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  1. If he is asked to do the ENG audio for tutioral, it would probably be near the date 1.0 goes gold so info is in stone. That said, if he does the ENG audio, there will probably be people asked in the other languagues that the majority of players speak. No more than 7 but no less than three. Things like "You should've checked your staging." I could imagine being recorded and used when you screwup outside the tutiorals.
  2. I read I believe on IGN that the aim is to have it out before the fiscal end for take two which is 3/31/2020. Of true, that gives an end date. I may be wrong tho so do not quote as gospel
  3. I am concerned about having the game do a CTR remake patch one (or more) months after launch. THAT had no premium currency at launch but was added in a month after launch. All I can hope is the devs stick to their guns of not allowing microtransactions AND US law eliminates lootboxes/premium currency from $60 games NOT rated AO USD gambling (which would exclude it from a few states for sale). I also do not want to see a DLC that enables modding. That would spite people
  4. Kopernicius tells you straight-out that it won't work with 1.4.4. Outta curiosity, is anyone else only seeing the update on Steam? When are the KSP store builds being updated?
  5. I bought KSP on Steam (not the DLC which I have free from KSP store and install on top of the Steam install) and am unhappy ish with the introduction of workshop. Make it so GOG users/KSP store legacy owners can download the mods as well (and for those like me, download stuff that according to steam we don't own the DLC to use). I would be much happier using CKAN to manage my mods like I am now. Craft files are shared but not via CKAN-you-tubers put links to their stuff in video descriptions. Just make workshop open to all KSP owners and I might be happy. Squad is trying to fix something
  6. I have multiple installs. One is for DMP and is 1.3.1 because DMP doesn't support higher versions. Another is Steam install on 1.4.2 with MH installed from KSP store downloaded .exe. A third is GOG install (1.4.3) with MH from KSP store (why spend $30 when you don't have to). I think I have another with GPP installed. Steam's install I just got OPM installed on top of others. How would YOU cache the mods for each when there's incompatible mods with 1.4.3? Where would you cache anyway? I just download the mods for each install as I want them because it's the easiest way to make sure the
  7. I have a problem. I installed Making History over Ksp 1.4.1 from Steam. I have mods like deflateable heat shield that show up as incompatible despite it being compatible for 1.4.2. I am not spending $15 on the DLC from the store. Something is wrong as my compatible mod list in CKAN does not show many that are compatible. If anyone knows how to resolve without paying cash, please PM me. I am using the latest CKAN build but no logs as like I said it is probably an indexing issue.
  8. well, it showed up. Must be a late night but sending the recepit e-mail to them may have worked. That or their hamsters are dead from exhaustion
  9. I sent a e-mail with my original purchase receipt forwarded because they told me 3 hours ago they were adding it everyone but taking some time. I bought in Febuary. If I am having problems, how many others are as well?
  10. no. It was if you bought before may first 2013 you get the DLC free. He qualifies.
  11. I also am not seeing the DLC on my KSP account page. Purchased Febuary 9, 2013. I send a e-mail to support and they said they were swamped. Cannot transfer as I bought the game again on Steam.
  12. the reason I mention kolonization power generation rather than near future is what if you wanted to setup the LHC in orbit of say, Tylo or Duna? You wouldn't have the amount of power you would with solar. Also, the reactors take uranium for fuel and not ore so no trips needed to refill those for a while. The tricky part would be the H2 because it's bulky to transport. Ideally, you'd setup at a spot where you can make H2 the easiest and have dedicated power to it with a storage tank for the H2. I don't think the LHC could run for long (30 min tops) even with a large, full h2 fuel tank used
  13. problem with this is if you make it use a insane amount of electric power, the only things that can power it are modded parts. Do you want to rely on kolonization's power generation stuff (all the reactors to keep this thing operational all the time would be high on part count). That or put on a station near kerbol inside the orbit of moho with tons of solar panels and radiators. I think the max electric charge input should be probably 100 units/second unless you wanna make your own reactor.
  14. I would say personal parachutes need to be deployable like regular ones. Maybe cut the altitude the deploy at but still like stock parachutes. The time when you are coming down too fast on re-entry having past 900 m/s but have no real parachutes=time to grab what science you can, let go, and deploy
  15. it does have an atmosphere? at what height. Probably inside the range where you'd need the cheat ignore max temperature to do anything. The delta-V required would mean gravity slingshots to its atomsphere. Odds are good parachuting onto the sub WILL A: result in kerbal schiskabob. B: be impossible due to heat. C: same response as jool.
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