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  1. Busy rebuilding, are they? How foolish to pretend they are safe, to think that building some ships would mean the end of this...to forget that I'm still here...
  2. How about it be called "Operation Breakthrough?"
  3. I swear, the Drek is no longer a warship - it's a target.
  4. I understand, but I think my ships are good, armor-wise. At least, the Vehemence-Class and Swordbreaker Mk III are. The Vehemence survived being rammed by a Swordbreaker, which also survived. It was also tested in combat by HatBat against his Aegis. It survived not only the battle, but also crashing into Gilly (okay, mostly survived - the engines were destroyed, but the hull was intact and the crew survived). I haven't tested the armor capabilities of the Behemoth Mk II yet.
  5. Why would you need an 1151-part warship? My most part-heavy warship is the Behemoth, at 450. The Vehemence can outclass the Drek in a third of the parts - 400, to be exact. Speaking of warships, I will be putting the finishing touches on Deliverance this afternoon (it's currently 6:49 AM, and I have school). Until then, happy hunting!
  6. My newest warship is almost complete. Also, sorry for the unannounced hiatus; my computer got upgraded and I just got KSP re-installed today. Everything will be reborn in a baptism of fire.
  7. I'm thinking of making a new capital ship, PGN Deliverance.
  8. Zeke. You just cheated. You stole missiles off an original probe core. They weren't detached.
  9. I have arrived. Zekes should turn up soon.
  10. This is what happens after a Vehemence Class crashes into the surface of Gilly:
  11. I literally just rammed a Vehemence Class with a Swordbreaker Mk III, and both survived. EDIT: Not only that, but the Vehemence Class' missiles survived, and were still able to be fired. Also, neither one lost a single armor plate.