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  1. In my space program, the two head up entirely different divisions. Jeb serves as the commander for orbital operations, strictly rocketry. Valentina heads the ground team operations, and when they become available, she'll move to the SSTO Spaceplane division.
  2. I'm having this issue too with the smaller wheels. I landed a rover to aid recovery of an... Aggressive landing where the Karbala survived but still has a mission to do. My rover, while sitting with the brakes on, went full throttle passed the recovery lander. It missed, but I just had to check and it was definitely not braking and to be honest I felt like its motors were running by themselves without my input.
  3. You make some really good points. Some I agree with, some I do not. My main point of contention being the structure of career mode. I do not believe starting as a tutorial is the best solution, and that is because experienced players like myself who enjoy career for the challenge of not only managing funding but also giving a sort of sense of progression over the more freeform sandbox mode. I simply suggest that the difference be that a career tutorial be an option that you tick at the beginning on the save. That gives experienced players a way to skip the "getting to know you" phase and get right into running their space programs. As for technology and unlocks, I do agree that there are some really silly layouts for the whole tree. I actually just found myself looking for a 2.5 meter tank because I saw the skipper engine as an option. Ended up trying to slap an adapter to the bottom of a 1.25 meter tank to still get the power I was looking for. I also agree about the conics. I am practically able to make maneuvers accurately for rendezvous without needing the node whatsoever. It's sure helpful for getting to Duna, but even then I'll have that building upgraded well before I attempt such a mission. I'd really like the "Program" part of Kerbal Space Program to be added to the game. Right now, all I have to do is check to see if funds are there to launch a rocket or upgrade a building. I really enjoy Kerbal Construction Time and Kerbonomics, both add a sense of the program being much larger than its current representation. I recently purchased Buzz Aldrin Space Program Manager, and that is exactly what I'd like to see in Kerbal Space Program. Maybe not so in-depth as to worry about flight controllers and SET personnel, but like you said but did not elaborate on, time needs to be a factor. In the craziness of finals, I've left Kerbals on Minmus for 3 years and 407 days. I need to penalized for that. Perhaps a mod has done that. Anyway, thank you for your input. Although I feel out levels of dissatisfaction are vastly different, at least we can remain civil and discuss them.
  4. How objective can one remain when one has already reduced his opponents to "trolls" that have a "logical deficit"? This is bordering on name calling. That is not a very open minded attitude.
  5. Can you list the flaws you found? (Not a snarky comment, actually interested in what you will say.)
  6. I too have had 3 career games crash on me. What I've learned is to not fire any kerbals I rescue that I don't want. I simply send them into orbit to... Do... Science? Yeah, that's it, science.
  7. What I want to know is everyone's opinions on whether squad can break saves post 1.0 release. Especially with career mode requiring more time and effort, will squad be hurting its player base if they were to break saves on a new release. Unlike in alpha and beta where a broken save is expected (by reasonable people), a full release is supposed to come with an almost guarantee that breaking saves is no longer going to be an issue. Therefore, will we ever seen such sweeping reforms as aero and changing entire part catalogues, or are those days gone?
  8. In my opinion, some may be bitter than the score they feared it would get by being a 1.0 full release, was not what happened, flying in the face of their accusations that SQUAD was making a terrible mistake. I feel like this release was buggier than others, but I've only been around since .18. Have not been vocal about it because it has reignited my love of KSP. Also finally graduating from college is freeing up some time, although soon it's back to the books for the LSAT in October.
  9. Playing the game before should not preempt someone from objectively reviewing the game, but any review should be taken with a grain of salt. I have close to 800 hours in the game and I have noticed numerous issues, especially now after the 1.0 release where I've noticed even bigger bugs and flaws. Do I still enjoy the game? Absolutely. Do I recommend it to a friend who plays games almost exclusively for the story? Absolutely not. Reviews should not be taken at face value. Everyone needs to do their own research beyond a "professional" review.
  10. Congratulations, you have defined game. I will now define "video game". Video Game- noun- a game played by electronically manipulating images produced by a computer program on a television screen or other display screen. The definition of game is not limited to competitive sport or challenges. The definition may say "especially", but it does not say "only". The word "especially" acknowledges the chance that something else can occur and be called a game. Only is definitive and what you have presumed "especially" to mean. The definition of words change and are not static. Do not expect game to always mean competitive sport or challenges. It evolved to encompass new entertainment, a la video games.
  11. Start a poll. Let's get the numbers on that.
  12. I like birds, so I usually go with bird names. I did use Glacier recently for my first VTOL.
  13. Trust me, the hours are worth it. I'll tell you this, I'm at 700+ hours, and have landed on Mun, Minmus, Duna, Laythe. That's kinda it. And in the last 400 hours I've only been to the Mun and Minmus. I like adventure, but I like safety too. haha
  14. I can see the video for release now (inspired part by the Build, Fly, Dream trailer). A beautiful trailer with a glorious score. Slow start, single simple rocket launch, the same we have all seen. Ramping up in speed to a montage of some of the best, most creative mission moments from the community over the years. with replicas of real missions, crazy out there whackjobian rockets, to futuristic looking crafts. At the most excited part of the score, the loudest and most varied part of the music, it cuts to dead silence, showing a NASA based SLS on the launch pad, but we can only see the black outline of it's figure with the Mun hanging just over the LES on the top of the rocket. A countdown is heard, in Kerbalese of course. Five, four three, main engines ignite, two, one, the solid rockets. Just as the clamps release and the ship begins to rise, it fades to white, and "Kerbal Space Program" logo appears.
  15. My endgame is always when the next update comes out. It's a fresh start every time. Probably why I don't get to see much outside of the Kerbin system and Duna. Visited Eeloo once... I wasn't ready.
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