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  1. Anything about my request for a config to just fix ejector force being nullified, and nothing else.
  2. In stock, if you add a strut to stabilize a radial engine it will nullify the ejector force of the radial decoupler when it is activated. KJR fixes this, but adds a bunch of stuff I don't need. How would I disable everything else, including the easing of physics when dropping out of timewarp. If I'm not using any of the joint reinforcement I don't want to deal with extra load times when I come out of warp.
  3. For maintenance I would recommend something like the science lab. A maintenance bay that needs to be manned, and consumes spare parts at a set rate. This effectively slows the aging of parts, but you can set the rate of consumption so that the parts still age. It also takes the maintenance out of the hands of the players so they can't abuse it. And the repair bay idea could be added to manually done maintenance instead of replacing it entirely. Like a maintenance bay jr that allows you to run maintenance manually, and the manned maintenance bay that runs maintenance automatically and might be more efficient.
  4. In Stock, if you add a strut to stabilize something mounted with a radial decoupler it nulls out the force of the decoupler when it is activated. KJR fixes this, but adds a 2-3 second delay while physics is being loaded. You have said that this is part of the core functionality to prevent strengthened rockets from blowing themselves up on physics load. I was wondering if I could get the functionality of not nulling the decoupler force, without all the other stuff from KJR like the slowed physics load.
  5. I just ran into a problem. I was zooming in on a planet and didn't have a way to exit zoom. I tried quicksaving/loading, but that just made it stop rendering anything except the UI. So, how do you exit zoom?
  6. Thanks for the info. I thought it was a bug because my delta-V was going up in flight and logic said that shouldn't happen.
  7. I found something that causes Kerbal Engineer to flip out. I was using the new 2.5 meter engine that comes with its own fuel as a booster. But I found that after they were dropped I didn't have enough thrust and started losing speed. I wanted a way to get the boosters and center stage to share fuel and act like a single stage. To do this I ran fuel lines from the boosters to the center, and from the center to the boosters. It worked, but I noticed that my total delta-v was Increasing as I flew. I went back and checked, and found that between the VAB and the launchpad Kerbal Engineer lost almost 2000m/s of delta-v.
  8. Could you make a small mod that only has the Conic draw mode and Conic draw limit? I love this mod, but sometimes I like to play with a lightweight mod set. And having a large maneuver node editor installed when all I want do is change the conic draw mode on the fly works against that.
  9. The problem is that sometimes it it counts as different, and sometimes it doesn't. It is the inconsistency that is the problem.
  10. I am confused about how the science works for the telescope. When I take a picture I get something like, "Orbiting X while looking at Y." But when I recover that data it becomes, "Orbiting Eve while looking at Eve." This from a telescope that never left Kerbin's SOI. This is just really confusing me, are you capable of getting more data from taking pictures of other planets while orbiting different planetary bodies or not.
  11. Toolbar, Deadly Reentry, Flight engineer, Enhanced Nav Ball, Ferram Aerospace Research, Protractor, Remote Tech, Tarsier Space Technology, Kerbal Alarm Clock, and Precise Node.
  12. The only mod that does anything with maneuver nodes is Kerbal Alarm Clock. It seems to happen when I use the mod to edit a maneuver node. I also took screenshots. Before Burn After Burn You can see that both my orbit and the projected orbit of the node have moved outward. In the first image only the node orbit is beyond my satellites orbit, and in the second one both orbits are beyond my satellites orbit.
  13. It isn't quite working for me. I like to make my burns from the map mode because it allows me to see the difference between what the node says and what is actually going on. You can't do an 800m/s burn right at the node so there is a difference. But when I am burning in map mode with this plugin it just moves the node around as if I am still editing it. I tried making the burn while not in map mode, but when I went to check on how it is doing on the map mode it reset the node to what it was when I started. Is there some way to tell the editor that I am done editing the node and I now want to use the node. And if not, could you add it.
  14. I think that a distance based delay to reconnect should be dependent on if the person has signal delay turned on or off.