optimisations about this craft: There is a lot of excess monopropellant so its ok to use it to get rid of some weight. You can use it using action key 4 to fire up the 'OMS' engines for extra thrust where you need it. Ususally I use it a bit to break the sound-barrier a bit faster around 350m/s, and when I'm circularising with the Nervas and I feel i'd need more thrust. You can control the pitch using the deploy mode and deploy angle of the tailfins. Standard these are deployed at 10° to make the plane more stable and help pitch up a bit, but you can toggle it using actiongroup 0, and you can use that later in the ascent once the fuel-balance has shifted rearwards to reduce drag a bit. Doing this a bit efficiently, you can reach orbit with 2100 liquid fuel and 300 oxidiser left to get to Minmus (Mun is a real challenge). Good luck and thanks for trying out my craft!
  6. Updated for 1.11. For some reason the rover was clipping in the cargo bay so now the cargo-bay is reconfigured to have a bit more room to get it in and out. Small changes like some cargo pods, new lights, and using the new style ‘Spark’ engines as the VTOL engines. The tailfins are now by default in 'deployed' state to give a bit more pitch and stability on the runway. Use actionkey 0 to toggle to off when later in flight (or just use the deploy angle for pitch control) Download --------- Pitch control using the tail-fins angle Smooth landing with VTOL engines More spacious cargobay for the rover If the drills don't make ground contact (on low gravity body like Minmus), just retract the front wheel to push the rover into the ground
  7. A thing that mods can't do is making extra money for Squad, so they can continue to develop the base game and the KSP franchise. Only because of that reason we all should buy the DLC. Take my money, Squad!
  8. Optical space telescope Robot arm I think Hubble and the Shuttle robotic arm are very iconic spaceflight things so these should be in the game definitely.
  9. You're right that all the bug fixes are nice and sure are necessary, but in 1.2.2 personally I didn't encounter any big bugs... I'm literally still flying the same crafts that I've designed and could fly in 1.2.2.
  10. Are we getting close to any release? I mean, really, for those of who don't care about the localization it's been over a year since there has been any update to the game. New textures for old parts is great, but please tell us there will also be a proper balancing of the parts. Some of the part stats are so incredibly off (weights mainly), I'd consider KSP still an unfinished / beta game until that is fixed.
  11. Bump! Still love this craft and I'm regularly using it to fly missions all over the Kerbol system Still haven't really found anything that can be improved or updated! So the above is still the latest version that just works.
  12. Maybe it's getting time to actually release something... Since last year, 1.2, and when the old Dev's left, only localization has been added to the game, and I don't care about that. So basically development of the game has stalled since the dev's left.
  13. This. It would create a mixture between sandbox and career. Create your own goals and challenges, but still earn money and science.
  14. IMHO: The stock game still lacks some of the iconic things of space exploration, and also things 'to-do' in space: The robotic arm of the space-shuttle and possibility to assemble things in orbit, ability to launch and service a space-telescope (Hubble) and use it for observations, things to do while on EVA, the IVA's are added but completely useless from a gameplay point of view (clearly an unfinished part of the game), etc. Life support is IMHO also one of the crucial things in a space-program, equally important to (for example.) reentry heat. Clouds are still missing, Kerbin is completely desolated. These things should be (IMHO!) added to the core game before it can be called 1.0, and also a lot of polishing is still needed (for example parts should have an uniform art-style everywhere). But the most important thing why the game shouldn't (IMHO) be called '1.0' is balancing of the weight and stats of the parts. It's just an unfinished game. (But the best unfinished game ever, don't get me wrong!).
  15. How about first finishing the base game before adding DLC? The base game isn't even 1.0 worthy. At least balance the parts (stats, weights,etc) <- seriously, that's a couple of hours work... before starting to add new parts.
  16. For me, there is nothing in this update. I've never encountered any of the bugs that have been solved, and I'm perfectly fine with English (as a non-native English speaker, I think -everybody- should learn English, and games are one of the ways to learn English ) Can the next update actually add something for me (and many others like me...)? Think some actual content, like stock life-support, extra gas-giants or rocket-revamp/rebalancing... The stock game still feels very much unfinished.
  17. Update. Did some small tweaks to the craft (added more oxidizer to have some more 'high-thrust' rocket power available) and rover, did an actual mission to bring an asteroid into LKO, and made the nice 'blue-print' image . Now its possible to remove the stuff in the cargobay (including the Nerva), and it will be a nice general-purpose SSTO cargoplane, for example to bring space-station parts into LKO:
  18. One problem that I see here is that it takes way too long to get to orbit. Your video is over 15 minutes! Try to have your spaceplanes a good thrust to drag, so it has a constant acceleration and brakes Mach easily at a 15° AOA and gets to 1200m/s+ on airbreathing. Besides being efficient, going fast also means that it takes much less (play) time to orbit. It might be easy to fly, but if it takes 15 minutes to get to orbit, I'm gonna take a normal rocket instead. So: "I've not flown it, but I can think of a much simpler launch profile"
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