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  1. Sports.but not your normal sports.I'm talking advanced sports.I'm talking freerunning and skiing.doing flips and 360s.I don't like normal sports,too many rules.I mean. I've never been good when it comes to normal sports.I never train them either. There's no appeal in sports where you don't get hurt a little.Not getting hurt is the part of extremesports that I football penalties are abused to hell and I can't touch someone without getting a penalty,the sport is absurd and I can't see myself having fun in it.
  2. a small group of people managed to make squad delay the barn,I'm sure 160+ people can do the same but with the release
  3. Good,now you won't have a ....ty station without batteries.
  4. You can disable maneuver nodes by clicking alt + f10.Don't know if it's the same on mac thought. Has anyone tried?
  5. KSP : 0.90 Problem :After I have started the game with a few mods(RSS,RSStexture 4096,KAX,AJE,custom biomes,engineer redux,FAR,KAS,Kerbal joint reinforcement,moduleRCSFX and procedural fairings) the usual loadingscreen does it's part,but then at the rescaling and moving of the planets it stops loading once it gets to PQSmod_vertexheightmap I can uninstall RSS and it works perfectly fine again. LOG
  6. Hope ya'll have a wonderfull christmas this year and may your rockets land/explode where they are supposed to
  7. Kinda like a contract filter where you choose between different factors,like part testing contracts,science contracts ect to get the contract you want.Doesn't sound like a bad idea.That would problably make it feel more like you decide what to do next instead of having to decline a thousand contracts before getting the ones you want.Depending on you mood you could choose what kind of contracts you're looking for.I like it
  8. It's not too hard,just boring.Launching a bunch of rockets to contract spam before you get to do a munlanding can be quite boring.
  9. career doesn't really appeal to me.The contracts all feel to spammy. I know you can get new contracts by just deleting another one but I don't like like having to do specific things to level up,yet I don't want it to be easy.So I've thought about it.wouldn't it be cool if there was a gamemode where you got chash depending on how hard of a task you did? No need for any contracts to get money.See it as a "government sponsored" gamemode.Where you will get money for doing what you think is fun/important rather than doing the same types of contracts over and over,you'll get cash along your missions and you still need to keep track of your cash so your rockets don't get to expensive. would this kind of gamemode be fun? or is there a mod for this that I haven't heard of?
  10. teach yourself how to use the right hand.It will be much more easier in the future and will save you alot of time.Trust me,I'm also left-handed.
  11. I just saw some guy on reddit saying that.And is that where you found it?
  12. Hmm never thought of it,but wouldn't it be cool if you could control spinspeed on IR parts using thrustcontrol? Great chopper btw
  13. I found this catchy song back in the 90s