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  1. oh maybe that's why. I'm still on 1.6.1 as I started a game months ago and am loathe to mess it up by upgrading.
  2. Just wanted to drop by and say thanks for looking into that symmetry/cloning bug. The version on CKAN still has it, but your versions in the thread seem to have done away with it!
  3. Thanks @JadeOfMaar, took a look and seems very cool, but drastically changes the energy part of the game. I'm actually OK with how EC works. Maybe I will look into making a simple mod...
  4. Thanks, I'm currently using MKS and it has been great so far, but I have yet to do some of the more heavy duty stuff that requires machinery and such (I do love how those expandable parts require equipment to deploy and x number of crew, very cool!) It's a pretty complicated mod, so I'm taking it slow and deploying things a bit at a time (don't want anyone dying after all!) Thanks, BARIS looks interesting. I especially like the huge customization options!
  5. Whelp... I tried Oh Scrap out, but it's just not for me. This just turns the game into a grind where you just have to relaunch over and over to get to a point where there aren't critical failures all the time. I suppose on a near stock game, that would be OK, but my game can take almost 2 minutes to get on the pad due to the number of mods I am using. Still, thanks for the suggestion. I totally didn't see that mod.
  6. Thanks, that is close to what I was thinking, although not quite with the catastrophic failure, more just a general degradation of performance over time. I'll have to give this one a try soon!
  7. Hey guys, was doing some googling and couldn't find anything like this; has anyone created a mod about routine maintenance? One of my favourite mods is the KAS/KIS pair of mods. I love launching and then building things in space so any reason to do more things in EVA would be great. I am thinking a sort of mod that subtly changes several elements of the game by introducing wear and its effects. Wear would be calculated differently based on what part it was. An obvious examples for me would be: Batteries Maximum charge decreases gradually over time This would probably be a logarithmic reduction, eg: the first year would have the largest decrease is max charge, subsequent years would reduce less and less to maybe a minimum of 50% of original max charge (just spitballing here) Problems: Replacing radially attached battery packs is trivial with KIS, Replacing inline batteries could be problematic unless the implementation of this system just provided an 'in place repair' as long as the Kerbal had the right part in inventory, it would just consume the inventory item and reset wear of the part on the ship. This could lead to a LOT of micromanagement the further into your game you get. If you had 50 craft all over the place, having to remember to replace everything would be annoying. This might then require an 'automatic' replacement that is handled in the background, as long as the craft has a replacement item in storage somewhere. This level of background stuff would then need a whole UI similar to life support mods tracking individual ships and every part on them which would drastically increase time for development. And of course, if the replacements are being done in the background automatically, then what is the point of the mod at all. Nothing stopping people from just adding 2x the number of batteries (they are cheap, light and can be placed anywhere). I suppose this would really just be for people like me who like to 'roleplay' only building sensible craft even if anything is technically possible and those not interested would just give this type of mod a pass. I was thinking of maybe trying my hand at making a mod like this, so I was just wondering what people's opinion on something like that is... Although, as I type this and think through some of the difficulties in implementing even a simple thing like battery wear, I wonder if I'm talking myself out of doing it. O_o
  8. @peteletroll, that did the trick! Everything is back to normal on the ships I know had the problem before. I'll let you know if I see any others.
  9. Hey there, I just noticed you had some debug steps to try... Here's the log I got after following your steps a couple of times (the first time was with Rotation disabled, the second with Rotation enabled, not sure if it mattered...) http://shoresofnis.com/temp/KSP.log.zip Thanks!
  10. For my case, saving and reloading does not seem to do anything. From what I have seen so far, it appears that new docking ports work OK, but older ones that used to work do not. I looked at the save file and compared the ModuleDockRotate between ports I knew worked and ports that did not but could not see any difference. I have a new ship in orbit that was launched in 2 parts and assembled in orbit; it was assembled in orbit with a sort of 'tug' ship that has been in space since forever. The ports on the new ship connecting the 2 new pieces together rotate, but the new ports on this new ship where the tug is docked do NOT rotate. Not sure if that helps... Maybe something with existing ports when I upgraded the plugin?
  11. Has anyone noticed that the rotate + and rotate - buttons seems to be missing? Was this removed recently or are they gone for some other reason? EDIT: Not all of my docking ports seem to have this missing... I'm very confused, can it be that ports that were in-flight prior to installing the mod may not get the extra dock rotate stuff? Yet I do still see the 'Rotation' button to enable/disable rotation features on the above port.
  12. Thank you for this fix! I had been struggling to cool these drills, but didn't understand enough about the heating system to know what to change. Was the original intent to not be able to run all 3 at once? Maybe it was a design choice to have to choose between different drill 'recipes'? But having all of them working at once is way cooler!
  13. Thank you for this hint! I took another look at the cfg files for the Atomic Age mod. None of them had the "scale" key, only the "rescaleFactor". I went and added "scale = 1" to them and this seems to have gotten rid of the oversized distant objects! Cheers!
  14. I've tried searching, but couldn't find anything about this... but when using the Distant Vessel Rendering feature of this mod, one or two engine parts sometimes draw strangely. Specifically, when in 'distant' mode (eg: not normal visual range), they are drawn huge with their fairings on, like 100x what they should be. Once you get to ~2km, then distant rendering turns off and they are drawn normal again (and the fairings are no longer shown). This doesn't affect anything other than visuals, of course, but it's distracting and ugly. So far, I have only noticed this happen with the mod "Recycled Parts Atomic Age". Any clue how I could fix this? I took a look at the part config, but nothing really jumped out at me... The part I am sure does this is the "Lightbulb" atomic motor (nuclearEngineLightbulb in GameData\SpaceTuxIndustries\RecycledParts\AtomicAge\Parts\Lightbulb-2). It has 3 fairing modules in the config: MODULE { name = ModuleJettison jettisonName = fairing1 bottomNodeName = bottom isFairing = True jettisonedObjectMass = 0.1 jettisonForce = 0 jettisonDirection = 0 0 0 } MODULE { name = ModuleJettison jettisonName = fairing2 bottomNodeName = bottom isFairing = True jettisonedObjectMass = 0.1 jettisonForce = 0 jettisonDirection = 0 0 0 } MODULE { name = ModuleJettison jettisonName = fairing3 bottomNodeName = bottom isFairing = True jettisonedObjectMass = 0.1 jettisonForce = 0 jettisonDirection = 0 0 0 } the 'isFairing' boolean was actually set to "False" originally, and I changed it to "True" but this didn't seem to do anything. Anyway, this is about the limit of my knowledge of KSP modding. Any help would be appreciated!
  15. @Tonka Crash The nodes only appear when you have switch to bottom/top node mode with 'r'. For example, you could pick up say, a docking port with g, then press r to switch to the bottom node. Then you could move it over, say one end of a fuel tank. You'd see a blueish orb in the same spot you'd see the attachment node in the VAB. It would then snap to that spot and you could attach it permanently. For some parts that cannot be attached with surface attachment, this is required (for example Konstruction weldable ports). Here's a screenshot of what I am talking about: https://i.stack.imgur.com/gGwWe.jpg But in my game, that little blueish orb in the bottom right of the image does not appear anymore, and this has only started happening in the last few days. Ohhh I'm so sorry! So, I've been shuttling Kerbals around to a few different places, and I ran low on tools at one station and I was using a wrench instead of the drill! Hahaha, crisis averted!